Most Powerful Immune Boosts No ratings yet.

Most Powerful Immune Boosts
The most powerful immune boosts on the market might surprise you, and what you're using now could be lowering your immune system.

Most Powerful Immune Boosts

Where can you find the most powerful immune boosts?

1.DITCH Lysol/Disinfectant Cleaners SWITCH to Thieves Household Cleaner

  • Lysol and those like it are super dangerous and lower your immune function immensely
  • Lysol is a pesticide
  • Thieves Household Cleaner has zero pesticides
  • It kills 99.96% of germs
  • Thieves Household Cleaner dilutes to be around seventy five cents per bottle

2. DITCH Store Sanitizers SWITCH to Thieves Hand Sanitizer

  • Store sanitizers harm genital growth and function
  • Store sanitizers are drying and harm your hormones/endocrine disruptors
  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer has zero pesticides or body-harming ingredients
  • It boosts immune and respiratory system
  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs

3. DITCH “Vitamin C” OTCs SWITCH to Thieves Essential Oil, Super C

  • The most popular Vitamin C OTC has 7g sugar (hugely immune lowering)
  • Vitamin C OTCs have coloring and “natural flavoring,” which is code for not real in the least
  • Vitamin C OTCs have synthetic flavoring. Your body isn’t synthetic.
  • Vitamin C OTCs have corn syrup solids (um…no thanks)
  • Thieves essential oil blend kills bad bacteria and leaves the good. Put it in a capsule or in your favorite tea for a real immune boost
  • Super C is a Young Living essential oil-infused supplement.

4. Sleep Exercise, Organic Fruit + Veggies + Thieves F+V Soak!

The first two are easy to understand. What’s up with this Fruit and Veggie Soak, though?

  • Organic fruits and veggies gassed with carcinogenic preservatives
  • You can literally see these in the water after using Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak
  • The wash stretches super far and lasts a good, long time saving your health and money

5. DITCH Store-Bought Hand Soaps SWITCH to Thieves Hand Soap

  • Store-bought hand soaps kill all germs, even good
  • They have synthetics, which lowers immune function
  • Store-bought hand soaps have fragrance, which lowers immune function
  • Thieves Hand Soap kills the bad and keeps the good.
  • Thieves Hand Soap has zero pesticides, fragrance, or synthetics

6. Minimize Stress

Stress affects the immune system.

Thankfully, there are a ton of Young Living options for reducing stress.

  • Stress Away, Peace & Calming, and Lavender in the Premium Starter Kit work within your amygdala to literally reduce stress
  • Pray. Lay your cares at the feet of Jesus. I cannot stress this enough as a mama who has had to do this plenty of times!
  • Breathing and exercise

7. DITCH Store-Bought Elderberry SWITCH to Organic and Pesticide-Free


I cannot stress this enough.

Fragrance is one of the scariest chemicals in our homes, and we don’t even know it.

  • Fragrance damages your endocrine system
  • You need a strong endocrine system to have a strong immune system

9. Unscented + Fragrance Free MYTHS

  • Unscented is a term for adding fragrance-masking chemicals.
  • Fragrance-Free is a term for using fragrance for something other than odor.
  • See #8 for why these don’t fit the bill for immune boosting lifestyle

10. Boost Water with Lemon Essential Oil + Vitality Drops

  • Lemon oil (also in the Premium Starter Kit!) is flushing.
  • It’s immune boosting
  • Lemon oil is from the rind. It has a neutral pH and never damages tooth enamel.
  • Vitality Drops will help replace lost electrolytes and make your water taste amazing!
  • Young Living is the only company not spraying any of their plants with pesticides, which get into your bloodstream and wreak havoc. Thank you, God for Young Living!

Final Thoughts

The best way to make these switches is to grab a Premium Starter Kit and utilize Essential Rewards to your ultimate benefit.

This will help you take a huge leap toward a strong immune system.

Make sure to choose Essential Rewards. You will be able to ditch and switch the scary cleaners, personal care products, and fragrances!

Essential Rewards will give you a percentage of each purchase back in points to spend like cash on other safe products you need from Young Living.

This means you are able to completely outfit your family’s health and home with Young Living with most of it being for free.

I can’t wait to hear how these simple switches absolutely transform your home from good to great!

The most powerful immune boosts on the market might surprise you, and what you're using now could be lowering your immune system.

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Young Living March 2020 Promotions! No ratings yet.

Young Living March 2020 Promos
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

Young Living March 2020 Promotions!

Young Living March 2020 Promotions are amazing.

You’re going to love them!

Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.


Can we just pause for a moment and look at how cute that bag is?!

How perfect for spring!

I am excited to give mine to the first new member signing up with their Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards using this link in March!


Valor is commonly referred to as a chiropractor in a bottle.

While I’d never trade it out for an actual chiropractor all together, it has gotten me through some rough times for sure.

This is also an amazing oil to help your emotions and bring courage.


Clarity is one of my favorites!

It helps me stay focused and gives me a little energy boost.

I also like to rub it on my temples if I feel the start of a headache coming on.


JuvaFlex provides liver support.

It is said that the liver is where we store anger and hate.

Whether you believe that or not, we can all agree it’s a super important part of our health, and we must take great care of it.

JuvaFlex in a veggie capsule will be so kind to your liver and therefore your overall health!

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby is great for your skin, calming your emotions, and will be something I use on my “mama marks” for sure when my free bottle arrives in a few days!

Thinking of Getting a Premium Starter Kit?

This is your month!

With each new member’s Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards combo in March, you’ll get the free bottle of Valor promotion plus a free bottle of Lavender lotion!

That’s just one more quick ditch and switch to a safe product right away!

Know Friends in Need?

When you share with two friends this month, Young Living will give you a $100 thank you check and a 15mL bottle of Dream Catcher.

When you share with four friends, Young Living will give you a $200 thank you check, and you’ll get a lava bead bracelet and special Celebration blend.

Think about it.

You help four new families have four generations of health and wellness and you get a big thank you.

How amazing is that?

Plow & Hearth

Not a Member Yet?

Click here and get your Premium Starter Kit with Essential Rewards.

Remember, you’ll get a free bottle of Valor and a free bottle of Lavender lotion as a welcome!

Final Thoughts

I love how Young Living goes out of their way to do these wonderful things for us.

Incentives are fun, but knowing you’re helping families learn about the only pesticide and synthetic free way of living is such a gift!

Thank you, Young Living for being the best of the best!
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

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Traveling During Cold + Flu Season No ratings yet.

Traveling During Cold and Flu Season
Traveling tips during cold and flu season and walking away unscathed is much easier than you may think. Here we share our best wellness tips.

Traveling During Cold and Flu Season

This family of ours loves travel, and my husband has to do it often for work, so traveling during cold and flu season happens to be our specialty.

It can be simple and super low-cost.

This works for us every time.

Preemptively Strike and then Keep Attacking

Boost your immune system before, during, and after you travel.

Here are our top body boosters we never leave home without:

Plow & Hearth

The Trip There

Will you be around a lot of other people who don’t live in your home on the way there?

If so, this little trick is amazing.

Mix a bit of Rose Ointment (a very small amount goes a really long way!) and 1 drop Thieves essential oil.

Rub around the outside of your nostrils to help block airborne germs.


Store-bought sanitizers actually lower your immune system function and destroy your hormones.

Skip it.

Instead, stock up on Thieves Hand Sanitizer.

It kills 99.99% of germs, supports your immune and respiratory system, and leaves those beautiful hormones alone.


The little ones here fit into all those cute little travel holders like this one (who even knew they had something like this?!).

The New Digs

Wherever you stay, set up like you’re ready to do battle.

  • Diffuser with Thieves ready to go
  • Hand Soap, shampoo, body wash, etc. from Young Living (everything else is synthetic and lowers immune function) or invest in the Bon Voyage Travel Pack here–we love ours!
  • Raven roller next to your night stand
  • Inner Defense next to your night stand
  • Plenty of water for your glass water bottle
  • Lemon essential oil

Coming Home

Changing clothes and showering as soon as you get home will help reduce the germs that linger on clothes and hair.

