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Best Essential Oils for Sleep

We have the best essential oils for sleep. This is one of my favorite natural remedies.

Why are they so effective?

They address root causes instead of being bandaids. It’s quite magical.

The best essential oils for sleep for babies and adults and some of the best practices for using oils for your wellness.

Anxiety + Depression

Oils like Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, and Valor all in the Premium Starter Kit help us with anxiety, a common root cause of sleep issues.

Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Valor, Citrus Fresh help us with depression, as it’s another reason we find ourselves struggling to sleep.

If you’re thinking you’ll just run to the store and pick up some oils, here’s why that’s a super dangerous decision.

The best essential oils for sleep for babies and adults and some of the best practices for using oils for your wellness.


I don’t know about you, but if I’m stressed, my mind is racing.

That leads to my eyes wide open for hours.

So, I like to add oils to my Essential Rewards orders that can help with stress for many reasons, including sleep.

Some of my go-to essential oils for stress are Stress Away (Premium Kit), Tranquil, Release, and RutaVaLa.

Here’s a list of healthy ways to promote sleep through relieving stress:

The best essential oils for sleep for babies and adults and some of the best practices for using oils for your wellness.

For Children

Our kids have been so blessed with the best essential oils for sleep.

It’s become such a part of our routine, they know exactly where to grab what they need and how to apply it.

Here are some of our favorite sleep tips for children:

  1. A toxin-free home, good nutrition, and a routine bedtime are all key to good sleep. 
  2. SleepyIze from the KidScents Line is great to do a light nighttime massage. 
  3. A couple drops of Peace & Calming on a favorite stuffed animal they snuggle with at night, so they can breathe in the goodness as they unwind during storytime. 
  4. A drop or two of Lavender and Stress Away in a warm bath before bed is a great way to start calming down before bedtime.
  5. Massaging your oil of choice like Tranquil on the soles of their feet will help them fall asleep as well. 
  6. Dream Catcher Blend: Helps to open the mind, enhancing dreams. Helps children sleep more soundly.
The best essential oils for sleep for babies and adults and some of the best practices for using oils for your wellness.

How to Get This Goodness in Your Life!

To avoid the “Bandaid Effect” where we throw an oil on just to get us down one time, I highly suggest reading this.

When you’re ready to see your options, you can walk through everything, step-by-step here.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Email me at and we’ll connect.

I have such fun meeting you all and helping you through this new lifestyle!

The best essential oils for sleep for babies and adults and some of the best practices for using oils for your wellness.

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5 Ways Young Living is a Less Expensive Lifestyle No ratings yet.

5 Ways Young Living is a Less Expensive Lifestyle

There are 5 amazing ways that Young Living is a far less expensive lifestyle than the one you’ve been passed down from generations before.

These are five ways Young Living is a less expensive lifestyle than the toxic life the stores and other "safe" products offer.

1. Concentrated

First and foremost, it’s important that you understand the huge difference between YL and any other oil/lifestyle company. Read more about that here.

Now that you know why it can only be Young Living, here’s how it also benefits your wallet.

Most every single product is highly concentrated.

Just take a look at some comparisons:

These are five ways Young Living is a less expensive lifestyle than the toxic life the stores and other "safe" products offer.

2. No More Over-the-Counters

The toxicity of the fake, wannabe OTCs not only cost a ton more than Young Living.

They don’t even hold a candle to YL’s strength and effectiveness!

Comparison shop here:

These are five ways Young Living is a less expensive lifestyle than the toxic life the stores and other "safe" products offer.

3. Ditching Co-Pays + Prescriptions

Once we snagged our Essential Oils Reference Guide Desk Reference and applied its knowledge to our toxin-free life, things changed rapidly.

Where we had co-pays that were followed by prescriptions (costing even more while harming our bodies), we no longer need that route.

Are we thankful we can pop in and get a checkup? Sure!

Will we run into the hospital for a sling or cast if our kid breaks his arm? Obvioiusly.

But we’re no longer bound by the “must find out what my kid has” mentality.

We take care of things with our oily arsenal.

They’re gone faster.

They show up less.

We just feel…better.

How has this been the less expensive lifestyle all along?

Why didn’t someone tell us?

4. 25% Back + Free Shipping + Promos

This loyalty program of ours; she’s a keeper.

Can you imagine a rewards card at any store where you get $25 back on a $100 order?

Then at that $100 order getting free shipping?

And then knowing if you liked the group of free items that you could bump up your order to hit promo levels with things you need anyway?

Check out some basics on how our family saves so much on this less expensive lifestyle each year since we stopped going to the grocery and opted for the monthly Essential Rewards program with Young Living.

These are five ways Young Living is a less expensive lifestyle than the toxic life the stores and other "safe" products offer.

5. Referral Link

If you have a wholesale account with Young Living, you automatically get a referral link.

The same way I can refer someone to my apartment building and get cash or a discount on next month’s rent, I can give my link to someone wanting this lifestyle.

The only break in the link between the apartment analogy and YL is that with Young Living, I then get a kickback every time that person orders whereas I only benefit once from my apartment referral.

Read here how to get the most out of our referral program whether you’d like to earn casually or consistently.

By the Numbers

We added up how much we spent the first year we only bought Young Living.

Then we added how much we spent the year before with doc co-pays, running to the pharmacy, over-the-counters, and buying everything else we get from YL at the store.

How much did we save?


It’s $2,000 less to live a life that won’t harm my organs, immune system, or hormones?


*I did not count in any of the money I made from sharing the referral link. Simply comparing orders from YL with life before it.*

How to Get Started

Click here to see how it all works.

Want to look into a day in the life of an oily family? Here’s one of many examples.

Want to see more into what it looks like to share this lifestyle? You can read about my YL journey here.

Need to talk to me directly and ask questions?

Email me at any time. I’d love to hear from you and get to work alongside you for healthier living!

These are five ways Young Living is a less expensive lifestyle than the toxic life the stores and other "safe" products offer.

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Escaping the “Bandaid Effect” for Healthy Living No ratings yet.

Escaping the “Bandaid Effect”

The bandaid effect is the opposite of healthy living.

Your kid falls down, but there’s no scrape or bump or bruise in sight.

They insist they need a bandaid.

It’ll make them feel better. They just know it, Mama.

So you hand them their favorite character bandaid, kiss their boo boo, and magically they’re off running full speed.

We do this as adults, too.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look.

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

Everyday “Bandaids”

Ever find it frustrating that those cough drops and syrups don’t actually make your cough go away?

That your muscle cream doesn’t fix the strain?

When your sensitive toothpaste doesn’t stop the pain when you drink a cold glass of water?

That’s because the world around us is all marketing us toward the bandaid effect.

A fascade.

A temporary fix.

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

Root Causes

Raise your hand if you’ve asked a doctor what caused your illness just to hear they don’t know or there’s no known root cause.

We’ve been taught for generations to treat symptoms.

We now hold onto this idea to the point of not knowing what else to do.

Most every time someone reaches out to me about an essential oil, they’re really asking for the bandaid effect.

“Can you recommend an oil for sleep? For acne? For reflux?”

Why are you facing these issues?

Stress? Trauma? Gut issues?

I’m definitely not a doctor, so where do we go from there?

Responsible for Self

We’ve (unfairly) pushed the responsibility of our health onto our doctors then we’re frustrated when all they can give us are prescriptions for symptoms.

It’s time to step up our responsibility and do the hard work.

What does it take to advocate for your health?

You’ve got to get a few of your ducks in a row.

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

1. Your Lifestyle Products

You can read more about it here, but long story short, everything on the shelves made to look safe and healthy is greenwashed, which is a fancy word for a lie.

Hormonal, immune, organ, and overall body-destroying. The cleaners, washes, makeup, lotions–you name it– are all a marketing scheme.

They sell you a lotion with chemicals that dry your skin. Guess what you need more of?

And those chemicals? It’s perfectly legal even though they’re harmful to your body.

So, we switch to Young Living. Read here to find out why, after 9 months of research, that our family can only land on YL an no one else.

2. Your Food

Pesticides are a bigger problem than we realize.

They’re taking the nutrition right out of the food we need to survive.

I agree that organic (or even better biodynamic) foods are more expensive, and that can make things difficult.

Esepcially on a tight budget.

But here’s the great news.

Young Living as a lifestyle is about $2,000 less expensive per year than traditional in-store shopping (read all about that here).

Looks like your organics budget just blew wide open, friend.

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

3. Digging Up Roots

You know how your body feels.

And you know its history best.

If you can find a doctor who will dig in alongside you and supplement you instead of medicate you, you’ll be blown away by how much progress you’ll find.

It took far too long for me to find my doctor. Actually, my friend found him, and now I tell everyone about it!

Check out our doc’s mission statement:

Our mission is to restore optimum function to the body in order to help our patients experience life to its fullest. By removing stressors to the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments, nutrition supplementation, and neurofeedback, we aim to release the innate ability of the body to self-heal and thrive.

