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How to Utilize the Young Living Referral Program #graceblossomsblog #youngliving

Big Thank You!

Young Living loves when you share their products, but they make sure to thank you in a big way!

Every time someone you know is ready to get a Premium Starter Kit, you’ll give them your referral link.

(If you haven’t gotten your Starter Kit yet, click here: Young Living Starter Kit)

Young Living sends you a $50 thank you check for being a part of their referral program.

How great is that?!

Earn Free Oils

Since there’s no limit to how many people you can refer, you can continue to earn that $50 check every time.

This means you can use that money to get free oils and products, pay for gas this month, or even go out to dinner for free just for helping someone live above the line of wellness!

Make sure get in touch with your closest business builder to help you understand all of this more. Such a fun way to serve others!

Your Responsibility

What if you’re new and aren’t ready to walk someone else through Young Living, oils, and toxin-free living?

No problem!

Your only job when you help someone get their kit is to connect them with the person closest to you who is doing this as a business.

I like to encourage two must-do activities.

  1. Add them to the oily community page your business leader has built. For example, if you’re under our leader, our page is Life + Oils.
  2. Send a quick Facebook message, email, or text connecting the person you just helped and the business leader. Just let them know this person is new to Young Living and will need some support. This removes you from the role of teacher and passes it on to someone who is well-versed in all things Young Living.

Business Opportunity

If you find yourself earning more than you thought you would, don’t be surprised!

You may, however want to look into the business opportunity.

Talk to your closest business builder to hear how they earn their extra income and never pays for their oily products!

There are a ton of resources, but the truth is that these oils sell themselves because of their purity and overall quality.

It never hurts to hear how this can work for you.


How to Get Your Link

You can watch this video to see the two different ways you can get your link.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about earning a little or a lot, start with hosting a class.

No, you don’t have to teach it.

Just ask your closest business leader to come teach for the people you care about.

That’s it.

When I am asked to teach for someone, I always share your link at the end of the class so you are earning the Thank You check. You get a thank you. I build my business. It’s a win-win for us both.

Classes are so good whether you’re looking to build a big business or just learn more. They can be tailored to certain topics or even give an overall view of how great Young Living can be.

If you’re still looking to get started and want to join a team with leaders who will serve you well,  click here.

Many Blessings!


Executive Leader and Educator at Young Living

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