Get your diffuser going, take an Inner Defense, drink some lemon water or add some of the Vitality Drops to your water, and turn in early so you can let your body recover from your time away from home.

The next day or two, follow up with continued diffusing and taking Thieves in a capsule, honey, or in Thieves tea.

Gaiam Wholesale Program

Final Thoughts

Traveling with Young Living means you can enjoy your trip and your time settling back in at home after your time away.

It’s such a relief to know that we don’t have to feel panicky or nervous about travel during the sickest times of the year.

We have the only pesticide and synthetic free way of life boosting our bodies!

And that is something for which our family is forever grateful.

Don’t have the Young Living lifestyle in your home yet?

With over 600 lifestyle products, you’ll be completely covered and your wallet will thank you, too since the concentrated products provide a much more frugal and safer lifestyle than shopping in store.

Follow this link to get your fresh start.

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Traveling tips during cold and flu season and walking away unscathed is much easier than you may think. Here we share our best wellness tips.

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How We ATTACK Cough & Congestion No ratings yet.

How we Attack Cough and Congestion
How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you because of how easy it is, but here it is: our fool-proof way to feeling better fast.

How We ATTACK Cough & Congestion

How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you.

We never go to the store, and we’re never given prescriptions.

But this works better than anything we’ve ever tried.

Sam's Club

Supported Lungs

The only pesticide-free essential oils available are all over our home.

We call this our “wellness arsenal” because we believe God made us to be well and created plants for us to use to this end.

The Premium Starter Kit was how we got our family’s start with supporting our lungs.

Taking away all fragrance, cleaners, and replacing them with Young Living’s safe products made a world of difference.

Life and Home

Oils We Use

Raven from the Premium Starter Kit is where it’s at when we have cough and nasty congestion.

We put one drop of Raven in four drops carrier (fatty oil like avocado, olive, coconut, etc) and rub it over our lungs and throat.

Since consistency is key here, we’ll make a big batch of it and set a timer on our phone or Alexa to remind us.

Lymphatic Drainage

Okay, the name is gross, but goodness does this work!

Here are the simple directions.


Lemon from the Premium Starter Kit is super helpful in our reverse osmosis water.

We sip on this in glass only (no one wants to drink petrochemicals from plastic!), and make sure we keep up with this hydration process to help flush all the ickiness out of our system.

Nutritional Supplements

Our biggest successes came when we ditched the drug mindset and adopted a supplement/wellness way of thinking.

What is at the root of this cough and congestion?

Why bandage something without taking care of the cause first?

That’s why we always keep Inner Defense in the house and add it to our Essential Rewards order if we even come close to running out.

The oils in this capsule are a sure fire way to get us feeling better fast.

Neti Pot

Okay, I know what you might be thinking.

And believe me. I feel you.

I have my own love-hate relationship with my Neti-Pot, but let me tell you what.

When you put a drop of Rosemary and a drop of Tea Tree into your solution, the results are unbelievable.

Pro Tip: Use only reverse osmosis water and boil it in a lead-free kettle for optimal safety.

Safe Cough Drops

Dyes, synthetics, and pesticides are doing us zero favors.

Instead, try Young Living’s cough drops or make your own with Thieves and Lemon essential oils from your Premium Starter Kit.

They work amazingly well without anything harming your body while you’re trying to feel better.

Soothe Your Throat

Thieves tea is my jam, y’all.

Steep your favorite organic tea (though I still think Cinnamon tastes best with these oils!).

This helps us break up our congestion.

Then sip to soothe a scratchy throat and enjoy.

Remake as often as needed.

Thieves Tea

  1. Steep tea
  2. Add 1 drop Thieves, 1 drop Peppermint, 1 drop Frankincense, 1 drop Copaiba, 1 drop Lavender, and 2 drops Lemon.
  3. Missing any of those in your oily collection? Just throw in what you do have!
  4. Add honey to taste and waft toward you to open your sinuses and start breathing better!
  5. Sip and remake as many times a day as you need.

We use this to soothe sore throat, stem cough, and for a serious immune boost any time we need it.

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Grab your diffuser and some Raven from your Premium Starter Kit.

Put a couple drops in and sit right next to it as you give your body some time to rest.

My favorites for cough are Raven, R.C., Eucalyptus Radiata, and Thieves.

Having a diffuser right next to you as you rest or nap is the best way.

That’s a way to make sure you’re feeling better and staying consistent with your oily routine here, so you can be back to normal in no time.


Final Thoughts

If you’re already living the pesticide-free lifestyle, some of these will be normal for you like taking Thieves Vitality, diffusing, and drinking Lemon Vitality oil in your water.

That’s wonderful!

If not, don’t worry.

It’s something that starts to feel second nature in no time.

Need the lifestyle mentioned with Young Living? Click here.

I’ll be in touch to place you in our oily education tribe, but feel free to ask any questions first contacting me directly at

Give yourself grace and rest, friend.

Many blessings to you and quick healing when you’re not feeling well!

How we attack cough & congestion might surprise you because of how easy it is, but here it is: our fool-proof way to feeling better fast.

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Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves No ratings yet.

Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves
We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves

Make the switch to healthy living super simple with these top 10 natural living must haves!

It seems like everyone is going toward safer ingredients these days, but which products are actually worth your money?

These ten definitely hit the mark.

1. Premium Starter Kit + Essential Rewards: Young Living

This is an obvious one, but so necessary it’s at the very top of our list.

No one else offers both synthetic and pesticide-free living.

With over 600 lifestyle products to choose from, you’re getting way more than just essential oils.

Plus, Young Living is concentrated, so it’s like buying in bulk and makes your wallet very happy.

Finally, the Essential Rewards program makes this lifestyle even more financially freeing!

2. Lead-Free Glassware

Ditch those plastic storage bins faster than you ditched candles, y’all!

Petrochemicals leech into your food and harm your body.

It’s easier to find lead-free glassware than you think.

Find our favorite food storage here.

Get our favorite glasses here.

See our favorite dishes here.

Discover our favorite straws here.

Fall in love with our favorite mixing bowls here.

3. Toaster Oven

Kick the microwave to the curb and fast!

The toaster oven (like this one) takes a bit longer, but seems like it’s done in no time once it’s a part of your routine.

Who wants to destroy all the good nutrients in your food and harm your body with extra radiation when you could have leftovers that taste just like dinner last night?

Toaster oven bonus?

Cook, warm, toast…all in one!

4. Outlet Timer for WiFi Router

Adults and children alike are overexposed to radiation from phones, tablets, computers, and WiFi.

This simple timer will allow your family to have the WiFi shut off at a certain time before bed and will turn back on when you need it in the morning or afternoon.

We noticed a huge difference in how the entire family slept without WiFi on all night.

Home all day?

You can still turn it off and on as needed!

5. Blue Light Blockers

With all the time we spend looking at blue light, research is finding our eyes are deteriorating faster than any other generation before us.

Blue light blocking glasses like these for adults and these for kids are super helpful as well as Young Living’s IlluminEyes supplement and NingXia Red!

6. Glass Kettle

I love coffee and tea.

A glass kettle like this one keeps me from ever needing a harmful microwave to warm my water.

Even better, you can avoid drinking petrochemicals from heated plastic coffee makers with a Chemex coffee maker instead.

You can also have richer coffee with a Bur grinder, and avoid bleached coffee filters with this reusable filter.

7. Ceramic Neti Pot

I have a love-hate relationship with my Neti Pot, but I cannot deny the power in it!

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the dangers of Neti Potting because of our water nowadays.

The glass kettle in number six is a sure way to make sure you have good, boiled water, but suggestion number eight will be even more important.

Just make sure you let it cool down for a long time before you use it!

8. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Have you ever tested your water?

Like, really tested it?

I was shocked when we did our testing.

Our super high filtration system was not that helpful.

Drinking from filtered refrigerators was like drinking tap.

Drinking from the tap…well…not good, friends. Not good at all.

Ideally, a whole home reverse osmosis is best because of how much exposure we have with showering and hand washing.