To put this into perspective, I fought cystic acne with meds and then finally with my own natural route (applying oils topically) for 17 years in total.

After changing up the type of doctor I saw, I’m almost completely clear-skinned only 8 months later.

And we did it all with zero meds.

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

You Can Do This!

After hearing a woman in one of my oil classes say she’d have to ask her doctor if she could look into possible root problems, I knew I’d need to write this.

This is your body.

No one else’s.

You can live well because your body was fearfully and wonderfully made to be healthy!

Get Started with this New Healthy Lifestyle!

Your next step toward escaping the bandaid effect is right here.

It’ll walk you through each step and show you all of your options.

However, if you’re in need of some one-on-one conversation to help you through or to get some questions answered, email me any time!

I love to hear from my readers. to help your families live and feel like we do is a blessing.

I hope to talk with you soon!

This post explains what the bandaid effect is, how it affects healthy living, and what you can do instead for your overall wellness.

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A Day in the Life of an Oily Family No ratings yet.

A Day in the Life of an Oily Family

How I wish I’d been taught to be an oily family when I was making my home from the start!

I’d love to have you come on in! Welcome to our home!

Here’s what it’s like to live this oily life.

Wake Up!

Good morning!

We love how the vitamin D tastes! It just melts on our tongues. Yum!

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

I don’t know about you, but we just don’t drink enough water if we aren’t super intentional about it.

So, we fill up our water bottles first thing (we’ve been loving these bottles!) and put a drop or two of Lemon oil in there to help boost our immune system and help us drink more water.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

In the Kitchen

We start our morning in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast.

What I love about Thieves Dish Soap is how concentrated it is. We get lots of bottles from one!

It also knocks out grease like an old pro.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

With two boys and a dog, killing germs and cleaning dirty hands is important.

Being able to split this one soap into four is even better.

I just grabbed these foaming hand soap bottles from Amazon, poured a fourth of the concentrate in, and filled the rest with water.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

Want to guess how many cleaners we had in our house before Young Living?

After clearing out the old and replacing the new I later found 14 bottles in the basement, so…

No telling what we were doing with all those cleaners!

This one does it all.

You can read more about it in 50 Top Ways to Use Thieves Household Cleaner.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!


We need the house to smell nice, these homeschooled little nuggets need to focus, and mama needs some chill.

So, we diffuse…all day long!

We had lots to choose from, but Desert Mist is my fave because it’ll diffuse 12 hours.

I’ll put Purification blend in the boys rooms because boys stink and Purification fixes that.

I’ll add something cozy in my room like Orange and Idaho Grand Fir to boost immunity and purify the air, and then some GeneYus from the KidScents line in the homeschool room for the boys.

Isn’t the Desert Mist so pretty?!

It comes with one of our starter kits, too!

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

Shower/Get Ready

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve got going on in the bathrooms fully transferred over to Young Living.

Zero synthetics. No pesticides. Absolutely no filler or fragrance!

How’s that for hormonal strength?!

This is for Mama, Daddy, and boys:

  • Deodorant
  • Bath/Shower Gel
  • Oral Care
  • Makeup & Remover
  • Shaving Oil
  • Haircare
  • Beard oil
  • Perfume
  • Hormone support
  • Skincare
  • Anti-aging
  • Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

It’s crazy to think about all of these in the toxic form that looked so harmless before going into our bloodstream.

It’s such a relief to know everything we’re using is truly safe.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!


The drug mindset is to use a specific medicine or whatever it is forever (i.e. if I take a vitamin C tablet today, I’m locked in for life).

We’ve adopted the supplement mindset with Young Living.

We take what we need when our bodies need it, and don’t stress when we don’t.

That’s why we use our Essential Rewards orders to add to our arsenal of health; now it’s there when we need it.

How do I know when to take them?

It tells me on the side of the bottle.

As I’m writing this it’s during the pandemic and it’s winter.

So we’re using Super Vitamin D and other immune boosters from Young Living right now!

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!


I’ve long given up on being on top of laundry, but I do feel great about what I use on our clothes!

First of all, Thieves Laundry Detergent dilutes out like crazy, which you can read about here.

That saves us lots each month!

Then, we use this laundry freshener or these safe fabric softeners to make life easy.

It’s crazy how our air quality changed when we got rid of old detergents and softeners!

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

Heading Out with the Family

I’ll pack Young Living Einkhorn granola, water bottles, Young Living sunscreen, Young Living bug spray, and Young Living after sun to make sure we’re ready to go.

Of course we’ve always got those must-haves with kids, like this first aid spray, Owie blend, and lots of bandaids because…kids.

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

This is just a small sampling of the over-the-counters Young Living provides to make our life easier.

We also really rely on the Full Spectrum CBD!

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

Dinner, Unwinding, and Bedtime

We’ve got our lineup of Vitality oils (those we can ingest) for cooking.

To unwind, the boys’ rooms will get their diffusers refilled with their nighttime oils.

What’s really cool is that since their rooms were diffusing immune boosting and air purifying oils all day, they’re settling down into a an amazing space for optimal sleep.

Of course I keep my standbys in the hall for anything night time can bring:

  • PanAway for when we’ve got growing pains (in the Premium Starter Kit)
  • SleepyIze when it’s tough to fall asleep
  • Seedlings Linen Spray to prep pillows for easy rest
  • Thieves Chest Rub in case I hear the start of a cough in the night
  • Peace & Calming for night time wind down in their diffusers and backs of their necks. (in the Premium Starter Kit)
Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

Easy as Pie

Remember getting your first place?

Running out to grab all of your basics?

This time you get to do it right and save tons of money in the process.

We took advantage of the Essential Rewards program to save a ton and budget best, and boy does it work! You can read all about it here.

If you’re ready to get rolling and can see this lifestyle fitting right into your very own, this is your next step!

If you need a one-on-one conversation, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! Let’s connect by emailing me at

Ever wonder what using Young Living really looks like? What an oily family really does with all those oils? Here's your chance!

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How to Get Young Living Essential Oils + FREEBIES! No ratings yet.

How to Get Young Living Essential Oils + FREEBIES!

How to get Young Living Essential Oils and the amazing freebies is simple!

I’ll walk you through how in this post!

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

High Value, Lower Cost

By now you’ve read about our journey with essential oils and why it absolutely had to be Young Living.

Maybe you could picture yourself making the switch to this new lifestyle after following our family through a day in our oily life.

However you landed here, know you’re in the right place for a healthy change and to save tons of money compared to your old, toxic lifestyle.

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

First Decision: Wholesale or Retail

We were so sick of putting bandaids on everything and were ready for a real change.

Because we didn’t want to be roped into anything where we were forced to sell or spend any certain amount, we made Young Living fit our lifestyle.

Retail means to buy at full price.

Wholesale gives you discounts and the ability to choose the monthly program to budget (which you can read about here).

Becoming a Wholesale Member

Wholesale makes the most sense if you’re looking for more than just an oil or a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner.

You’ve got a few different kit options here:

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

Diffuser Choice with Kit

If you choose the oils kit, you can pick a diffuser.

Here’s a quick break down of each, so you know which you’d like to choose. You get the diffuser FREE in the Premium Starter Kit!

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

Key Words You Need to Know

When learning how to get Young Living oils, there are a few words to know.

Wholesale: Save 24 – 44% off retail pricing on Young Living products.

You can save even more with exclusive specials every month.

There are no monthly minimum purchases with the wholesale discount, and you never have to sell anything to anyone.

Essential Rewards: If you choose wholesale, you’re eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and earn as much as 25 percent back from each order in the form of points.

These points can be used like cash to get free products!

Farm Visits: No other oil company gives you the opportunity to experience our Seed to Seal process with a visit to their farms like Young Living does.

You’re welcome to show up at any Young Living farm anywhere in the world, anytime!  I love being on a YL farm. It’s an amazing experience I highly recommend!

Strong Community: At Young Living, you’ll have a close-knit community of support.

In addition to me, our Young Living family is ready to hear your questions.

When you use this link to get started, you’ll get a welcome text and an invite to join our private, members only groups on Facebook.

It’s a great way to learn at your own pace alongside likeminded people.

You can ask questions, get recipes and tips, and snag exclusive education found nowhere else!

Education: Young Living provides ongoing educational opportunities through events, newsletters online, and in person to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.

I also provide private classes.

Ask me how you can attend anywhere in the world, for absolutely free!

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

If You’re Ready to Purchase, Here’s How:

1.  Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information.

2.  Make sure “Wholesale Member” is checked so you don’t end up paying retail prices.

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id”say 3929342  so we can stay connected, and I can get you hooked up with all the freebies! You’ll see my name, Andrea Dawn Marshall there, too.

4. Select which starter kit you want to get. My recommendation would be the Premium Starter Kit. I use these oils routinely!

