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Essential Rewards, an optional program offered to Young Living members is simple, but to make this decision even easier, here are the basics. 

Young Living's Essential Rewards Program #graceblossomsblog

Top 10 Essential Rewards Program  Facts 

If you’re not yet a member of Young Living and are not yet fully embracing the amazing toxin-free lifestyle, click here: Young Living Starter Kit.

1.) You have to spend at least $50 per month to keep enrolled in the program. 

This will replace the $50+ of toxic junk you bought at the store each month! 

*Did you know the average family spends between $100 and $300 per month on household, personal care, and “health” items?!

2.) This allows you to replacement buy.

Instead of the 15 toxic cleaners you use, get one bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner. Replace toxic makeup, with Savvy. Instead of  toxic lotions, get Lavender Hand and Body Lotion (or add your favorite oils  to your own DIY!). You get the point. 

3.) You get 10% back on your purchase months 1-3. 

If you spend $100 months 1-3, you will get $30 dollars back, which you can use to buy more toxin-free products your family needs. 

The $100 amount allows you to receive promotional gifts for around $10 per month. In the first three months, you’ll get $30+ in free product. That’s $60 in free product by the time you’ve changed over to a toxin-free life for three months only!


4.) You get 20% back on your purchases months 4-24. 

Months 4-24 spending $100 each month will give you $400 back, $200+ in free promotional gifts, and Thieves Vitality, Tea Tree, and the amazing, only available through Essential Rewards blend “Loyalty” during this time. 

I don’t know about you, but no store has ever done that for me!

5.) You get 25% back on your purchases months 25+. 

From then on, you’ll get 25% back on each monthly wellness box, and you’ll receive the Loyalty blend every twelve months as a thank you for being a loyal customer!

6.) Points to spend like cash.

The money you get back comes to you in the form of points that are stored in your Virtual Office (the place you’ll sign in when you want to order).

7.) “Quick Order” to redeem.

Those points can be spent in a Quick Order (in Virtual Office drop down menu) on all eligible items (there are blue flags that show you). 

8.) Free shipping program makes Essential Rewards so nice!

With YL Go and YL Go+(like Amazon Prime), you can get up to 36 shipments a year without paying for shipping!

This will save you hundreds of dollars! 

9.) Exclusive deals.

Essential Rewards brings you exclusive deals, discounts, and promotional items those who aren’t on ER won’t be eligible to receive. 

10.) Toxin-free living made easy.

The best part of Essential Rewards is that you will be able to completely shift from a reactive and toxic life to a proactive and clean life!

With Essential Rewards as your budgeting tool and access to free product, the road to toxin-free living will be so much easier than trying to fumble through on you own. Trust me…that’s how I started before I found Young Living, and I wish I would’ve started right away!

Final Thoughts

When I first began my Young Living journey toward wellness, I didn’t sign up for the Essential Rewards program. 

I wanted to see how much of “this stuff” I’d really end up ordering. 

My thought process was all wrong!

Why wouldn’t I trade out all the junk for the good, get money back, a discount, and special promotions?! 

None of the stores where I bought my toxic products from were doing that for me! 

Get Going

If you haven’t yet chosen the kit that’s right for you, the following are your options: 

1.) Premium Starter Kit Oils (you choose the diffuser). 

2.) Ningxia Starter Kit

3.) Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

4.) Thieves Starter Kit

5.) Customizable Kit : See lots of things you like but you don’t see them already bundled?

You’ll be spending a bit more if you go this route, since the starter kits give such great deals (i.e. Premium Starter Kit is over $300 worth of product for $160!), but you do have the option to choose “Basic Kit” from the customizable kit link above then click “Customize My Kit.”

Click here to make your choice and make sure to choose Essential Rewards once you’ve created your account!

BEST Decision Ever.

I can’t even begin to cover all the Premium Starter Kit and the Young Living products have done for our family, but I will say this: it was the best decision we’ve ever made for our health, and we are forever grateful for it! 

Ready to get going but need help? Email me anytime at I’d love to help you plan, answer any questions you might have, etc. 

Many blessings to you and yours!

Andrea 🙂 

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