If that’s out of your price range, a much more doable option is an under-the-sink reverse osmosis with these shower head attachments.

9. Clean Up Your Cleaners

It’s no surprise to learn that household cleaners are seriously dangerous.

Like, reports of holes burned in the esophagus, asthma, and lowered immune system bad.

Why not save yourself a ton of money and health issues?

The best way to do this is to get a refillable mop and the Thieves line.

The Thieves Household Cleaner on its own makes 29 spray bottles just from the one concentrated bottle.

This is the only cleaner in our home.

It kills 99.96% of germs.

Yes, you can use it on all surfaces.

And oh, yes. It smells like Christmas.

10. Clean Your Air

Diffusers are everywhere, but why is using them alongside the only safe essential oils so important?

  • Every hour a candle burned = one cigarette smoked to your lungs
  • Essential oils are only required to have 5% oil in the bottle
  • Young Living is the ONLY company not spraying their plants with pesticides (think Round-Up in your veins within 26 seconds of touching your skin)

If you choose this to make your house smell like home, you’re not only ditching seriously harmful fragrances.

With Young Living in your diffuser of choice, you’re also building your immune system, supporting your mood, memory, bones, cardiovascular health, and more!

Final Thoughts

A safe lifestyle takes a little time to step into, but it’s the best thing you can do for both you and for four generations beyond your own.

You have to protect your family, and thanks to this list, you’ve got a great start.

Goumi Kids
We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

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I Have my Young Living Starter Kit, Now What? No ratings yet.

I Have my Young Living Premium Starter Kit, Now What?
If you've been thinking to yourself, "I have my starter kit, now what?" after getting your start with Young Living, here's the next step.

I Have My Young Living Starter Kit, Now What?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I have my Young Living Starter Kit, so now what?” you’re in the right place!

A few easy steps to success are up ahead!

Step 1: Get Connected

The way Young Living works is by word of mouth.

Some of us love this way of life so much that we tell everyone we know and help you all along for the ride.

Get connected with what we call your “upline leader” and go to classes both online and in person.

Scroll through their Facebook group to learn something new to apply each day (or week-go at your pace!) that’s easy to add to your life.

If you don’t know who your upline is or where their education group is, ask the person who helped you get started.

Get a Reference Guide

I gift the Essential Oils Reference Guide app to each person who gets their kit because it makes life so simple!

Look up what your new oils can do.

Find what oils you need for a certain issue.

I love how empowering this app is for all new oilers!

Just Use Them!

Put them on.

You won’t do it wrong.

I promise.

Diffuse them.

Use three or four drops in the diffuser.

Use them, and then use them some more.

Consistency creates a new habit and a healthy home in this case!

Plan Ahead

Essential Rewards is basically the best things since sliced bread, y’all.

Our family saves SO much more with the Young Living lifestyle compared to shopping in store, it’s unreal.

So, use posts like this, your reference guide, or an iTovi scanner (learn more about them here) to create a list of needs in your home.


If you signed up for Young Living because you thought a few natural remedies here and there would be great, guess again!

You get SO MUCH MORE than that!

We ditch the bandaid mentality and switch to a wellness and proactive way of thinking!

Let me just save you lots of time here.

Everything in your house that isn’t Young Living isn’t safe at its core.

How do I know?

Because everyone but Young Living puts one or both of the following in their products: pesticides (they spray their plant material) or synthetics (your body is real and doesn’t handle these well).

Go around the house and create a list of all the products in your home and seek out the Young Living product that will let you get rid of it for good.

Or, if you’re in my wonderful tribe of oilers on Facebook, you can use our cheat sheet in the files section!

Final Thoughts

This lifestyle should be simpler and less expensive.

If you aren’t finding this to be true, talk to your upline about diluting (our products are highly concentrated and like buying in bulk), Essential Rewards, and even a DIY here and there.

This is a hugely rewarding lifestyle that comes with a little learning curve, but one that is simple to navigate if you’ve got a great group to learn alongside!

Need a Tribe?

We’d love to have you!

Get your Premium Starter Kit here.

Ask questions to me directly at

We’ll take you under our wing and help you learn the ropes!

Sam's Club
If you've been thinking to yourself, "I have my starter kit, now what?" after getting your start with Young Living, here's the next step.

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Canker Sore GONE Naturally No ratings yet.

Canker Sore Gone Naturally
Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

Canker Sore GONE Naturally

We’ve had the best relief from a canker sore naturally with this quick and simple remedy.

It’s saving us a ton with each healing only costing around fifty cents!

Simplest Option

We grab a little organic coconut oil (in a glass jar like this one) and put one drop of Thieves essential oil blend in it.

Thieves is what we call a “hot” oil, so it needs to be diluted.

The standard rule is around 4 drops carrier (what we’ll call the coconut oil) to one drop essential oil.

Be Consistent!

The same way we don’t exercise once and assume we’re at our goal weight, we don’t put one drop on the sore and expect a miracle.

You may, however, notice it shrinks noticeably.

Don’t stop applying!

We find we need to apply it around four times to get rid of it, but we have also been pesticide and synthetic-free for almost four years.

Nutritional Options that ROCK

We get canker sores for a reason, right?

Since we’re all about digging to the root and attacking that rather than just putting a bandaid on the symptom, we add Inner Defense to our wellness arsenal.

Inner Defense is a capsule with Clove, Thyme, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark oils in it.

These oils are all measured out in such a way that packs the best punch.

We are always successful knocking out the root cause of a canker sore with Inner Defense!

Oral Care

Two other amazing ways we fight back against the canker sores that pop up from time to time is by creating a healthy environment in our mouths.

Thieves Spray (in the Premium Starter Kit!) and Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash (here) are two unbelievable strong defenses against canker sores in our home.

Even better?

In my oily tribe Facebook page (for my members–I love you so!!), we have a fantastic hack to dilute the super concentrated mouthwash and the spray to get them to stretch and work just as well!

Final Thoughts

Skip the over-the-counter $18 tiny tube of side effects!

Why waste your money on something like that?

You can only use it for one specific use and for a certain amount of time before it expires.

Even worse, those products only tear down your body with synthetic ingredients.

With Young Living products, there so many uses and you’re strengthening your body.

This way you not only overcome this issue, but also to create a stronger immune system the next time a germ is lurking!

Get started on your Young Living pesticide and synthetics-free life here!

You’ll get immediate access into our oily education tribe and you’ll be sent a free essential oils reference guide app so you know just how to use all your oils and what to use when!

Wish you could get rid of a canker sore naturally without breaking the bank and all while making your immune system much stronger? Here's how!

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How We Take Care of Cuts and Scrapes, Naturally No ratings yet.

How we Take Care of Cuts and Scrapes Naturally
How we take care of cuts and scrapes naturally is simpler, safer, and less expensive than any other in store option available.

How We Take Care of Cuts and Scrapes, Naturally

I thought I had a handle on how to take care of cuts and scrapes naturally.

I had no idea.

Especially when it came to our children’s developing bodies.

Pesticides + Synthetics

Store shelves are full of pesticides and synthetics pretending to be healing ointments, creams, and sprays.

In fact, that’s all that’s available to you.

Why does it matter?

26 seconds.

That’s all it takes to get those nasty cell-changers into your family’s cells.

Hard pass.

That means saying goodbye to anything with a petroleum base, any spray under pressure, and truly anything from the store, no matter how natural the label looks.

Trade Up

Thankfully there is one company (and one only) that offers a generous upgrade to your current system: Young Living.

How do I know they’re the only one?

No one else refuses to spray their plants with pesticides and stop adding synthetics to their products.

So, we spend less with the Young Living lifestyle than we did in store, we are healthier, happier, and our cuts and scrapes are healing faster.

What do We Use?

Some of our favorites are Owie, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Thieves Spray, and LavaDerm.