5. Go through the checkout process.


Start getting YL freebies now!

Here’s an example of what our monthly freebies look like, but the point amounts are always the same for being eligible for the free products each month:

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nope! You aren’t ever required to sell.

When you become a wholesale member, you get a special link you can share with friends and get credit from their purchases, but there are no minimum sales amounts if you choose to use it.

In fact, 90% of the wholesale members in Young Living don’t do the business side at all. They’re buying from Young Living because of the quality.


There are NO minimum monthly purchase requirements.

To remain a wholesale member, you have to make $50 worth of purchases per year to keep your membership.

But if there’s a year that you don’t make a $50 purchase, you can reinstate your wholesale membership discount by just placing a $50 order.

If you do find yourself making regular purchases each month, then Young Living has a rewards program (called Essential Rewards) where you can make a nice percentage back in product credit each month on all of your purchases.

So that’s a great program to join if you find that you *want* to purchase regularly (but it’s not a requirement for being a wholesale member).


It does seem like a new essential oils company pops up every day, doesn’t it? 

I can’t speak to the quality of other companies, but I can say that Young Living was the only company in my research of essential oil companies that could answer all of my questions about purity in a way that was satisfactory to me.

Young Living was the only company that:

  • Has their own farms (in the regions where the plants should be grown)
  • Could guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of any of their oils (they use essential oils for pest control and they do all of the weeding by hand). Organic is not pesticide or herbicide free. It’s a step down.
  • Has their own testing equipment (they do both in-house and 3rd party testing, and use many different testing methods not just GC/MS which only tests for certain chemicals, not whether those chemicals are synthetic or not)
  • Only uses the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

Young Living also was the only company that was directly in charge of essential oil farming operations.

Every other company I researched goes through some kind of an “oil broker” to buy their oils. Even if they’re “sustainably sourced,” that’s not something you want.

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

They have to trust that the oil broker is telling the truth, who has to trust that the essential oil distilleries are telling the truth, who have to trust that the farmers are telling the truth about what they say they are doing.

With Young Living, you just have to trust one company instead of several.

I felt the most comfortable trusting Young Living since they’re a full-disclosure company.

ANYONE can visit the farms, participate in the harvesting and distillation, view the Young Living labs, and see the entire process. That’s not an option with any other company!


One of the benefits of getting a starter kit is that you also get to join our private Facebook group that’s specifically for questions about essential oils!

My weekly usage tips and recipes will text straight to you making life even simpler!


The answer to this one was surprising to me when I first got my starter kit!

Young Living uses their pesticide-free, synthetic-free, fragrance free, people over profit model to create over 600 lifestyle products.

Most all of these are concentrated, so it’s like buying bulk in small bottles saving you lots in the process.

Thanks so much for reading and please email me at for any other questions!

This post walks you through how to get Young Living oils, what their toxin-free lifestyle really looks like, and what your options are.

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Easy Natural Laundry Freshener No ratings yet.

Easy Natural Laundry Freshener

There are some simple ways to find easy natural laundry freshener that will make your family healthier.

This super simple and healthy natural laundry freshener will be the best thing you'll do for your laundry and your family's health!

Laundry Freshener Quick DIY

There is nothing new about the idea of scented laundry.

Our ancestors used to dry their clothes on rosemary or lavender bushes to scent them.

It was also popular to lay sprigs of lavender between the clean linens in cupboards to keep them smelling fresh.

Unfortunately companies have turned this beautiful practice into a toxin-laden dryer sheet we think we can’t live without.

Gratefully, we can!

Enjoy this simple DIY from The Essential Oils Reference Guide:


  • 2 drops Lavender or Lemon essential oil (safest oil choice here)
  • 2 drops Tea Tree essential oil


  1. Add ingredients to a dryer ball or wash cloth and toss into the dryer with your clothes.
This super simple and healthy natural laundry freshener will be the best thing you'll do for your laundry and your family's health!

Laundry Detergent Recipe

Want to make laundry detergent for super cheap each month and keep your family safe?

Try this recipe!

We love it!

Other Oily Favorites for Laundry

Some of our favorites to add to the laundry also include the Purification blend, Lemon, Christmas Spirit, the Thieves blend, and the Joy blend.

With 300 drops in each bottle, you can see how great this stretches.

It’s so easy to avoid the use of toxic and body-harming dryer sheets when you’ve got Young Living in your life!

Why Young Living?

  1. The only pesticide-free essential oils (yes, this includes organic pesticides!)
  2. Zero synthetics added
  3. Zero fragrance added
  4. You can see all of this for yourself when you visit their farms all over the world.

No one else can offer this to you.

Read here to see your options for how to get this goodness in your life!

This super simple and healthy natural laundry freshener will be the best thing you'll do for your laundry and your family's health!

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Most Effective Natural First-Aid Spray No ratings yet.

Most Effective Natural First-Aid Spray

As a mom to two ornery little boys, it’s important for me to have the most effective natural first-aid spray on hand at all times.

I need this to be cost-effective, easy to keep on hand, and it must travel well.

I also want it to be as safe as possible because I know what’s on the store shelves is full of sketchy synthetics that can harm my boys.

Read here about the only choice our family makes for safe lifestyle needs.

This simple and most effective natural first-aid spray is easy to make, stores well, travels great, and has helped our boys a ton!

Quick DIY

I love this simple DIY from The Essential Oils Reference Guide:



  • This first-aid spray is for minor cuts and abrasions. If you have a serious cut or wound, consult your physician.
  • Pour distilled water into spray bottle. Add the drops of essential oils, and shake to mix.
  • Clean all cuts and abrasions thoroughly and then spray the area with the first-aid spray.
  • You may want to cover the area with the sterile gauze to which you have applied 3 drops of Lavender.
  • This application should be repeated 2 times daily as necessary.
  • After 3 days, you should allow the cut or abrasion to be exposed to the air, if possible.
This simple and most effective natural first-aid spray is easy to make, stores well, travels great, and has helped our boys a ton!

Must Know Info:

I can only suggest Young Living essential oils because:

  1. They’re the only pesticide-free grown essential oil (no, not even organic pesticides)
  2. There are zero synthetics added.
  3. There are no fragrances added.
  4. I can see all this with my own two eyes (and have) by going to the farms all over the world myself.

If you don’t have access to these superior oils from the company that pioneered oils in our country, click here.

Your Support will Look Like…

I’ll reach out to add you into my private group and weekly education texts so you’ll never have to do this alone.

You’ll also be able to message me directly to ask any questions.

Finally, I send everyone who made a purchase the month before a monthly newsletter and laminated recipe card, so you can start your health journey right away!

Our family hasn’t been the same since we started Young Living.

We’ve completely detoxed our home, and this has lead to wellness beyond what I even knew possible!

This simple and most effective natural first-aid spray is easy to make, stores well, travels great, and has helped our boys a ton!

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A New Generation Rising Up to Be Well No ratings yet.

A New Generation Rising Up to Be Well

Each generation tries to gift their kids a better life. Our generation may be the first to get it all wrong.

From birth, our parents made trade school, college, or some form of secondary education was our top priority .

We’ve handled with those gifts in our own ways.

We reaped those rewards (or paid heavily for them).

But to gift our kids the same, is putting them so far out in left field, they may never get a chance to play ball.

However, it may not be for the reason you’re imagining.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Why We’re So Off Base

For decades upon decades, we’ve been told schooling is the only way to get ahead.

However, at closer inspection, take a look at what this generation has that their dial-up parents didn’t.

They’re dripping with information. Lousy with it.

They carry it in their pockets for crying out loud.

Yet we still harp at them that this is it. The one thing that will make or break them.

We have to sound absolutely crazy. They get that education is important. It’s common knowledge to this generation. Common. Knowledge. Nothing to pass along, friend.

They get it.

Meanwhile, cancer rates are soaring, diseases are running rampant, and obesity is a sickness a huge amount of Americans have denied is even a problem.

How in this world do we expect our children to become adults that can use their education if they’re too sick to show up to a job?

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

What Needs Fixing

The main issues are hard to see. Like…really hard to see.


Every other commercial on the television is pushing the problems and treating them like gifts.

The main issues we need to resolve for our kids are:

1. Food

You’ve heard the old adage: food is medicine.

That’s no joke.

Prepackaged “healthy” foods are immediately unhealthy.

Pesticide-sprayed fruits and vegetables are flat out proven to have less nutrition than organic and chemical free produce.

Our children drink more sugar in one beverage than they should consume in an entire day.

Yet we’re surprised when we see the charts shouting at us that we’re sicker than ever…

The only way around this is to find chemical-free and organic farms that we can buy from to bring costs down. To budget in organics just like we do a cell phone bill.

If you’re reading this in the Dayton, Ohio area or you’d just like to see some great examples, visit Three Trees Farm or Eat Food For Life. Read their websites and about their practices.

