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Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

Canker Sore GONE Naturally

We’ve had the best relief from a canker sore naturally with this quick and simple remedy.

It’s saving us a ton with each healing only costing around fifty cents!

Simplest Option

We grab a little organic coconut oil (in a glass jar like this one) and put one drop of Thieves essential oil blend in it.

Thieves is what we call a “hot” oil, so it needs to be diluted.

The standard rule is around 4 drops carrier (what we’ll call the coconut oil) to one drop essential oil.

Be Consistent!

The same way we don’t exercise once and assume we’re at our goal weight, we don’t put one drop on the sore and expect a miracle.

You may, however, notice it shrinks noticeably.

Don’t stop applying!

We find we need to apply it around four times to get rid of it, but we have also been pesticide and synthetic-free for almost four years.

Nutritional Options that ROCK

We get canker sores for a reason, right?

Since we’re all about digging to the root and attacking that rather than just putting a bandaid on the symptom, we add Inner Defense to our wellness arsenal.

Inner Defense is a capsule with Clove, Thyme, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark oils in it.

These oils are all measured out in such a way that packs the best punch.

We are always successful knocking out the root cause of a canker sore with Inner Defense!

Oral Care

Two other amazing ways we fight back against the canker sores that pop up from time to time is by creating a healthy environment in our mouths.

Thieves Spray (in the Premium Starter Kit!) and Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash (here) are two unbelievable strong defenses against canker sores in our home.

Even better?

In my oily tribe Facebook page (for my members–I love you so!!), we have a fantastic hack to dilute the super concentrated mouthwash and the spray to get them to stretch and work just as well!

Final Thoughts

Skip the over-the-counter $18 tiny tube of side effects!

Why waste your money on something like that?

You can only use it for one specific use and for a certain amount of time before it expires.

Even worse, those products only tear down your body with synthetic ingredients.

With Young Living products, there so many uses and you’re strengthening your body.

This way you not only overcome this issue, but also to create a stronger immune system the next time a germ is lurking!

Get started on your Young Living pesticide and synthetics-free life here!

You’ll get immediate access into our oily education tribe and you’ll be sent a free essential oils reference guide app so you know just how to use all your oils and what to use when!

Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

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