Here’s a quick rundown on each:

  • Owie: Prediluted from the KidScents line making this and a box of bandaids a must for this mama.
  • Peace & Calming + Stress Away: Two Premium Starter Kit faves that do double duty every time we use them. First they calm the person who’s hurt. Then they provide great support under a bandage.
  • Thieves Spray: Also found in the Premium Starter Kit and lets me know I’ve thoroughly cleaned the wound before putting an oil and bandaid on it.
  • LavaDerm: All-around amazingness during cuts and scrapes in this house…oh, and for the fairest skinned of them all (me) whenever I step into the sun (cringe).

How to Get a Discount

First, you’ll get a kit (ranging from $35+) here.

Then, you’ll choose Essential Rewards if you’d like to ditch and switch scary ingredients in the house for the only safe ones on the market.

Read more about why you should here.

Finally, you’ll get welcomed into our oily education tribe where we teach and learn together.

It’s that easy.

No minimums to buy. No forced selling or stocking up.

Just do what you need for your family.

This is the number one, best health decision our family has ever made.

You’ll never be alone in figuring it out, and you’ll always be glad you made the switch.

How we take care of cuts and scrapes naturally is simpler, safer, and less expensive than any other in store option available.

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How to Switch to Safe Products No ratings yet.

How to Switch to Safe Products
With everyone trying to switch to safe products, who can you trust, who should you stay away from, and how much should you be spending?

How to Switch to Safe Products

It can be daunting when you decide to switch to safe products.

With all but one company out there greenwashing, it can be very confusing with such tricky marketing.

This was us.

We bought every clean, fresh, free, organic, toxin-free product on the shelves when our boys were born.

Years later, I learned how to find out what was really in our products, and whose products were worth our money.

Who Can You Trust?

It was a painful journey learning who we could trust and who we couldn’t.

Long and uncomfortable story short: Young Living is who we can trust.

Yep. That’s it.

How do I know for sure this is the only one?

Because no one else is refusing to spray their plants with pesticides.

26 seconds.

That’s all it takes to have anything you put on your skin to penetrate down into your cells.

When I’m putting something on or in my family’s bodies, you couldn’t pay me to use anything but Young Living.

Our lives are too precious.

How Much Should This Cost?

This switch to Young Living should cost less than buying at the store.

Most of the over 600 lifestyle products are highly concentrated.

For example, I use one drop of Peppermint every fifteen minutes to bring down a fever.

Within the hour, it’s down.

That was four drops out of my 300 drops in a 15mL bottle.

You aren’t finding value like that at the store!

Another quick example, our Thieves Household Cleaner is one container costing around $22, but you get 29 spray bottles out of it, and it cleans quite literally every single thing in your home.

Whatever isn’t concentrated I’ll buy using my Essential Rewards points.

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s loyalty program that helps you keep your shopping quick, simple, and less expensive.

For example, I get makeup and supplements with “ER” points I earned from getting oils, personal care products, pet care, kid care, baby care, etc. from my Essential Rewards order.

They even have a shipping program that you can take advantage of like Amazon Prime, so you save a ton on shipping, too!

It’s super helpful!

Get Started

I’m nearly four years in, and I’ve never looked back.

Our family has a wellness arsenal we now pull from to proactively take care of our health.

It is an empowered lifestyle where we know what we need through the use of our Essential Oils Reference Guide, we’re never alone in our education group online, and we’re always able to life to its fullest!

With everyone trying to switch to safe products, who can you trust, who should you stay away from, and how much should you be spending?

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How I Get Relief from Migraines, Naturally No ratings yet.

How I Get Relief From Migraines, Naturally
Migraines are painful and frustrating, especially when they keep you from living your life. Here, I share how I get relief from migraines naturally.

How I Get Relief from Migraines, Naturally

I never thought I could get relief from migraines naturally until I experienced it for myself.

How I do it is simpler than you may think.

Attack the Root, Not the Symptoms

Why do you have a migraine?

This is key.

Once I got rid of all synthetics in our home and switched to Young Living (the only synthetic and pesticide-free living available), my migraines became fewer and farther between.

Then, I got rid of antibiotics and turned to my wellness arsenal here at home.

Here’s how.

The Migraine

To tackle the migraine itself, I have a powerful tool in M-Grain essential oil, which you can get here.

This has Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Peppermint, and Helichrysum oils in it.

I take one drop M-Grain and one drop carrier oil and place it on my temples, back of my neck, and I’ll breathe it in as well.

On top of fighting my migraine, the Peppermint, especially helps me with any nausea I have, which is a nice benefit.

The Muscles

When I get a migraine, it feels like my muscles are super tense.

In order to feel relief and keep relief going, I’ll put one drop PanAway (get it here) and four drops carrier and massage it into wherever I feel like the pain is.

Another option to help relief the pain in my muscles is the CBD Muscle Rub, which is beyond fantastic!


A huge help for me is not only staying hydrated, but adding back in some things I’ve lost throughout the migraine.

I’ll add some Vitality Drops or AminoWise to water to help keep my body hydrated and replenished, which helps push through quicker.

We only use reverse osmosis water to ensure we aren’t putting more synthetics into our body. We use this one.


Consistency is key!

Put those oils on every fifteen minutes if you have to!

Keep siping that water!

Don’t stop relentlessly serving your body until you feel better.

Use Only Pesticide-Free

Using pesticide-free and synthetic-free products ensures you’re taking the best care of your body.

Since our switch, we’ve noticed we haven’t needed antibiotics, or over-the-counter medications.

I’ve had far less migraines, and I have real ways to dig down to the core and get rid of them instead of putting a bandaid on it like a “pain reliever.”

To begin pesticide-free/synthetic-free living, I suggest getting a Young Living starter kit (prices range from $35+). You can find them here.

You can set up Essential Rewards (their loyalty program) and budget out your products like we do monthly if you’d like.

This program saves us over $2,000 every year.

You can read more about Essential Rewards here.

Final Thoughts

The ability to get rid of migraines without drugs has been empowering.

It has helped my overall wellbeing and health tremendously.

However, I couldn’t be nearly as successful as I am without living the Young Living lifestyle.

Relief is out there, and it’s easier and far less expensive than what you’re doing now.

Migraines are painful and frustrating, especially when they keep you from living your life. Here, I share how I get relief from migraines naturally.

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How the Title “Gifted” is Hurting ALL Children No ratings yet.

How the Title Gifted is Hurting All Children
How the title "gifted" is hurting all children within our school system, and what we as leaders within the classroom can do about it.

How the Title “Gifted” is Hurting ALL Children

As a former “gifted” educator, I didn’t see it at first.

I’d say it was hard to understand how the title of “gifted” could be hurting children.

It’s only when you’re knee-deep in living it out that you realize the damage it does.

Incorrect Usage

When children are called “gifted,” it neglects every child not excelling in the four core classes.

We use this word incorrectly and in a way that is beyond limiting.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace… “1 Peter 4:10

Setting apart a small group of the whole population as smarter than the others lies to our children.

We are setting them up, yes, all of them, for failure.

“Non-Gifted” Effects

Those that don’t brandish the “gifted” label cannot be tricked into believing they’re in the same classes as everyone else.

For some reason there was an odd belief going along with tracking.

That if we didn’t tell them we’d separated them by ability, they’d never know.

They would be able to flourish under any condition.

The truth we actually see developing within the classroom is the complete opposite.

Why even try if you’re already in the “dumb” classes?

Why put forth effort if you’re already labeled as the ones who’ll never get it?

That’s a feeling that permeates like a disease at a lightening-fast pace within these “lower ability” classrooms.

Soon the “low” or “regular” classes start to verbalize their inability to “do school.”

And what have we given them to believe they’re worthy of the “good” education like the others are clearly getting?

“Gifted” Effects

I think it’s worth repeating:

“Gifted” in schools only means these children are gifted in one or more of four areas.

Those children are then placed in gifted classes across the board unless their parents pull them.

But why would a parent take their kid from a gifted class?

There’s entitlement and a belief their child is now in the group of “good kids,” and on the better path.

Why wouldn’t they believe the school’s gifted letter to be anything but truth?

Another huge issue, at least in our state, is the rule “once gifted, always gifted.”

This mindset creates elitism.

It also has stopped growth.

Why try if you’ve already been deemed the smartest?