This education is priceless.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

2. Lifestyle Products

We were shocked at how many “safe” products were full of synthetics, fragrances, and pesticides.

How can companies get away with this?

We keep buying it!

We’ve got to look into what we put on our body and in our air, friends!

This is dire. And I do mean DIRE.

The average American home is up to five TIMES more toxic than the most populated and industrialized cities!

It’s no wonder the cause of 95% of cancers is toxins.

Every single hour of burning a candle in your home is the same, toxicologists say, as smoking a cigarette. 

Imagine putting a cigarette in your baby’s mouth.

What do we expect when detergents and soaps marked cancerous and hormone disrupting are marketed to children?

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Dependency on Medicine

I could talk about this and the lifestyle products for hours, but I’ll be brief.

Somehow we’ve forgotten that medicine is a LAST RESORT.

Somewhere in the last twenty years we decided that popping a pill or dropping acetaminophen in our kids’ mouths every time their temperature goes above 99 degrees is fixing the problem.

Please. We have to stop. Now.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Don’t you see?

If you fix the food and lifestyle products issue and you use Young Living to work home remedies then you WON’T NEED THE MEDICINE!

But instead, we toss aside those little square side effects pamphlets assuming that our docs wouldn’t prescribe them to us if those effects weren’t like…the freak accidents, right?

But what you’re not reading (and what your doctor isn’t telling you) is all the little things that are happening to your body every time you take something you could fix naturally.

All those things you did to your body and passed on to your child that they’ll genetically pass on to theirs.

Remember who makes a LOT of money from every prescription or synthetic medicine labeled “natural” the next time you head into your local drug store.

You have a decision to make. A gift to give.

And I get it.

I was afraid to throw the aspirin and acetaminophen away until Young Living proved itself for a year.

But I do urge you to make the decision sooner than later, friends.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Where to Start

I’d love to tell you to go out and buy all the white labeled stuff at the store and make yourself a new clean home with a Target cart full of new bottles, but I can’t.

I know because I tried it myself, and it didn’t work. Here’s why.

Step one is to go here .

Get started with making the changes bit by bit.

Need ideas for what to get first?

What to Get

  1. CLEAN YOUR AIR: get a diffuser (I suggest the Desert Mist)
  2. CLEAN YOUR LAUNDRY: grab the Thieves Laundry Detergent. It dilutes out to 16 bottles and you’ll get the recipe when I add you to our Facebook community.
  3. CLEAN YOUR EVERYTHING ELSE: Thieves Household Cleaner is 29 bottles in one. You can get rid of EVERY. SINGLE. CLEANER. IN. YOUR. HOME. No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, it kills the germs. We’ve done it for 4 years. I’d not beat my head against a wall for four years if it didn’t work like a charm…hello!
  4. SET UP A LOYALTY BOX: this will give you a % back on each monthly box you get. You’ll choose what goes in (think oils for remedies and prevention, personal care/toiletries, makeup, supplements, CBD, etc) and remember, most all dilute out to save you tons. What you can’t dilute, you can use your % back to get for free!


Set small goals for yourself each month.

  1. What can you swap out at the store for a Young Living product?
  2. What can you buy organic this week instead of conventional?

Living on a budget?

You’ll be shocked by how much money is left over for organics when you take out pop/soda, cookies, chips, and prepackaged snacks and stop running to the pharmacy and turn to oils instead.

This will be the most rewarding gift you’ve ever given your family.

When your children are reaping the rewards as adults and teaching their children, your grandbabies, how to create a home the right way, you’ll be so very glad you read this, took action, and never looked back.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

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Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally No ratings yet.

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally is so simple, I can’t believe we haven’t been doing this all along!

I hope this article encourages and leads you to a more natural option even if you’re not fully convinced just yet to ditch the harmful fever reducers.

*Disclaimer: Because of pesticides and/or synthetics in every other oil brand, I can only in good conscience recommend Young Living, who never sprays, but instead hand weeds and allows you on their farms all over the world to see for yourself. No one else offers this.


In your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll find one of the most complete oils: Peppermint.

In four drops of a carrier like this one, we put Peppermint on the bottoms of our feet and along our spine.

We do this every fifteen minutes until our temperature is at a more comfortable level.

The last time I did it, I brought my child’s 104 degree fever to 101 in an hour.

By that time, he could get to sleep comfortably.

The next morning, he was up running and playing!

Because fever is one of the most powerful healing responses of the human body, we don’t want to take it away, but we instead want to protect our brain and help soothe and comfort.

We love the gradual cooling Young Living’s Peppermint provides.

Plow & Hearth

2. Vitality Water

Create your own electrolyte drink without the sugar (immune suppressing), dye, and preservatives.

Young Living’s Vitality Drops have naturally occurring electrolytes from the Great Salt Lake to keep you hydrated.

Not only that, but have you tasted these?


**Pro Tip: Glass only.

3. Spine Power!

Lemon and Frankincense, both in the Premium Starter Kit, are two we add to carrier along the spine.

We apply them to the spine because of how many nerves there are along this area of the body and the two carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries found there.

This means better absorption and that the oils are carried better throughout the bloodstream with that kind of artery power behind it pumping from the heart through the body.

Frankincense is a huge support in immune boosting and Lemon is lovely for supporting a detox of all the junk our body is trying to fight.

4. Get to the Root

Oil blends like ImmuPower and nutritionals like Super C Chewables, we are able to work on the root of the problem through a serious support of the body.

Instead of breaking down the gut, where a lot of our immune system is housed, we build up the body with Young Living oils and oil-infused supplements.

Better yet, we’re not destroying our gut health as we work toward bringing our body back up above the line of wellness, so our immune system doesn’t take a huge hit like it does with antibiotics.

Batteries Plus


Be consistent when trying to lower a fever.

Stay hydrated, well rested, and put the oils on often throughout the day.

Follow the directions on your supplements.

Use your oils a lot.

Feel better.

It’s a simple as that.

The more we stray from gut-harming medicines and focus on the building and supporting of our immune system instead, we’ll find issues like fever are much easier to handle.

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally are so simple, much more cost-effective, and don't harm your vital organs like all other fever reducers.

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Young Living March 2020 Promotions! No ratings yet.

Young Living March 2020 Promos
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

Young Living March 2020 Promotions!

Young Living March 2020 Promotions are amazing.

You’re going to love them!

Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.


Can we just pause for a moment and look at how cute that bag is?!

How perfect for spring!

I am excited to give mine to the first new member signing up with their Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards using this link in March!


Valor is commonly referred to as a chiropractor in a bottle.

While I’d never trade it out for an actual chiropractor all together, it has gotten me through some rough times for sure.

This is also an amazing oil to help your emotions and bring courage.


Clarity is one of my favorites!

It helps me stay focused and gives me a little energy boost.

I also like to rub it on my temples if I feel the start of a headache coming on.


JuvaFlex provides liver support.

It is said that the liver is where we store anger and hate.

Whether you believe that or not, we can all agree it’s a super important part of our health, and we must take great care of it.

JuvaFlex in a veggie capsule will be so kind to your liver and therefore your overall health!

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby is great for your skin, calming your emotions, and will be something I use on my “mama marks” for sure when my free bottle arrives in a few days!

Thinking of Getting a Premium Starter Kit?

This is your month!

With each new member’s Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards combo in March, you’ll get the free bottle of Valor promotion plus a free bottle of Lavender lotion!

That’s just one more quick ditch and switch to a safe product right away!

Know Friends in Need?

When you share with two friends this month, Young Living will give you a $100 thank you check and a 15mL bottle of Dream Catcher.

When you share with four friends, Young Living will give you a $200 thank you check, and you’ll get a lava bead bracelet and special Celebration blend.

Think about it.

You help four new families have four generations of health and wellness and you get a big thank you.

How amazing is that?

Plow & Hearth

Not a Member Yet?

Click here and get your Premium Starter Kit with Essential Rewards.

Remember, you’ll get a free bottle of Valor and a free bottle of Lavender lotion as a welcome!

Final Thoughts

I love how Young Living goes out of their way to do these wonderful things for us.

Incentives are fun, but knowing you’re helping families learn about the only pesticide and synthetic free way of living is such a gift!

Thank you, Young Living for being the best of the best!
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

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How We ATTACK Cough & Congestion No ratings yet.

How we Attack Cough and Congestion
How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you because of how easy it is, but here it is: our fool-proof way to feeling better fast.

How We ATTACK Cough & Congestion

How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you.

We never go to the store, and we’re never given prescriptions.

But this works better than anything we’ve ever tried.

Sam's Club

Supported Lungs

The only pesticide-free essential oils available are all over our home.

We call this our “wellness arsenal” because we believe God made us to be well and created plants for us to use to this end.

The Premium Starter Kit was how we got our family’s start with supporting our lungs.

Taking away all fragrance, cleaners, and replacing them with Young Living’s safe products made a world of difference.

