Essential Rewards Shopping List By Month

What to Order Each Month on Essential Rewards #graceblossoms #essentialrewards #essentialoils #youngliving #nongmo



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Month 3: Essential Rewards

What to Order Each Month on Essential Rewards #graceblossoms #essentialrewards #essentialoils #youngliving #nongmo

Let’s Shop!

(If you’re seeing this post and haven’t gotten your toxin-free, nonGMO kit yet, click here: Young Living Starter Kit )

Month 3 Essential Rewards Order

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Month 4: Essential Rewards Shopping List

What to Order Each Month on Essential Rewards #graceblossoms #essentialrewards #essentialoils #youngliving #nongmo

Let’s Shop!

You’ve already saved over $300 in your first month, just by getting your Premium Starter Kit. 

(If you haven’t gotten yours yet, click here: Young Living Starter Kit. Make sure to choose Essential Rewards and go back to month 2, so you know what to fill your cart with as you get started!)

Month 4: Personal Care

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NingXia Red: Anti-Aging Superfruit

I’ve never seen anyone talk about a wellness supplement like NingXia Red before.

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Lymphatic Wellness Routine for Kids

It all started one day, right at the beginning of our toxin-free journey, when the lymph nodes in my neck were scary-big.

I was a frequent sinus infection sufferer and had worked my way up to being miserable at least once a month, but this time was different.

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SniffleEase #graceblossomsblog #SniffleEase #youngliving #essentialoils #kids #respiratory

The Problem

Your kid starts what you know will lead to weeks of hacking, running to the drug store, getting to the doctor, shoving {harmful and pointless} colored liquids down his/her throat all for little to no improvement until two to three weeks, when it passes.

“The Sniffle.”

I don’t know about you, but I cringe every time I hear that first sniffle because so much can come with such a little sound.

The Solution

The best action we can take as parents is quick action.

Not to grab the nearest synthetic OTC off the shelf, but to instead support your child’s body as fast as possible, so it can go into defense mode and start waging its own war on whatever has invaded your little one’s body.

Get your nonGMO first line of defense here: Young Living Starter Kit

We love to use SniffleEase at the first sign of a sniffle, especially the way kids are with sniffing instead of blowing their noses.

We have to get in there and help defend that precious respiratory system STAT!

SniffleEase is a rejuvenating and refreshing blend formulated just for kids that will get them headed in the right direction–wellness–in no time!


The best part about having the KidScents line added to your Essential Rewards wellness box is that you’ll have a wonderful and convenient addition to your wellness arsenal at all times.

What makes it so easy to use is the fact that it is pre-diluted, which means that it is ready to go as soon as you crack open the bottle.

We like to keep the KidScents oils in the boys’ bedrooms on special oil shelves (our boys are 5 and 7 as I write this), so they are on hand any time (especially during the night).

How to Use

Take a couple of drops and rub it clockwise on their little chest/airways. I like to also add some to their back where their lungs are.

Cup your hands and show them how to breathe deeply, so they can have this unique blend going through their nasal passages as well for added support.

For littler ones, they can breathe it in off your cupped hands, but for someone like my seven-year-old, I would add a drop to his own hands and let him rub his hands back and forth then breathe deeply.

He’ll even rub it on his pillowcase before bed, so he can keep breathing it in throughout the night.

What About Infants

I get this question all the time: What if I have a baby? How do I know what to do? 

Please remember that you’ll need to find a Young Living specific resource since our oils are the safest on the planet and can’t be compared apples-to-apples with any others.

Please also watch out for people who sound more fear-mongering than helpful.

Staying on sites like Young Living’s blog with help keep you grounded and confident in your oil usage.

This is what the Young Living blog gives us about using oils in the nursery:

Diluting Oils in the Nursery Young Living #youngliving #graceblossoms #babies #essentialoils

Guidelines to Oils in the Nursery Young Living #graceblossoms #youngliving #essentialoils #babies

Oils with Caution in Nursery Young Living #essentialoils #youngliving #graceblossoms #babies

Final Thoughts

Getting your Premium Starter Kit is the biggest health decision of your life. Getting on Essential Rewards is the second. (Click either of those two links to read more about each!)

This means you’re choosing a life of nonGMO wellness for your family.

You’re choosing to always have an answer.

A support for your body to do what it was designed to do: be well.

Adding SniffleEase and the entire KidScents line is setting your child’s cells up for success.

We work so hard as parents and grandparents to train their brains for success, but rarely are we looking to our products and solutions for wellness as a part of that equation.

Young Living changes that mindset to one of staying above the line of wellness.

A life of proactive living instead of reactive.

I hope this has blessed you like it has our family!


Dragon Time: Tame Your Inner Dragon

Dragon Time #tame #dragon #youngliving #graceblossomsblog #essentialoils #pms #periods

The Problem

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Slique Essence: Beat Sugar Cravings

Beat Sugar Cravings Naturally #pinterest #graceblossoms #essentialoils #youngliving #diy #easy #weightloss

The Problem

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Shower Gel Base

safe shower gel base #graceblossomsblog #youngliving #essentialoils #essentialrewards #shower #bath #selfcare #showergel #diy

The Problem

The sketchy chemicals disrupting our endocrine system (hello, crazy hormones!), harming our organs and even our brain is disturbing on so many levels.

What happens when your shower gel and soaps ring up over a 1 on

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Toxin-Free Mascara

“You Don’t Even Know”

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You are your home’s shield.


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Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards, an optional program offered to Young Living members is simple, but to make this decision even easier, here are the basics.  Continue reading “Essential Rewards”

Toxin-Free Guide Sink Scrubs

It is unsettling how toxic sink scrubs are!

Thankfully, there’s a simple answer.  Continue reading “Toxin-Free Guide Sink Scrubs”

Customer Review: Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

For years I assumed that the pain relief creams on the market were safe.

How else could they make their way into my town’s grocery?

I was surprised by what I found.

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Why is Everyone Talking About Young Living?

Is it just hype? A fad?

Everyone and their brother offers “essential oils,” so why should we even care about Young Living?

Aren’t they one of those MLM things?

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How to Utilize the Young Living Referral Program

How to Utilize the Young Living Referral Program #graceblossomsblog #youngliving

Big Thank You!

Young Living loves when you share their products, but they make sure to thank you in a big way!

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Is Your Home Toxic? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Is your home toxic? 1


Customer Review: Lavender Mint Conditioner

Lavender Mint Conditioner: A Customer's Review 1

Lavender Mint Daily Conditioner is an invigorating daily moisture blend created to be suitable for all hair types.

(If you still need to get your 24% discount, click here: Young Living Starter Kit)

Here’s what we really think about it.

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