What can my school give to me if I’ve already got it?

“Gifted” children are positioned for disastrous outcomes because of this fixed mindset.

When told they’re “good” at school, they don’t know how to handle anything that requires deep thinking.

We set them up to believe they don’t need to learn in school.

In the 8th grade, some of my gifted students were harming themselves.


Because they couldn’t perform like they did when they were tested “gifted” in the second grade.

What If…

What if all abilities were in one classroom?

Where all students were told they could learn anything and that all human beings learn at different paces naturally?

How about we include into curriculum some ways to add in other gifts?

When do all students get to add to the ecosystem of their classrooms?

When do all student gifts and voices matter?

What if we designed learning to look more like the children it’s meant for and less like the decision makers?

New Language

We must adopt a different language as teachers first and then with our students.

First, we must tell ourselves that school as we know it simply isn’t working, but that doesn’t mean it can’t.

We have to remember we have much power within the walls of our own classrooms.

Learn. Grow. Apply. Change.

Then, what words can we use with students to approve of their hard work, dedication, no-quit attitude, and overcoming?

How do we speak about areas where they need to work harder?

Team up to push forward?

Dig in with the grit it takes to learn something new?

What if our language within the classroom normalized learning instead of having it or not?

And what if our actions told a different story than, “You’re not smart enough for this room. Head on down the hall”?

Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Let’s take off the labels.

Stop the ridiculous “gifted” letters.

Teach based on children’s needs and what they can learn.

Then, we’ll have students who are able to understand instead of cram for tests.

We’d have life-long learners instead of bubble-fillers.

We’d have citizens who know they’ve all been blessed with a gift.

Even if they can’t get a grade for it.

What if we told students with our words and our actions that their God-given gift matters to this world?

That they matter and are worthy of learning?

Final Thoughts

I don’t have all the answers, but it’s a place to start.

Treat teachers like the educated leaders they are.

Talk to all children as though they’re able.

Show students we actually believe because our actions show it.

Then we can focus on learning.

There will always be outliers in these scenarios and homes we cannot change.

However, within the power schools do have, a growth-mindset is key.

Because of this, gifted classes are anything but helpful to all children.

What do you think could make our schools serve the children in them better?

Do you work for a school, or are you a teacher working hard to be growth-minded within your group of children?

Has your school turned away from labeling? If so, how has it worked?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

How the title "gifted" is hurting all children within our school system, and what we as leaders within the classroom can do about it.

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How We Got Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics No ratings yet.

How We Get Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics
How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

How We Got Rid of Strep Without Antibiotics

How we got rid of strep without antibiotics was an interesting and unexpected turn of events.

I’d been a Young Living member for a year or so at the time, but I’d also been trained that when your kid was sick, you ran them to the doctor fast.

The strep test was positive.

The antibiotics were administered, but my son had a horrible case of hives with his last antibiotic.

A different one was given to us assuring us this one should be fine.


The timing was rough because we were heading out of town the next day.

After the first dose, we saw the hives.

We were on the road, and he was miserable.

More and more popped up left and right.

I made the decision to stop the antibiotics right then and there. We could not go through the same horrible time we had the last time.

What Could I Do?

We were already so far from home, and I wouldn’t be able to get meds until we got out of the hills and found a pharmacy.

Until then, I had this sick little guy who was supposed to be half-way better by then, and I had to do something.


I’d heard so many stories of what people had used Thieves Essential Oil for, and I always traveled with my oils.

So, I gave him a drop of Thieves in some honey we picked up.

The next hour, I gave him another drop. And then again and again.

I kept giving him water (and pulling over for lots of potty breaks) with a drop of Lemon essential oil in it.

The Switch

By the time we made it to the hotel and got settled in, I noticed he was feeling much better.

He said his throat didn’t hurt as much, and I noticed less white spots in his throat.

I thought what I saw couldn’t be true, but I decided I’d hold off on calling the doc. and keep giving him Thieves until the next day (Monday morning).

All the Help

I diffused Thieves and Eucalyptus in the hotel all night.

Continued to give him Thieves oil in honey hourly except for when he slept.

Put Frankincense and Lemon in carrier oil on his spine.

Kept him hydrated with water and lemon oil in his glass water bottle.

The Next Morning

What I saw the next morning blew my mind.

I could only see a couple of spots, but no one could miss my very energetic little boy!

I backed off on the Thieves to only every three hours in honey.

I continued to do Frankincense and Lemon 4 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil (one Frank and one Lemon) on his spine.

Continued to make sure he drank lots of water with lemon essential oil in it.

Why You Should be SUPER Picky About Your Essential Oil

This is a must-read if you’re looking into starting to add in safe products into your home.

No other oils even come close to matching Young Living’s quality for one big reason: pesticides.

We hand-weed and never spray our plants.

That’s a big deal when it comes to your body’s health, and this article explains exactly why.

Need Oils?

This is the place to go when you’re looking for the simplest way to get the best oils on the planet.

And let me get the awkward questions out of the way right up front:

  • No minimum purchases
  • You never have to sell this
  • Can use the referral link to share with others
  • Yes, we’re an MLM.
  • No, that’s not a pyramid scheme…cause those are super illegal.
  • We’ve just celebrated 25 years as a company.
  • No, even the other oil companies “like ours” are NOT the same for the simple fact that they buy pesticide-sprayed plants from brokers.
  • We own our own farms and hand-weed everything (oils are in your bloodstream within 26 seconds of touching your skin–choose wisely).
  • Those prices look high because this is buying in bulk like Costco or Sams. One 15mL bottle of Thieves is 300 drops. One bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner is 29 bottles in one. You get the idea. 🙂

Other questions?

I’d love love love to chat with you and answer any question you have (even other awkward ones!).

Email me at any time!

How we rid of strep without antibiotics was a surprise to me and was unexpected, but it has changed our family's life forever.

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Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body No ratings yet.

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body
These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’d like to share my top five ways to love your body all the way down to your cells.

What better way to love my readers than to give you my best and favorite things?

5. Water + Vitality Drops

Oh. My. Goodness!

Have you tasted these new Vitality Drops?!

First, one of my favorite wellness loves is this reverse osmosis to ensure we knock out the scary stuff. With testing, we found regular filters weren’t even coming close to kicking out of our drinking water!

Then…y’all…Vitality Drops hit in January to kick off the new year, and they change the game from forcing yourself to drink water to downing whole bottles like it’s your job!

4. iTovi + Supplements=BFFs

If you haven’t gotten an iTovi scanner in your home yet, now’s the time.

It’s one of the key pieces of our health regimen. You can learn more about it here and get yours here.

When you add this to our Young Living supplements, it allows your body to do what it was designed to do: be well!

3. NingXia Red!

NingXia Red accomplished some serious goodness deep down in your cells.

It supports great energy levels, healthy cells, and healthy eyes!

It tastes great, mixes well with another favorite of mine, AminoWise, and is amazing to give to our six and eight-year-olds as well!

2. Massage + Feelings Oils

Goodness, friends.

We have got to take care of our mental health.

From starting with your ditch and switch from pesticide and synthetic-filled to Young Living, you’re on your way to taking care of your mental health.

From there, the massage oils and feelings oils are a straight up game changer.

Because of the way the brain works, the oils make a huge difference in this department!

The Feelings Kit is a great place to start!

Pairing this with the massage oils to commit to relaxation, is such a great idea for your Essential Rewards order!

1.Thieves Line!

Friends, the power in this line is unbelievable.

The Household Cleaner let me throw away every single cleaner in my house.

The dishwasher detergent and dish soap are amazing alternatives to scary residues left behind and synthetic fragrance in your dishes and drinks.

The hand soap cleans our hands better than anything else without robbing your body of its natural defenses but instead building them up.

Final Thoughts

These five items are amazing for your body.

They release you from the need to have synthetics in your body.

This is a pesticide-free and synthetic-free way of life that you’ll love for its simplicity and it’ll love you right back.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

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5 Books That Help You Grow and Learn No ratings yet.

5 Books That Help You Grow and Learn
In an effort to grow and learn, I've gathered stacks of books, read five of them last month, and share them here with you!