Life and Home

Oils We Use

Raven from the Premium Starter Kit is where it’s at when we have cough and nasty congestion.

We put one drop of Raven in four drops carrier (fatty oil like avocado, olive, coconut, etc) and rub it over our lungs and throat.

Since consistency is key here, we’ll make a big batch of it and set a timer on our phone or Alexa to remind us.

Lymphatic Drainage

Okay, the name is gross, but goodness does this work!

Here are the simple directions.


Lemon from the Premium Starter Kit is super helpful in our reverse osmosis water.

We sip on this in glass only (no one wants to drink petrochemicals from plastic!), and make sure we keep up with this hydration process to help flush all the ickiness out of our system.

Nutritional Supplements

Our biggest successes came when we ditched the drug mindset and adopted a supplement/wellness way of thinking.

What is at the root of this cough and congestion?

Why bandage something without taking care of the cause first?

That’s why we always keep Inner Defense in the house and add it to our Essential Rewards order if we even come close to running out.

The oils in this capsule are a sure fire way to get us feeling better fast.

Neti Pot

Okay, I know what you might be thinking.

And believe me. I feel you.

I have my own love-hate relationship with my Neti-Pot, but let me tell you what.

When you put a drop of Rosemary and a drop of Tea Tree into your solution, the results are unbelievable.

Pro Tip: Use only reverse osmosis water and boil it in a lead-free kettle for optimal safety.

Safe Cough Drops

Dyes, synthetics, and pesticides are doing us zero favors.

Instead, try Young Living’s cough drops or make your own with Thieves and Lemon essential oils from your Premium Starter Kit.

They work amazingly well without anything harming your body while you’re trying to feel better.

Soothe Your Throat

Thieves tea is my jam, y’all.

Steep your favorite organic tea (though I still think Cinnamon tastes best with these oils!).

This helps us break up our congestion.

Then sip to soothe a scratchy throat and enjoy.

Remake as often as needed.

Thieves Tea

  1. Steep tea
  2. Add 1 drop Thieves, 1 drop Peppermint, 1 drop Frankincense, 1 drop Copaiba, 1 drop Lavender, and 2 drops Lemon.
  3. Missing any of those in your oily collection? Just throw in what you do have!
  4. Add honey to taste and waft toward you to open your sinuses and start breathing better!
  5. Sip and remake as many times a day as you need.

We use this to soothe sore throat, stem cough, and for a serious immune boost any time we need it.

Microsoft Azure Certification Training


Grab your diffuser and some Raven from your Premium Starter Kit.

Put a couple drops in and sit right next to it as you give your body some time to rest.

My favorites for cough are Raven, R.C., Eucalyptus Radiata, and Thieves.

Having a diffuser right next to you as you rest or nap is the best way.

That’s a way to make sure you’re feeling better and staying consistent with your oily routine here, so you can be back to normal in no time.


Final Thoughts

If you’re already living the pesticide-free lifestyle, some of these will be normal for you like taking Thieves Vitality, diffusing, and drinking Lemon Vitality oil in your water.

That’s wonderful!

If not, don’t worry.

It’s something that starts to feel second nature in no time.

Need the lifestyle mentioned with Young Living? Click here.

I’ll be in touch to place you in our oily education tribe, but feel free to ask any questions first contacting me directly at

Give yourself grace and rest, friend.

Many blessings to you and quick healing when you’re not feeling well!

How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you because of how easy it is, but here it is: our fool-proof way to feeling better fast.

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Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves No ratings yet.

Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves
We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves

Make the switch to healthy living super simple with these top 10 natural living must haves!

It seems like everyone is going toward safer ingredients these days, but which products are actually worth your money?

These ten definitely hit the mark.

1. Premium Starter Kit + Essential Rewards: Young Living

This is an obvious one, but so necessary it’s at the very top of our list.

No one else offers both synthetic and pesticide-free living.

With over 600 lifestyle products to choose from, you’re getting way more than just essential oils.

Plus, Young Living is concentrated, so it’s like buying in bulk and makes your wallet very happy.

Finally, the Essential Rewards program makes this lifestyle even more financially freeing!

2. Lead-Free Glassware

Ditch those plastic storage bins faster than you ditched candles, y’all!

Petrochemicals leech into your food and harm your body.

It’s easier to find lead-free glassware than you think.

Find our favorite food storage here.

Get our favorite glasses here.

See our favorite dishes here.

Discover our favorite straws here.

Fall in love with our favorite mixing bowls here.

3. Toaster Oven

Kick the microwave to the curb and fast!

The toaster oven (like this one) takes a bit longer, but seems like it’s done in no time once it’s a part of your routine.

Who wants to destroy all the good nutrients in your food and harm your body with extra radiation when you could have leftovers that taste just like dinner last night?

Toaster oven bonus?

Cook, warm, toast…all in one!

4. Outlet Timer for WiFi Router

Adults and children alike are overexposed to radiation from phones, tablets, computers, and WiFi.

This simple timer will allow your family to have the WiFi shut off at a certain time before bed and will turn back on when you need it in the morning or afternoon.

We noticed a huge difference in how the entire family slept without WiFi on all night.

Home all day?

You can still turn it off and on as needed!

5. Blue Light Blockers

With all the time we spend looking at blue light, research is finding our eyes are deteriorating faster than any other generation before us.

Blue light blocking glasses like these for adults and these for kids are super helpful as well as Young Living’s IlluminEyes supplement and NingXia Red!

6. Glass Kettle

I love coffee and tea.

A glass kettle like this one keeps me from ever needing a harmful microwave to warm my water.

Even better, you can avoid drinking petrochemicals from heated plastic coffee makers with a Chemex coffee maker instead.

You can also have richer coffee with a Bur grinder, and avoid bleached coffee filters with this reusable filter.

7. Ceramic Neti Pot

I have a love-hate relationship with my Neti Pot, but I cannot deny the power in it!

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the dangers of Neti Potting because of our water nowadays.

The glass kettle in number six is a sure way to make sure you have good, boiled water, but suggestion number eight will be even more important.

Just make sure you let it cool down for a long time before you use it!

8. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Have you ever tested your water?

Like, really tested it?

I was shocked when we did our testing.

Our super high filtration system was not that helpful.

Drinking from filtered refrigerators was like drinking tap.

Drinking from the tap…well…not good, friends. Not good at all.

Ideally, a whole home reverse osmosis is best because of how much exposure we have with showering and hand washing.

If that’s out of your price range, a much more doable option is an under-the-sink reverse osmosis with these shower head attachments.

9. Clean Up Your Cleaners

It’s no surprise to learn that household cleaners are seriously dangerous.

Like, reports of holes burned in the esophagus, asthma, and lowered immune system bad.

Why not save yourself a ton of money and health issues?

The best way to do this is to get a refillable mop and the Thieves line.

The Thieves Household Cleaner on its own makes 29 spray bottles just from the one concentrated bottle.

This is the only cleaner in our home.

It kills 99.96% of germs.

Yes, you can use it on all surfaces.

And oh, yes. It smells like Christmas.

10. Clean Your Air

Diffusers are everywhere, but why is using them alongside the only safe essential oils so important?

  • Every hour a candle burned = one cigarette smoked to your lungs
  • Essential oils are only required to have 5% oil in the bottle
  • Young Living is the ONLY company not spraying their plants with pesticides (think Round-Up in your veins within 26 seconds of touching your skin)

If you choose this to make your house smell like home, you’re not only ditching seriously harmful fragrances.

With Young Living in your diffuser of choice, you’re also building your immune system, supporting your mood, memory, bones, cardiovascular health, and more!

Final Thoughts

A safe lifestyle takes a little time to step into, but it’s the best thing you can do for both you and for four generations beyond your own.

You have to protect your family, and thanks to this list, you’ve got a great start.

Goumi Kids
We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

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I Have my Young Living Starter Kit, Now What? No ratings yet.

I Have my Young Living Premium Starter Kit, Now What?
If you've been thinking to yourself, "I have my starter kit, now what?" after getting your start with Young Living, here's the next step.

I Have My Young Living Starter Kit, Now What?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I have my Young Living Starter Kit, so now what?” you’re in the right place!

A few easy steps to success are up ahead!

Step 1: Get Connected

The way Young Living works is by word of mouth.

Some of us love this way of life so much that we tell everyone we know and help you all along for the ride.

Get connected with what we call your “upline leader” and go to classes both online and in person.

Scroll through their Facebook group to learn something new to apply each day (or week-go at your pace!) that’s easy to add to your life.

If you don’t know who your upline is or where their education group is, ask the person who helped you get started.

Get a Reference Guide

I gift the Essential Oils Reference Guide app to each person who gets their kit because it makes life so simple!

Look up what your new oils can do.

Find what oils you need for a certain issue.

I love how empowering this app is for all new oilers!

Just Use Them!

