How I Stopped Chronic Sinus Pain Naturally

How I stopped chronic sinusitis without prescriptions.

The Vicious Sinus Cycle

For fifteen years I fought sinus infections.

At first it was a couple times per year.

Then once every few months.

Finally, one every month with swollen lymph nodes in my neck, ear infections, eye infections, cough, congestion, migraines.

Through it all, one thing never made sense:

If what the doctors gave me actually helped, then why was I getting worse?


In the beginning I was a Young Living member to protect my family, especially our three-year-old (at the time) cancer survivor.

Then I realized there was this whole Essential Oils Reference Guide Book with natural support ideas using the oils for things like sinusitis among many other issues we face.

It also helped me trade all the store-bought toxins for safe options.

I realized that this book held the answer to my years of painful sinus infections.

Step 1: Toxin-Free

The biggest lesson here is to stop thinking like the world and think proactive health instead.

I made a list of all the non-Young Living products in my home I needed to ditch to switch for true safety in my Essential Rewards orders.

Laundry, fragrances (candles, plugins, perfume, etc), cleaners, makeup, soaps and shampoos were just the start.

We took it at our pace within the family budget, and over time, we found toxin-free was liberating.

Suddenly, I noticed the sinus infections occurring less frequently, but they still weren’t completely gone.

Step 2: Natural Sinus Remedies

I use this Neti Pot with the reverse osmosis from this system we installed, saline solution, and one drop of Tea Tree with one drop of Rosemary oils.

This has been a weird transition, yet one of the best things I’ve done for my sinuses since going toxin-free.

Whenever I feel a little pressure, I know I can clear up any issues within minutes.

PanAway and M-Grain blends are fantastic directly over the sinus area and on the brain stem if headache sets in first.

The Lymphatic Draining process is also super helpful to move the process right along.

Need Young Living Oils/Simple Chemical-Free Living?

Click here for help. This link will also be extremely helpful in starting the journey.

Need step-by-step directions? Click here.

This will change your life for the better. Once this lifestyle is implemented, your body will thank you.


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