5 Books That Help You Grow and Learn

As I drowsily stumble out of the early years of motherhood, first years of homeschool, and beginnings of being a stay-at-home-mama, I figured I’d try to use some of the free time I have now that they can wipe their own tushies to read more.

Since I’m always looking for good books, I decided to share what I read last month in case you’re looking, too!

Becoming a Person of Influence- John C. Maxwell

I enjoyed hearing him speak at Young Living’s major event last summer.

Not because he gave me some secret to business I didn’t know before, but because he is so people-centered and servant-hearted .

Between that and his amazing work ethic, I was excited to read the first book I’ve ever read of his.

It did not disappoint.

I always get nervous when I read business books.

I fear that at some point it’s going to be all about the sale, but this one was all about the people.

Great read.

Get your copy here.

Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book- Lindsay Teague Moreno

I love the simplicity of this book.

I’m in year two of running my business. When I jumped in, I never really took the time to do some of these basic things.

This book was a quick read that taught me very tangible ideas I could put into practice right away within my own business and with those building theirs alongside me.

Get your copy here.

The Energy Bus- Jon Gordon

I’d never seen any growth books that were written like a novel until this one.

Picking it up as a recommendation from another successful business woman, and I flew through it.

The light-heartedness and simple but practical lessons along the way were my favorite part.

Get your copy here.

Getting Noticed A No-Nonsense Guide to Standing Out and Selling More for Momtrepreneurs Who Ain’t Got Time for That – Lindsay Teague Moreno

Another quick read, Moreno guides you through the basics of gaining ground in business through social media.

It’s one I’m going to go back through because it had so many great little nuggets of wisdom!

Also, it’s very hard to apply all the things all the time all at once, so it’s one I’ll be digging into again soon.

Get your copy here.

Becoming- Michelle Obama

Last, but certainly not least, this book took the longest, stretching into February as I finished.

One word to sum it all up: wow.

While we may not agree on every single thing in there, I identified with her on so many levels.

The beauty of this book for me was that she and I are both so different and yet so very alike.

I love reading about hard-working, successful women who’ve balanced life, kids, and career.

Michelle Obama is one heck of a mama. One amazing wife, friend, mentor, and child of God.

Her openness about living in the White House and walking alongside her husband during his many years of political work was fascinating.

It made me see our nation’s biggest job and her role in such a different way.

I highly recommend this book because like Michelle shares, all blue or all red is ridiculous. We’re human beings with human needs.

I rejoiced with her as a mama.

Cried with her as a daughter.

Felt frustration with her as a wife and a woman.

And decided that if I had the chance, I’d invite that girl over for a glass of wine as soon as possible. She’s one heck of a friend to have in your corner.

Highly recommend this one!

Get your copy here.

Final Thoughts

I loved reading my way through the start of this new decade, so I’ve continued it into February!

I’m learning so much.

Gotta run. There’s a stack of reading with my name on it sitting on the coffee table.

In an effort to grow and learn, I've gathered stacks of books, read five of them last month, and share them here with you!

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A Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum No ratings yet.

A Kindergarten Homeschool curriculum focusing on laid-back, kid-centered lessons that makes room for both books and hands-on experiences.
A Kindergarten Homeschool curriculum focusing on laid-back, kid-centered lessons that makes room for both books and hands-on experiences.

Kindergarten Curriculum

With more schools heading toward full-day kindergarten, I cringe.

As a former public school educator and a mother of two, I cannot ever get on board with this.

For the love of all things childhood, this is one big reason why we adore homeschool (even on our rough days).

You’ll see this shine through (hopefully!) in my curriculum choices for our Kindergartener.


First, you should know we have a more relaxed schedule I modeled after my time student teaching.

You can learn more about it here.

So keep in mind that we aren’t doing every one of these every single day.

Also, please know that we don’t use these books every day.

It leans much more into my six-year-old child’s natural physicality to do games and to be flexible with my teaching style.


It was really hard to find a Kindergarten History curriculum!

Bede’s History of ME is a timeline made to only be one very short lesson once/week.

It’s a winner in our book.

Fun, quick (maybe 20 minutes tops?), and informative, this usually leads to my son asking lots of questions and digging deeper into his learning.


While we learn much more with hands-on ideas and experiments I grab from Pinterest, I did get a Science textbook this year.

While we do teach Christian curriculum for the most part, I decided to go with Pearson’s Kindergarten Consumable Science textbook.

We like that it goes along with the 3rd grade version in most cases.

This means he and his older brother can learn together easier, and it’s more fun for them.

The 3rd grade book also comes with lab ideas that my six-year-old will do to expand upon the Kindergarten book that I just couldn’t find in any other curriculum out there.


Handwriting Without Tears has been there for us since my third grader was in Kindergarten.

It’s such an amazing book series to continually practice handwriting just a few minutes at at time.


We don’t have a traditional curriculum for Spelling, but he learns a ton of spelling words with our Words Their Way book.

I happened to find the one we’re using in an antique store where homeschool moms drop off all of their old stuff they didn’t use, so I linked the one my former first-grade teacher friend suggested I get for Kindergarten. It’s the more updated version.

Learning to Read

I’m a huge believer in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop right from the start.

I believe with my whole heart that reading often throughout every day with your child is the best way to teach him/her a multitude of things about life, language, and how to read.

As far as curriculum goes, we’ve used both Bob Books as well as Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

I like how both approach reading with a whole language and phonics-based approach.

I fully believe we cannot use only sight words and expect children to read.

Nor can we expect excitement and drive to learn when they have to painfully sound out every single word.

These resources have been great tools paired with Workshop, and I’m watching my little reader grow every day!


Writing in Kindergarten, from my small experience, has to be driven by learning and choice.

I want the beginning of his craft to be steeped in excitement right from the start.

This is why I ask him every couple weeks when we head back to the library for another huge haul what he’d like to learn.

He’s written books on spiders, the ocean, and about trips we’ve taken as a family to name a few.

We write one small page per day on paper like this or in books like this.

All in an effort to continue Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop since I have a strong belief that this way of teaching is huge in developing lifelong writers and readers.


Math is done with lots of manipulative pieces like these tangrams, Unifix Cubes, and games like Rubbish!

We also have a Math book from Lifepac. The books linked are a set.

Lifepac is a company we enjoy because they’re Christian-based, and they have a placement test on their website to help you fit your child.

The very best part is that each of their grades (other than Kindergarten) comes in a set of 10 books labeled.

For example in first grade, 101 is for the first book in the series, 102 for the second, and so on.

Their placement test is sectioned to reflect the material in each book.

This was especially helpful for my third grader, who needed only a few fourth grade math books before moving into the fifth grade series as a whole.


Right now we’re working through a little Bible study book called 13 Stories Jesus Told and Why He Told Them together in our morning meetings along with prayer and our current read aloud.

The boys love this Bible Study because it’s set up to have fun activities, a story from the Bible, and a practical application piece.

We highly recommend it.

Outside Play!

Can I just add this in because it’s a huge part of my belief system as an educator?

Play matters!

Especially when they’re little.

Never feel bad about their little developing brains taking lots of breaks to play, climb, run, and imagine.

We don’t let them have tablets or phones, but we do let them play Minecraft at 3:00 for a half hour if all their schoolwork is finished, and they do, of course watch TV and movies from time to time.

They especially love their slow mornings where they get to groggily chill in front of PBS Kids’ Molly of Denali or Wild Kratts before heading upstairs to make beds, brush teeth, and get dressed for the day.

Other than that, we’re just such believers in outdoor play, and goodness isn’t it great when they’re bored?!

What a great skill for them to learn to overcome.

An amazing opportunity for them to have to think outside the box (or inside a box, which is one boredom buster in our home!).


We listen to every genre I can think of.

Watch videos of BB King and Eric Clapton playing live.

Watch musicals (Singing in the Rain and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are our current favorites).

Learn music notes and draw them.

Beat out rhythms.

Play instruments and practice songs on the piano.

Have sing-a-longs and dance parties most every single day.