Put them on.

You won’t do it wrong.

I promise.

Diffuse them.

Use three or four drops in the diffuser.

Use them, and then use them some more.

Consistency creates a new habit and a healthy home in this case!

Plan Ahead

Essential Rewards is basically the best things since sliced bread, y’all.

Our family saves SO much more with the Young Living lifestyle compared to shopping in store, it’s unreal.

So, use posts like this, your reference guide, or an iTovi scanner (learn more about them here) to create a list of needs in your home.


If you signed up for Young Living because you thought a few natural remedies here and there would be great, guess again!

You get SO MUCH MORE than that!

We ditch the bandaid mentality and switch to a wellness and proactive way of thinking!

Let me just save you lots of time here.

Everything in your house that isn’t Young Living isn’t safe at its core.

How do I know?

Because everyone but Young Living puts one or both of the following in their products: pesticides (they spray their plant material) or synthetics (your body is real and doesn’t handle these well).

Go around the house and create a list of all the products in your home and seek out the Young Living product that will let you get rid of it for good.

Or, if you’re in my wonderful tribe of oilers on Facebook, you can use our cheat sheet in the files section!

Final Thoughts

This lifestyle should be simpler and less expensive.

If you aren’t finding this to be true, talk to your upline about diluting (our products are highly concentrated and like buying in bulk), Essential Rewards, and even a DIY here and there.

This is a hugely rewarding lifestyle that comes with a little learning curve, but one that is simple to navigate if you’ve got a great group to learn alongside!

Need a Tribe?

We’d love to have you!

Get your Premium Starter Kit here.

Ask questions to me directly at

We’ll take you under our wing and help you learn the ropes!

Sam's Club
If you've been thinking to yourself, "I have my starter kit, now what?" after getting your start with Young Living, here's the next step.

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Canker Sore GONE Naturally No ratings yet.

Canker Sore Gone Naturally
Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

Canker Sore GONE Naturally

We’ve had the best relief from a canker sore naturally with this quick and simple remedy.

It’s saving us a ton with each healing only costing around fifty cents!

Simplest Option

We grab a little organic coconut oil (in a glass jar like this one) and put one drop of Thieves essential oil blend in it.

Thieves is what we call a “hot” oil, so it needs to be diluted.

The standard rule is around 4 drops carrier (what we’ll call the coconut oil) to one drop essential oil.

Be Consistent!

The same way we don’t exercise once and assume we’re at our goal weight, we don’t put one drop on the sore and expect a miracle.

You may, however, notice it shrinks noticeably.

Don’t stop applying!

We find we need to apply it around four times to get rid of it, but we have also been pesticide and synthetic-free for almost four years.

Nutritional Options that ROCK

We get canker sores for a reason, right?

Since we’re all about digging to the root and attacking that rather than just putting a bandaid on the symptom, we add Inner Defense to our wellness arsenal.

Inner Defense is a capsule with Clove, Thyme, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark oils in it.

These oils are all measured out in such a way that packs the best punch.

We are always successful knocking out the root cause of a canker sore with Inner Defense!

Oral Care

Two other amazing ways we fight back against the canker sores that pop up from time to time is by creating a healthy environment in our mouths.

Thieves Spray (in the Premium Starter Kit!) and Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash (here) are two unbelievable strong defenses against canker sores in our home.

Even better?

In my oily tribe Facebook page (for my members–I love you so!!), we have a fantastic hack to dilute the super concentrated mouthwash and the spray to get them to stretch and work just as well!

Final Thoughts

Skip the over-the-counter $18 tiny tube of side effects!

Why waste your money on something like that?

You can only use it for one specific use and for a certain amount of time before it expires.

Even worse, those products only tear down your body with synthetic ingredients.

With Young Living products, there so many uses and you’re strengthening your body.

This way you not only overcome this issue, but also to create a stronger immune system the next time a germ is lurking!

Get started on your Young Living pesticide and synthetics-free life here!

You’ll get immediate access into our oily education tribe and you’ll be sent a free essential oils reference guide app so you know just how to use all your oils and what to use when!

Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

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How We Got Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics No ratings yet.

How We Get Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics
How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

How We Got Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics

How we got rid of strep without antibiotics was an interesting and unexpected turn of events.

I’d been a Young Living member for a year or so at the time, but I’d also been trained that when your kid was sick, you ran them to the doctor fast.

The strep test was positive.

The antibiotics were administered, but my son had a horrible case of hives with his last antibiotic.

A different one was given to us assuring us this one should be fine.


The timing was rough because we were heading out of town the next day.

After the first dose, we saw the hives.

We were on the road, and he was miserable.

More and more popped up left and right.

I made the decision to stop the antibiotics right then and there. We could not go through the same horrible time we had the last time.

What Could I Do?

We were already so far from home, and I wouldn’t be able to get meds until we got out of the hills and found a pharmacy.

Until then, I had this sick little guy who was supposed to be half-way better by then, and I had to do something.


I’d heard so many stories of what people had used Thieves Essential Oil for, and I always traveled with my oils.

So, I gave him a drop of Thieves in some honey we picked up.

The next hour, I gave him another drop. And then again and again.

I kept giving him water (and pulling over for lots of potty breaks) with a drop of Lemon essential oil in it.

The Switch

By the time we made it to the hotel and got settled in, I noticed he was feeling much better.

He said his throat didn’t hurt as much, and I noticed less white spots in his throat.

I thought what I saw couldn’t be true, but I decided I’d hold off on calling the doc. and keep giving him Thieves until the next day (Monday morning).

All the Help

I diffused Thieves and Eucalyptus in the hotel all night.

Continued to give him Thieves oil in honey hourly except for when he slept.

Put Frankincense and Lemon in carrier oil on his spine.

Kept him hydrated with water and lemon oil in his glass water bottle.

The Next Morning

What I saw the next morning blew my mind.

I could only see a couple of spots, but no one could miss my very energetic little boy!

I backed off on the Thieves to only every three hours in honey.

I continued to do Frankincense and Lemon 4 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil (one Frank and one Lemon) on his spine.

Continued to make sure he drank lots of water with lemon essential oil in it.

Why You Should be SUPER Picky About Your Essential Oil

This is a must-read if you’re looking into starting to add in safe products into your home.

No other oils even come close to matching Young Living’s quality for one big reason: pesticides.

We hand-weed and never spray our plants.

That’s a big deal when it comes to your body’s health, and this article explains exactly why.

Need Oils?

This is the place to go when you’re looking for the simplest way to get the best oils on the planet.

And let me get the awkward questions out of the way right up front:

  • No minimum purchases
  • You never have to sell this
  • Can use the referral link to share with others
  • Yes, we’re an MLM.
  • No, that’s not a pyramid scheme…cause those are super illegal.
  • We’ve just celebrated 25 years as a company.
  • No, even the other oil companies “like ours” are NOT the same for the simple fact that they buy pesticide-sprayed plants from brokers.
  • We own our own farms and hand-weed everything (oils are in your bloodstream within 26 seconds of touching your skin–choose wisely).
  • Those prices look high because this is buying in bulk like Costco or Sams. One 15mL bottle of Thieves is 300 drops. One bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner is 29 bottles in one. You get the idea. 🙂

Other questions?

I’d love love love to chat with you and answer any question you have (even other awkward ones!).

Email me at any time!

How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

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Get Essential Oils + a Toxin-Free Lifestyle Here No ratings yet.

Click HERE for a simple walk through on how to buy the safest essential oils and start a toxin-free lifestyle with Young Living.

Why Young Living Only?

  • Zero pesticides
  • Single distillation
  • Soil hasn’t been touched by pesticides in 50+ years
  • You can go to any farm in the world to see for yourself
  • Zero synthetics
  • Zero fragrance
  • ONLY essential oil

5% Rule

There’s a rule that says companies only have to make sure 5% of the oil in their bottles is actual essential oil to be considered “pure and therapeutic.”

Organic oils can even have synthetics and fragrance added to them under this rule, and do.

Young Living oils are the ONLY oils who never adulterate* their oils and have 100% never changed essential oil.

*I consider spraying plants with any pesticide as adulterating the oil.

Why Care About Pesticides?

Anything you put on your skin is in your bloodstream in 26 seconds.

Choosing an essential oil company outside of Young Living ensures you’ll have those pesticides coursing through your veins as well.

Why spend your money on a temporary fix that makes a long-term problem?

Learn fast truths and how to get the safest oils on the planet.  Add value to your home and budget. Feel better. Live well.

What About Organic Pesticides?

When I say ZERO pesticides, I mean ZERO.

Not even organic pesticides.

Young Living is hand-weeded (or sheep-weeded in some cases like the France Lavender farm!) and this is their above-and-beyond calling they call Seed-to-Seal.

Are They Expensive?

The amazing part about Young Living is the concentration of the oils and over 600+ lifestyle products.

For example, the household cleaner makes 29 spray bottles.

