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How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

How We Got Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics

How we got rid of strep without antibiotics was an interesting and unexpected turn of events.

I’d been a Young Living member for a year or so at the time, but I’d also been trained that when your kid was sick, you ran them to the doctor fast.

The strep test was positive.

The antibiotics were administered, but my son had a horrible case of hives with his last antibiotic.

A different one was given to us assuring us this one should be fine.


The timing was rough because we were heading out of town the next day.

After the first dose, we saw the hives.

We were on the road, and he was miserable.

More and more popped up left and right.

I made the decision to stop the antibiotics right then and there. We could not go through the same horrible time we had the last time.

What Could I Do?

We were already so far from home, and I wouldn’t be able to get meds until we got out of the hills and found a pharmacy.

Until then, I had this sick little guy who was supposed to be half-way better by then, and I had to do something.


I’d heard so many stories of what people had used Thieves Essential Oil for, and I always traveled with my oils.

So, I gave him a drop of Thieves in some honey we picked up.

The next hour, I gave him another drop. And then again and again.

I kept giving him water (and pulling over for lots of potty breaks) with a drop of Lemon essential oil in it.

The Switch

By the time we made it to the hotel and got settled in, I noticed he was feeling much better.

He said his throat didn’t hurt as much, and I noticed less white spots in his throat.

I thought what I saw couldn’t be true, but I decided I’d hold off on calling the doc. and keep giving him Thieves until the next day (Monday morning).

All the Help

I diffused Thieves and Eucalyptus in the hotel all night.

Continued to give him Thieves oil in honey hourly except for when he slept.

Put Frankincense and Lemon in carrier oil on his spine.

Kept him hydrated with water and lemon oil in his glass water bottle.

The Next Morning

What I saw the next morning blew my mind.

I could only see a couple of spots, but no one could miss my very energetic little boy!

I backed off on the Thieves to only every three hours in honey.

I continued to do Frankincense and Lemon 4 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil (one Frank and one Lemon) on his spine.

Continued to make sure he drank lots of water with lemon essential oil in it.

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How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

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