And we’re going to try this book next. Doesn’t it just seem like something my ole barefoot mama self would love?!


If you’ve ever seen me draw, you’ll realize I’m barely even functioning in the art department.

I think it’s things like this that make non-homeschoolers wonder how in the world I think I can teach my children everything forever.

And they’re right.

I don’t plan to.

That would be straight crazy, y’all, and if you saw me cry every day in Junior year Math (Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry….shiver), you’d know I have a healthy understanding of my limitations.

So, we have found different art classes locally like pottery and glass mosaic plate making.

There’s an amazing class at the local Hobby Lobby that runs for six weeks and covers famous artists while the children study and create masks, impressionistic paintings, and more.

I’ve also found this guy and his family who my children are crazy about.

He’s so laid back and his teaching is thorough and slow-paced.

The boys have made some seriously fantastic art following him!

Physical Education

My boys play sports. Baseball, basketball, swimming. Pretty much anything with a ball or some sort of physical activity, and they’re on it.

However, we also get outside and play. A ton.

It’s so important for them to be physical and taking care of their bodies.

With all of our time hiking, canoeing, biking, running, taking family walks, bouncing on the hippity hop all over the house, having water balloon fights, or even just jumping on the trampoline out back, we’ve more than got Phys. Ed. covered!

Kindergarten is FUN!

Between reading aloud, running around like crazy, random wrestling matches in the kitchen, and working our way through this curriculum, our homeschool is full of life that has become the heartbeat of our home.

I can’t think of a better way to spend this time in our lives together.

A Kindergarten Homeschool curriculum focusing on laid-back, kid-centered lessons that makes room for both books and hands-on experiences.

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Vegan Sweet Potato Soup No ratings yet.

You haven't had soup until you've tried this version of vegan sweet potato soup. Its rich, creamy, sweetness makes it one of our all-time favorite recipes.
You haven't had soup until you've tried this version of vegan sweet potato soup. Its rich, creamy, sweetness makes it one of our all-time favorite recipes.

Vegan Sweet Potato Soup

This vegan sweet potato soup is delicious.

Creamy, sweet, and a family favorite.


  • 2 TBS soy-free vegan butter (click to see our favorite)
  • 1/2 organic onion 
  • 2 stalks of organic celery
  • 2 cloves of organic garlic
  • 1 TBS organic ground ginger
  • 3 organic sweet potatoes (we used organic purple sweet potatoes!)
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 1 TSP organic dried thyme
  • 32 oz box of organic vegetable broth
  • 1 TBS organic maple syrup
  • 3/4 C organic coconut milk


  1. Chop onion, celery, and sweet potatoes
  2. Sautee onion and celery in butter for a few minutes then add the garlic for about a minute or so
  3. Add everything else and boil it for about 20 minutes. I left the lid on letting it reach boiling on high until it bubbled. Then I turned it down to medium for the 20 minutes.
  4. Turn soup down to low.
  5. Grab an oven glove and use your immersion blender on low to avoid splattering. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Serve! We liked ours with bread and vegan butter or organic croutons.

Vegan in our Synthetic-Free Efforts

Since going synthetic free in 2016, everything has changed.

It took me nine long months of vigorous research and calling companies to dig all the way down to the soil involved in what everyone was calling “natural,” to find out there was only one company I could trust.

After ditching all of our old, synthetic and pesticide-ridden products around the house, it was time to look into our food.

I figured we were eating great because everything I bought was organic.

That was already a big switch financially, so what more could we do?

Then I began learning about the hormones and endotoxins found within our organic meat and was ready to learn more about vegan eating.

Making the Switch

What really pushed me over the edge to make the switch was the documentary The Game Changers.

This was where I learned all about the power of plants within food.

They’re powerful enough to fuel the animals where we got meat and dairy.

Plants had been cleaning our home, fighting infections, cold, flu, cough, strep, you name it.

Plants had been washing our bodies. Brushing our teeth. Keeping our Husky, Hattie healthier than she’d ever been.

Maybe there was something to this whole vegan thing.

Easier Than I Thought

Not only do we save money at the grocery, but the kids are also eating meals easier than they did when we were meat eaters.

I have also noticed a huge change in my son’s behavior, who is dealing with Pre-Adrenarche from losing one of his adrenal glands as an infant when he beat childhood cancer. With meat and dairy (aka extra hormones) he would have random fits that came out of nowhere. Without it, he’s been much more level-headed and calm.

The meals, as you saw in this recipe, are quick and simple.

They’re also super sustaining.

I find myself feeling a ton better and less sluggish.

We’re also not as hungry as often as we were when eating meat and packing way too much protein into our bodies.

Synthetic and Pesticide-Free Supplements

The only option is Young Living.

This is how we supplement our bodies , just like any other type of eating.

Thankfully, we get to save a ton on supplements and know we’re getting better-than-organic quality.

Going vegan has been an overall great switch, and we are forever grateful for the power of plants in every aspect of our life!

You haven't had soup until you've tried this version of vegan sweet potato soup. Its rich, creamy, sweetness makes it one of our all-time favorite recipes.

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How State Standards Can Be a Tool for Your Homeschool No ratings yet.

Your state standards can provide a few good things for your homeschool, and in this quick read, you'll find it's easier than you may think.
Your state standards can provide a few good things for your homeschool, and in this quick read, you'll find it's easier than you may think.

State Standards are a Tool

While I know it may not be the popular homeschool mom thing to say, the state standards can actually be of use to you.

I’m not implying you should drop what you’re doing and follow these “rules.”

However, I do think it’s important to take a look at them, and here’s why:

One day your child will enter the work force with people who have this as their base minimum.

In my opinion, it only makes sense that my children, while under my homeschool teaching, would get this as a minimum as well so they can be even more of a contender for a job one day.

What You May Not Know About State Standards

Here are some helpful tips I came to learn after eleven years teaching in a public school:

  • They’re fairly minimal and not overly challenging
  • They’re super repetitive from year to year
  • At times, they focus on small pieces of information (i.e. nouns). It’s up to the educator to make sure they’re learning how to actually utilize them in real life and not simply memorize what they are.
  • They are somewhat difficult to read. Google is your friend here.
  • They’re available online
  • Looking at earlier and later years will help you get the scope of where the standards are going
  • You’re likely doing these in your homeschool anyway

How I Use Them

I print them at the beginning of each school year.

Cross out any that I know my child has mastered.

Highlight any I’ve seen him almost master in one color.

Then, I’ll highlight any I know he hasn’t learned in another color.

Teaching those highlighted areas in organic ways where it’s easy to see real world application, is where we keep kids engaged and learning.

Final Thoughts

My case for standards is simply for knowing the whole picture of what’s happening in the world of education.

I’d never endorse sticking to these state standards and making them your end-all-be-all.

As a former educator, I saw my students bored out of their mind with them by the 8th grade.

They’d seen the same ole narrative seven times before, and they get it, already (insert teen eye roll). And they did.

What they didn’t get was how to write.

And this is why I take state standards lightly.

As a frame of reference.

If my child can’t form coherent sentences, who cares if he can spot an abstract noun from a mile away?

I wholeheartedly support organic learning where these standards of education happen naturally.

Some of my favorites are Readers and Writer’s Workshop, amazing classes around town, traveling, playing sports, etc.

I want all of those amazing perks for my children and I want to know what’s happening in the school system.

It’s my job to do what my children cannot. I have to take a look at the peripheral vision of education and focus on where we need to learn.

Most importantly, it’s my job to create an exciting learning experience that creates lifelong learners.

Your state standards can provide a few good things for your homeschool, and in this quick read, you'll find it's easier than you may think.

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Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop in Homeschool No ratings yet.

What is Reader's and Writer's Workshop, and how do you incorporate it in your homeschool day organically to improve reading and writing consistently?
What is Reader's and Writer's Workshop, and how do you incorporate it in your homeschool day organically to improve reading and writing consistently?

What is Workshop?

Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop is more complex and involved than what I’ll outline here, but it is a way of teaching Language Arts that is more natural.