One 15mL bottle of oil has around 300 drops in it.

When you buy a Young Living lifestyle item, you’re adding immense value to your home and saving a ton!

Learn fast truths and how to get the safest oils on the planet.  Add value to your home and budget. Feel better. Live well.

How Do I Know Which Oils I Need?

Most people start with the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 12 oils, a diffuser, and some samples of other lifestyle products at around half the cost as a bundle/kit.

These 12 oils are called our “Everyday Oils,” and the kit itself comes with a 24% discount on all products for life.

From there, the iTovi scanner {click HERE} and Essential Oils Reference Guide {click HERE) are two must-haves for taking on your new life of proactive living.

How Often Do I Have to Order?

That’s up to you.

Our family can’t possibly pass up the thousands of dollars we save every year with the loyalty program called Essential Rewards (read about it HERE).

You can order once in your whole life and never again, you can order with Essential Rewards, or anywhere in-between.

Do I Have to Sell this Stuff?


I personally tell everyone I know (including you!) because it feels like a deep down serious moral obligation to let people know there’s a safe way to live with all the disease in this world. You can be a part of one of the greatest changes in someone’s life, and that’s big.

You decide how and when you share, AND if you do, Young Living will send you a thank you check. No strings. No immediate business you’re roped into. Simply a, “Hey, you helped save a family. Thanks!” bonus check!

You can learn how to utilize the Young Living referral program HERE.

Learn fast truths and how to get the safest oils on the planet.  Add value to your home and budget. Feel better. Live well.

What if I Need to Talk This Out?

Email me at, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

This is about YOU.

It’s your decision. Your lifestyle change.

We will go at YOUR pace, within YOUR budget, and with ZERO weird pressure.

I’m Totally Ready. What’s the BEST Way to Start with Young Living?

Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards. (Get started HERE).

I will get an email confirming you’ve gotten started.

You’ll have immediate access to our education group online. This is our tribe. We lift each other up. Learn together. Ask questions. And most importantly have FUN!

You will never be alone in this new lifestyle!

Hope to meet you soon!

Learn fast truths and how to get the safest oils on the planet.  Add value to your home and budget. Feel better. Live well.

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How the iTovi Scanner Rocked Our World No ratings yet.

First iTovi Scanner Experience: Skeptical

The first time I saw the iTovi Scanner, I wasn’t so sure about it.

The scan came up for Thieves (among other oils and products leaning toward immune support), which if you’re not familiar with Young Living Essential Oils, is a blend that we use in our home when we’re sick.

I didn’t feel sick at all.

How could this little hand-held device tell me what oils and oil-infused supplements I needed?

I walked out of my friend’s house thinking this iTovi thing was ridiculous.

The next day, however I came down with one of the worst sicknesses I’d ever had.

All of a sudden, this girl was a believer.

If Only

Had I just taken Thieves, diffused it, and put it on topically that night every hour, there’s a chance I could’ve either avoided the sickness that took me down or at least lessened it.

This is why we love our iTovi scanner and have had one for the last year or so now.

iTovi Technology

You can read all about how iTovi works here.

The short version is that it measures the electrical conductivity of your skin to pair you with oils and oil-infused products that will bring your body back to balance.

This galvanic skin response technology isn’t new, but how iTovi is using it is brilliant and super helpful!

Scan Example

The following is a recent scan I did.

You’ll see how amazingly helpful this tool really is.

The first thing you’ll see are your top 7 oils. You can see my top 4 here.

These are the top 7 oils and supplements that I can use to bring my body back to balance.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can click the “emotions” or “body systems” pages.


This part of the scan report is fascinating to me.

Each time I scan, I can either understand why I feel this way, or I am able to take some time to reflect on the past few days and think about what I might be holding onto that I need to release.

This is huge.

Mental health is screaming to be looked at, normalized, and in serious need of real tools that will help.

You can learn more about an emotional release technique I use here.

Body Systems

When I got this report it made total sense.

I knew exactly how I’d been feeling and was hoping for answers and for the scan to help me.

It absolutely did.

It’s amazing what happens when you follow the top oils and dig down into your report to see what oils you have in your arsenal to make your family feel their best.

Using the Scanner

It’s super simple to use.

We scan every 3-4 days, and jot down a quick list for each of us to keep in the kitchen.

It’s amazing to see the patterns forming which really help us unfold the underlying truths behind our health and wellness.

We will use these oils and oil-infused products three or four times per day.

We’ll use the Vita Flex charts and Buttoning to enhance the performance of each product we’re using.

Get Your Own Scanner

Click here to get your own iTovi scanner.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Need the ONLY Pesticide-Free Oils?

Click here for help. 

This link will also be extremely helpful in starting the journey.

Need step-by-step directions? Click here.

Once you get started (I suggest the Premium Starter Kit with 10 hour Desert Mist diffuser), I’ll send you an Essential Oils Reference Guide to make your new journey super simple!

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My Fake Sensitive Skin No ratings yet.

Sensitive Skin?

For years I was told I had sensitive skin.

Sensitive to what?

They couldn’t tell me.

I was just “born with it,” docs guessed.

Also on the guessing board was that I must just be “prone” to things like acne, yeast infections, rashes, and dry, itchy skin.

I was also told I had oily skin and an oily scalp.

You can see where I’d be a little confused.

The Push

The more I pressed with the question, “...but why?” I only found hard pushback.

Then, at the start of my oily journey, I’d ask if my docs thought I might find some relief looking for the root problem.

No, there’s no way to tell. Until we can learn more about ___(enter issue here)___, here’s a script for ___(insert medicine, antibiotic, cream, etc)___here.”

However, no matter how many of those prescriptions I filled over the next two decades, I’d never even get close to getting better.

In fact, I was getting worse each year.


As I steeped myself further into the Young Living community, I read more and more testimonials about people overcoming their sensitive skin when ditching all their products and switching to Young Living’s toxin-free options.

This interested me for a few reasons:

1.) I’d already ditched all dyes, fragrances, and went organic but still had major issues.

2.) I had this new Essential Rewards thing that could help.

3.) I really had no other choice or help.

A Fresh Start

The decision was made to ditch all of my products by taking advantage of the Essential Rewards program.

So, I made a list of what all I needed.

I actually had the entire house plus husband and kid products on this list, but for the sake of the topic of sensitive skin, that part looked a little something like this:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Face Wash
  • Facial scrub
  • Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Floss
  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Makeup (this one particularly freaked me out)
  • Body Wash
  • Shaving lotion/foam
  • Deodorant (also scary to switch)
  • Heat protectant for my 3,000 pounds of hair
  • Lotion (I prefer body cream)
  • Laundry Detergent (assuming since all my clothes are touching my skin, this made sense to me)

Blessing in Young Living

I knew Young Living was supposed to be safe, but I looked up the ingredients anyway.

I couldn’t find anything that would harm me.

In fact, they were the only company I could find who didn’t spray their plants, hand-weeded, and didn’t add anything synthetic to their products, so all systems were a go for Essential Rewards!

Steve (the hubby) and I decided on our budget, figured out which of the products we could stretch (mostly all, as they’re super concentrated), and started in on building a new home like we’d done years ago, but this time we’d do it right.


When you don’t have the budget to buy every single thing in one fell swoop, your rise to normal is a slow progression.

Because of that, I just got used to feeling better without any of my prior symptoms returning.

It didn’t seem like anything miraculous when you’re not exactly in a stage of life where you can focus on yourself, either. Two little boys, a full-time job, friends, family…you get it.

Until one day, years later, I realized just how much better we had become.


Last year, for our ten year wedding anniversary, we took a trip to Boston and stayed at Cape Cod.

We had the cutest little beach house, and it was perfect, except for one thing: the second we walked in the house, we threw the windows open, put all their products under the sink, and after knocking down the intense fake fragrance smell, ran the diffuser like crazy.

We used the towels provided in our Air BNB, and I immediately smelled toxic laundry detergent/fabric softener.

I was nervous, but without any other option, I did what I had to do.

After two days, my skin was itchy, I felt all the symptoms of a yeast infection coming on, and my nose was stuffy.

I was using all of our own non-toxic products.

The only difference was the fragrance in the air and synthetic junk in our towels and sheets.

I had the hardest time sleeping on those sheets and woke well before sunrise just to get out of the bed and away from that intense headache-making smell.

Grateful for Fake Sensitivity

I realized how good I had it with Young Living’s toxin-free lifestyle that weekend.

I can’t believe what a huge shift it was in just a day or two.

Weirdly, I’m glad I had to go back to my old life for just a couple of days.

It hit home even more why my purpose for writing, teaching, and sharing the Young Living lifestyle matters so much.

It further lit my fire to bring this to you every day.

Fight for Your Family

When you’re ready to fight for your family, too, click here.

This will get you started.

I suggest the Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit with Essential Rewards.

