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Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally is so simple, I can’t believe we haven’t been doing this all along!

I hope this article encourages and leads you to a more natural option even if you’re not fully convinced just yet to ditch the harmful fever reducers.

*Disclaimer: Because of pesticides and/or synthetics in every other oil brand, I can only in good conscience recommend Young Living, who never sprays, but instead hand weeds and allows you on their farms all over the world to see for yourself. No one else offers this.


In your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll find one of the most complete oils: Peppermint.

In four drops of a carrier like this one, we put Peppermint on the bottoms of our feet and along our spine.

We do this every fifteen minutes until our temperature is at a more comfortable level.

The last time I did it, I brought my child’s 104 degree fever to 101 in an hour.

By that time, he could get to sleep comfortably.

The next morning, he was up running and playing!

Because fever is one of the most powerful healing responses of the human body, we don’t want to take it away, but we instead want to protect our brain and help soothe and comfort.

We love the gradual cooling Young Living’s Peppermint provides.

Plow & Hearth

2. Vitality Water

Create your own electrolyte drink without the sugar (immune suppressing), dye, and preservatives.

Young Living’s Vitality Drops have naturally occurring electrolytes from the Great Salt Lake to keep you hydrated.

Not only that, but have you tasted these?


**Pro Tip: Glass only.

3. Spine Power!

Lemon and Frankincense, both in the Premium Starter Kit, are two we add to carrier along the spine.

We apply them to the spine because of how many nerves there are along this area of the body and the two carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries found there.

This means better absorption and that the oils are carried better throughout the bloodstream with that kind of artery power behind it pumping from the heart through the body.

Frankincense is a huge support in immune boosting and Lemon is lovely for supporting a detox of all the junk our body is trying to fight.

4. Get to the Root

Oil blends like ImmuPower and nutritionals like Super C Chewables, we are able to work on the root of the problem through a serious support of the body.

Instead of breaking down the gut, where a lot of our immune system is housed, we build up the body with Young Living oils and oil-infused supplements.

Better yet, we’re not destroying our gut health as we work toward bringing our body back up above the line of wellness, so our immune system doesn’t take a huge hit like it does with antibiotics.

Batteries Plus


Be consistent when trying to lower a fever.

Stay hydrated, well rested, and put the oils on often throughout the day.

Follow the directions on your supplements.

Use your oils a lot.

Feel better.

It’s a simple as that.

The more we stray from gut-harming medicines and focus on the building and supporting of our immune system instead, we’ll find issues like fever are much easier to handle.

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally are so simple, much more cost-effective, and don't harm your vital organs like all other fever reducers.

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