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The best toxin-free hand and body lotion options that you'll absolutely love. Both lock in moisture and make your skin feel great!

Best Hand and Body Lotion Ever

These best, toxin-free hand and body lotion options ever will rock your world!

There are only two places where you can find truly safe options.

You’ll love them!

Goumi Kids

Safe Answers

Option 1: Trusted Toxin-Free Source

There are many lotions from Young Living that we love!

The best part?

There are options for adults, kids, and babies!

The following are wonderful choices for adults:

1.) Genesis Hand and Body Lotion

2.) Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

3.) Regenolone Moisturizing Cream

4.) Sensation Lotion

Sam's Club

For kids:

1.) KidScents Lotion

For babies:

1.) Seedlings Baby Lotion

Option 2: My Favorite DIY

The DIY recipe I love the most is below.

I choose it and Young Living lotions over anything I can buy in-store.

I know I use the only pesticide free essential oils and I can choose the combination of oils to make the smell and effect I like.

With in-store lotions, I’m getting scary synthetic versions of oils that do more harm than good, so to me, it’s worth it.



3/4 C Jojoba Oil

1/4 C Mango Butter

3 TBS Beeswax

3/4 C warm water

20 drops pesticide and synthetic-free Lavender Essential Oil


Melt jojoba, mango butter, and beeswax together.

Add to mixer.

Add water and blend, whipping until completely mixed.

Stir in Lavender.

Refrigerate 1/2 hour or until desired consistency is achieved.

How to Get Young Living in Your Life

You’ll notice I write about Young Living being the only brand I’ll trust.

You can always trust this as the only source of pesticide-free oils because of the Seed to Seal promise.

Read more about how our family called on Young Living to live toxin free here.

Final Thoughts

Lotion matters.

We make our skin youthful with lotion and body butters, but only if we aren’t pouring toxins into our bodies when we use it!

The best toxin-free hand and body lotion options that you'll absolutely love. Both lock in moisture and make your skin feel great!

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26 Replies to “Best Hand and Body Lotion Ever”

  1. Oh my! The sad part is on that list of lotions to avoid – some of those claim to be organic! It’s funny, because, when you’re describing how to make the lotion – I feel like I could actually envision what your lotion would SMELL like! And….well, I’m liking it! This sounds like a DIY I will definitely try out 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I’m always looking for non toxic products. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m definitely going to make this lotion.

  3. This sounds fantastic! I haven’t ventured into the world of DIY lotions yet, but I love how simple and easy this looks. Despite all the patience testing!

    1. I use the DIY dish soap on this blog! It’s the best! My husband did ask that I use food in one blender and DIYs in another, so we have a cheap little blender for DIYs now 😉

  4. I was patient but it never turned to whipped consistency like your pic. Added it to the jars and stuck in fridge. Hoping it whips up a bit more. I did add Shea butter since I didn’t have the Mango. He that didn’t ruin it. Also only had 1/2 cup of jojoba so I added 1/4 of grape seed.

    1. Hi, Allyson! I’m sorry! It’s possible the different oils made a change in consistency. I wonder–do you like the feel of the lotion the way that it is? Does it still moisturize as well with the other oils instead of my recipe? If so, maybe not a total loss then? I hope!! <3

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