The Desert Mist runs up to 10 hours, the Premium Starter Kit will let you ditch all your synthetic fragrances, and Essential Rewards will ensure you get $10 back for this great decision and money back each month as well.

Here are some ideas for what to order in your first months on Essential Rewards.

With your kit, I’ll send you an Essential Oils Reference Guide , and with your permission I’ll add you to our online community of learners where you’ll have access to tons of free resources, education, and like-minded friends learning just like you!

Like always, please email me at for help!

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Safest Dog Shampoo No ratings yet.

Safest Dog Shampoo

Mix all ingredients. Wash dog.

It’s THAT simple!

Hattie’s Experience

Toxins, additives, and synthetics in dog food, treats, and care products like dog shampoo are lessening our pets’ lifespans.

When we’re striving to live a toxin-free life, it’s important to remember our K9 friends as well.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to break the bank in order to get great pet care.

Dog Shampoos

While we live by the Furminator with our Siberian Husky, Hattie, we also have to give her a good scrub every now and again.

Thankfully, Young Living gives us an amazing, concentrated option where we can get three safe bottles in one with the AnimalScents Shampoo!

Simply get a foam pump bottle like this one, put a third of the bottle of shampoo in, filling the rest with water.

You can even add a little T-Away in there from our AnimalScents line if you’d like.

This blend will help calm your pup, which is great for dogs like ours, who tend to get stressed during a bath.

Our Husky, Hattie (and I) loved this easy DIY because it was thick enough to lather up in her thick fur, yet there was enough of it to wash her really well twice!

Hattie is a big dog.

She also likes to play in the dirt and mud with our boys and prefers to live outside in most weather, so she was extra filthy.

If you have a smaller dog, mainly inside you could get four or five washes out of this. Maybe more!

Best Part

The best part is knowing there weren’t any synthetic fragrances in either of our dog shampoos that could really harm our sweet pup.

The oils are only from Young Living, so we know they’re 100% safe for her.

Why buy oils anywhere else when Young Living is the only one that meets all of the following criteria: never sprays their plants, never adds synthetic fragrance, only 100% oils.

Get Oils Here

Not getting a 24% discount yet?

Not utilizing the 25% back on top of that with Essential Rewards?

Click here for help. 

This link will also be extremely useful in starting the journey.

Need step-by-step directions? Click here.

Take the very best care of your dog with the only synthetic and pesticide free shampoo with the safest ingredients available.
Take the very best care of your dog with the only synthetic and pesticide free shampoo with the safest ingredients available.

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How to REALLY Survive this School Year No ratings yet.

Want an easy school year?

Here’s a list of the MUST HAVES, especially during cold and flu season!

Need help getting these? Click here!

  1. All Things Thieves
  2. Mighty Pro
  3. MightyZymes
  4. MightyVites
  5. Thieves Hand Sanitizer (and a big bottle for the classroom, too)
  6. Raven
  7. Tranquil/SleepyIze/Cedarwood+Lavender + 10 hour diffuser
  8. GeneYus
  9. TummyGize
  10. Stress Away

Before I get into the details, I have to add a quick line about consistency. What your kids need most from these products is for you to use them consistently.

This goes against everything you’ve been taught in the “put-a-bandaid-on-it-antibiotic-over-the-counter-abused” world we live in, so I just need to make that my first and biggest encouragement to you.

It might feel weird at first, but once you see the huge difference toxin-free living makes, it’ll be second nature in no time!


It’s about so much more than just prevention.

When you get those infamous white dots in the back of your throat, your ears are hurting, snot is flowing, tummies are barfing, eyes are icky, fevers are raging…you name it, Thieves is your hero!

Thieves and living toxin-free through the YL Essential Rewards program will singlehandedly keep your home junk-free for years to come!

That means better gut health, which means stronger immune systems, which means less middle-of-the-night fevers, less makeup work from sick days, less stress…all that goodness starts with Thieves.

Did you know they have an entire Thieves line? 

Thieves Household Cleaner, for example, dilutes into 27 bottles and is scientifically proven to clean better than your endocrine-disrupting/throat-burning/immune-lowering store-bought junk! It literally replaces every cleaner in your home!

The rest of the Thieves line:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap (dilutes into 3 bottles)
  • Dish soap (dilutes into 12 bottles)
  • Dishwasher powder (dilutes into 2 bags)
  • Bar soap
  • Roller bottle (hello convenience!)
  • Laundry Detergent (dilutes into 3 bottles)
  • Toothpaste, mouthwash, floss (can dilute the mouthwash BIG time)
  • Cough drops + losenges
  • Fruit + Veggie Soak + Spray
  • Surface disinfectant spray + wipes

You don’t make that many products from this oil blend if it’s “only okay,” friends. This stuff is straight magic.

MIGHTY Pro, Zymes, +Vites

To keep it simple, you need gut health for overall wellness and core nutrients we can’t get from our food these days.

MightyPro is a stick pack that has both pre AND probiotics (“pro” needs to eat “pre” in order to be effective), and MightyZymes are great to have on hand when your kids (or you) needs extra help with digestion. Think school party junk, and you’ll know why you need MightyZymes.


Yeah, I just did an all Thieves section. This is just THAT important.

It’s THAT important you NEVER buy the store sanitizers.

I’m talking Threat Level Future Grandchildren here.

Other sanitizers seriously harm genital development and hormones. PLEASE get Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and make sure to grab some of the big bottles for your kids’ teachers!

Also, HELLO…did you see the promos this month? We get these little guys for free!

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.06.56 AM


My favorite tip: when you hear or see the first snot in your child’s face, RUN for the Raven.

Put one drop in your hand with four drops carrier (that’s just a fancy word for fatty oil like coconut, olive, grapeseed…you know) and rub it on their chest and back where their lungs are. For good measure go up their throat as well.

Do this often (or if you’d prefer pre-diluted, use SniffleEase) to keep coughs at bay!

You can diffuse this in their rooms at night, and pair it with Thieves on the bottoms of their feet (that Thieves roller would be AMAZING in the kids’ bedroom oil shelves!).


The two biggest mistakes I’ve made with my own kids during the school year is not getting enough sleep or water.

Both of these can lead to lower immune systems.

Check out this sleep chart from the National Sleep Foundation:

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.16.36 AM.png

Add water with a drop of YL lemon oil (no plastic bottles!) for during the school day.

Making sure they drink plenty of water in the morning and after school can help with a myriad of issues, especially with their tummy.

Keep in mind when you have your kids it’s likely their most (and sometimes only) opportunity for water.

Adding any of the oils for sleep (check your Essential Oils Reference Guide by Life Science Publishing) to your nighttime routine and diffusing with a ten hour diffuser (Desert Mist is my favorite!), will help everyone get the rest they need.

I also suggest turning the diffuser on before everyone leaves for the day on the 10 hour setting. If any germs are in there, you can kick them with the air purification properties of oils like Citrus Fresh or Lemon (both in the Premium Starter Kit)!


This KidScents pre-diluted oil is great diffused or rolled on before school.

I like to apply it directly from the bottle to the boys’ brain stem area and diffuse it while we’re learning during the day.

It helps keep them focused and on task.


If there’s ever an oil that saves me the most it’s TummyGize.

I can always know for certain that when their stomach is bothering them, a drop of TummyGize will have them feeling better within 5-10 minutes. Every. Single. Time.


Put a roller on top of this one or get the rollerbottle that’s premade like the Thieves one you see in the promo pictures. It just works.

The kids can take them to school and use it before a big test or presentation, you can use it before filling out the stacks of paperwork coming home, or when you’re trying to make it to all the places for every child within a half hour time period.

Stress leads to illness, and while we’re really never taught how to manage it, we have options when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of Young Living’s 100% toxin-free oils.

This is one great way to keep yourself and the kids together during this busy season of life.


The Young Living lifestyle isn’t a NICEity, it’s a NECESSITY.

Less expensive, safer, healthier…it’s a no-brainer!

Don’t have access to this true health and toxin-free lifestyle yet?

Don’t worry!

It’s really easy to start!

Your first step will be getting a Premium Starter Kit (this will let you immediately save $300 in the store and make shopping faster and easier!).

While you’re getting set up for your kit, Young Living gives you the opportunity to take part in something they call Essential Rewards.

It’s basically the best thing to come across this family financially in a long time.

Essential Rewards (or ER for short) gives you a percentage back (up to 25%) on each month’s purchases on things you’d buy for your family anyway, except every one of Young Living’s 600+ products are toxin-free, super concentrated (think Costo or Sams in small bottles), and work better than what you previously bought anywhere else.

You can take care of every facet of your home (cleaning, cooking, beauty, personal care, baby, kids, men, pets, nutrition, supplements, etc) through Young Living’s 25 years of  chemical-free living expertise.

Learn more here.


Ultimate School Survival List #graceblossomscom #essentialoils #youngliving #toxinfree.png



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