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A quick overview of both yearly and daily schedule that's so simple I can't believe we didn't start this as soon as we began homeschool!

Homeschool Schedule

One reason homeschool is so amazing is because you can make it fit your family.

There are so many ways to do it.

I would love to encourage you to take what you can apply from our schedule and leave behind what doesn’t work for you.


We chose year-round schooling because of a belief cultivated from eleven years of being an educator myself in the public school system.

It never made any sense to me how we ever came up with summer break, honestly.

With the huge learning gaps that happen over the summer, it never seemed like the best way to learn.

It also didn’t leave much wiggle room for travel, which is something our family loves to do.

Instead, we homeschool four weeks and then take one week off.

One blissful week every fifth week where we do whatever we want, get caught up around the house, and play games like crazy.

It’s been one of the best things to happen to our school year!

Daily Schedule

We do an every other day schedule where we only learn half the subjects each day.

I decided to do this after reflecting upon my student teaching assignment in a rural public school where we did what they call “block scheduling.”

Basically, we split our learning in half with the ability to dig into the subjects we’re doing each day for as long as we need without feeling rushed.

I plan everything in my high performance planner because I also fit time to write and running my business into our day .

Mondays and Wednesdays we do Math, Science, and Music.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we do Language Arts (Readers and Writer’s Workshop, handwriting, spelling), History/Geography, and Art.

We love it because there’s so much time for the kids to play and experience all the learning that happens outside of books.

This leaves extra time to be outdoors hiking, building, taking lessons in specific sports, or exploring something new to learn.


We put our field trip and service days on Friday.

Fridays are good to run to a museum, the zoo, drive somewhere further, or even do some world-schooling long weekends with the whole family.

Simply Put…

We love this schedule.

It’s so relaxed.

It allows time for the boys to really soak up their childhood.

To grow in other areas outside of what books alone can teach them.

It lets them see their books’ material in real life a lot of times.

My favorite part is the ability to seek out unique learning opportunities outside the home.

What’s your favorite homeschool schedule? I’d love to hear about your school day in the comments!

A quick overview of both yearly and daily schedule that's so simple I can't believe we didn't start this as soon as we began homeschool!

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