2 Step DIY Non-Toxic Baby Powder

Had I known how easy and cheap making my own baby powder was, I would’ve started this a long time ago!

Currently our choices are doom and gloom or pay through the nose for a few ounces of the stuff.

I call shenanigans!

At first I didn’t though. I wondered, if it’s so cheap to make, then why is all the “good stuff” at the store so expensive?Β 

There’s no better way than trying it myself. I found no good reason other than greed to mark organic baby powder as high as it is.

It’s so easy, cheap, and good to DIY that it’s one of my new favorites!

Why use baby powder with no babies in the house?

1.) Big boy stinky shoes (of which range in age from our youngest at 4 to my husband at 34!)

2.) Moisture absorber with my DIY deodorant

3.) Soft skin after shaving

4.) Dry shampoo

5.) Removes sand at the beach

6.) Keeps ants away

7.) Eyelash plumper

8.) Pet shampoo

9.) Removes grease stains

10.) Untangles necklaces

11.) Makes rubber gloves easier to get on/off

12.) Makes pumpkin carving easier (see the punched holes better!)

13.) Knocking hair off the boys’ shoulders after Momma cuts their hair

14.) Keeps sheets cool on hot nights

15.) Keeps playing cards from sticking together

16.) Takes squeaks out of hardwoods

17.) Sets makeup

18.) Keeps rabbits out of the garden

19.) Keeps pests out of garbage (they don’t like the feel of it on their paws)

20.) Protects hands from blisters and gets a better grip on gardening sheers

Current situation:

Option 1: Buy cheap.

*lung damage

*shortness of breath


*obstruction of airways





SERIOUSLY? If we’re on a budget these are our options!?

Option 2: Pay up, Buttercup

The powder scoring a “2” is $17.28 for 2.5 ounces. TWO and a HALF OUNCES!? WHAAA?!

Option 3: Mix together the following recipe

*Non-toxic, real ingredients for a fraction of the cost? SOLD!

10 drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil (or your favorite scent/benefit!)
Mix together and store in a glass jarΒ and enjoy!

Benefits from using Option 3:


*Cost effective

*Simple to make

*Softer than other baby powders I have used

*Benefits of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

With so many benefits and uses, it looks like our DIY baby powder is a keeper!

My hope is that it will serve you as well as it does our family!


Andrea πŸ™‚

2 Step DIY Non-Toxic Baby Powder.png

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