Essentially, you’ll read great literature and teach quick lessons to join reading and writing while building upon your child’s skills.

If you’d like to dig into this concept more, here are some great resources:

Reader’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop


A mentor author can be any published author that is an example of the lesson you’re wanting to teach.

This allows your children to see how real writers use the skill you’re teaching .

For example, when I pull Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day, my plan might be to teach words that make sound and how we put them in our writing.

With words like, “Crunch, crunch, crunch, his feet sank into the snow,” and “Then he dragged his feet s-l-o-w-l-y to make tracks,” and “-a stick that was just right for smacking a snow-covered tree,” and “Down fell the snow-plop!” I know I’ve got lots of great examples to teach from.

Choosing a mentor is powerful.

It lets your child zoom in on one learning point, making him or her feel successful as a writer because it’s easy to see how to perform that certain skill.

Reading Mini-Lesson

There will be one small reading teaching point and one small writing teaching point.

The beauty in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop is that you’ll be able to teach your children based on what their specific needs are.

You can pull from the state standards if you’d like, and as a former public school teacher, I have some thoughts on how this can fit into your homeschool without taking over here.

Here’s the key to your mini-lesson: keep it short and break them up!

First, let’s teach our reading lesson.

For example, let’s say I want to teach children how to make a text-to-self connection.

I’d tell them what a text-to-self connection is and then have places in the mentor text that I’ve prepared to show them examples of this as we read.

Read it Aloud

While we read our mentor text aloud (depending on your child’s ability perhaps they read it aloud or their sight words to encourage beginning readers), show them where your mini-lesson comes to life as a reader.

After reading about Peter waking in the morning to fresh fallen snow, I can say, “I have a text-to-self connection! I love waking up to find it snowed while I was asleep just like Peter. I can tell he was excited because right after breakfast, he put on his snowsuit and ran outside.

Writing Mini-Lesson

After teaching the reading mini-lesson and reading the book aloud, I’ll share something I noticed that the author did to keep us loving his book and reading more.

For example, I’ll point out how Keats used sound words also called Onomatopoeia.

I’ll ask the children to look back in the text to see if they can hunt them down.

We can write them on post-it notes and stick them in our Writer’s Notebook to use as reference for the next part: writing.

Put the Lessons into Action

We keep both a Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook.

If you’d like to learn more about them, this book as well as this book are both great resources.

The Reader’s Notebook is for all our good thinking we do about the books we read.

The Writer’s Notebook is for exploration and growth in our writing.

The only rules for our Writer’s notebook is that we all understand this is a place for trying new things and being brave as writers.

This is not the place for perfection!

We love these simple notebooks for younger children.

And these for older elementary kids.

Whether your child is writing a longer or shorter piece, prompted or free write doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that they’re writing and trying out your lesson.

What matters in your Reader’s notebook is that they’re writing what they’re thinking.

Your Role in Notebooks

Here’s what you can get from your children’s notebooks:

  • Their thought process and what gaps they have in their comprehension
  • What they need to learn next
  • Writing goals (we usually set one or two per session–see our homeschool schedule here).
  • Spelling needs
  • A conversation starter about what they’re reading to conference (talk) with your child about what they’re thinking/learning/wondering.

Apply to Self-Selected Texts

Choice is key to life-long readers and writers.

The mentor text time will be more heavy-handed in examples and your own thinking aloud/writing example alongside them, so they can see what it’s like to read and write well.

Afterward, they should be given an assignment to read from their choice book applying the lessons to their Reader’s and Writer’s notebooks from that text.

For example, if I taught sound words for Writing and text-to-self connections for Reading, I would assign the child to make a couple of text-to-self connections to what they choose to read and write about it in their Reader’s Notebook.

They’d create a story (either prompted or free write) to add in sound words like you picked out in The Snowy Day story.

Final Thoughts

Take your time incorporating this idea into your homeschool setting.

It can feel overwhelming if you’ve never taught like this before, but I think like me, you’ll find that over time you’ll love it.

You’ll likely see what I did: students growing in their reading and writing, enjoying the process, and feeling like as their teacher you have a really great grip on what they know and where they need to go next.

What is Reader's and Writer's Workshop, and how do you incorporate it in your homeschool day organically to improve reading and writing consistently?

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Our Simplistic Homeschool Schedule No ratings yet.

A quick overview of both yearly and daily schedule that's so simple I can't believe we didn't start this as soon as we began homeschool!
A quick overview of both yearly and daily schedule that's so simple I can't believe we didn't start this as soon as we began homeschool!

Homeschool Schedule

One reason homeschool is so amazing is because you can make it fit your family.

There are so many ways to do it.

I would love to encourage you to take what you can apply from our schedule and leave behind what doesn’t work for you.


We chose year-round schooling because of a belief cultivated from eleven years of being an educator myself in the public school system.

It never made any sense to me how we ever came up with summer break, honestly.

With the huge learning gaps that happen over the summer, it never seemed like the best way to learn.

It also didn’t leave much wiggle room for travel, which is something our family loves to do.

Instead, we homeschool four weeks and then take one week off.

One blissful week every fifth week where we do whatever we want, get caught up around the house, and play games like crazy.

It’s been one of the best things to happen to our school year!

Daily Schedule

We do an every other day schedule where we only learn half the subjects each day.

I decided to do this after reflecting upon my student teaching assignment in a rural public school where we did what they call “block scheduling.”

Basically, we split our learning in half with the ability to dig into the subjects we’re doing each day for as long as we need without feeling rushed.

I plan everything in my high performance planner because I also fit time to write and running my business into our day .

Mondays and Wednesdays we do Math, Science, and Music.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we do Language Arts (Readers and Writer’s Workshop, handwriting, spelling), History/Geography, and Art.

We love it because there’s so much time for the kids to play and experience all the learning that happens outside of books.

This leaves extra time to be outdoors hiking, building, taking lessons in specific sports, or exploring something new to learn.


We put our field trip and service days on Friday.

Fridays are good to run to a museum, the zoo, drive somewhere further, or even do some world-schooling long weekends with the whole family.

Simply Put…

We love this schedule.

It’s so relaxed.

It allows time for the boys to really soak up their childhood.

To grow in other areas outside of what books alone can teach them.

It lets them see their books’ material in real life a lot of times.

My favorite part is the ability to seek out unique learning opportunities outside the home.

What’s your favorite homeschool schedule? I’d love to hear about your school day in the comments!

A quick overview of both yearly and daily schedule that's so simple I can't believe we didn't start this as soon as we began homeschool!

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Just ANY Essential Oil No ratings yet.

With essential oil companies popping up left and right, here's how to spot a fake, and here's who's always got your back.

Essential Oil Key Info: Before You Buy

With essential oil companies popping up all over the place, there are a few things you should know first.


1. The 26 Second Rule

Anything on your skin is in your bloodstream within 26 seconds.

Yes, this means it alters your DNA.

2. The 5% Law

One more thing before we get into the nitty gritty here.

The law only requires FIVE PERCENT of what is in an essential oils bottle to be actual oil from the plant.

This five percent bottle can be called “pure” and “therapeutic.”

Keep reading to find out what the other 95% is.

Scholastic Teacher Store Online

3. Organic Confusion

As consumers we generally see organic as safest, but that is hardly the case when it comes to essential oils.

The 5% law means that the “organic” oils you see on the shelf are packed full of synthetics and fragrance for highest profit.

Your body, very real and non-synthetic cannot handle fragrance or fake stuff, so every little cell in your body freaks out. Not good.

4. Pesticides Matter

Both inorganic and organic pesticides are still just that: pesticide.

And you do NOT want pesticides in your bloodstream.

There is only one company who never sprays their plants, and that’s Young Living.

Want proof?

You’re welcome on any farm, anywhere in the world, any day of the week.

5. Other Factors

I could go on forever about how Young Living is the only first distillation, zero pesticide, zero synthetics, and zero fragrance company and why all that matters.

However, it really comes down to pesticides.

They’re a big factor when it comes to the crazy-huge rise in disease, and it has to be stopped.

6. One-Stop Shop

Young Living has over 600 lifestyle products all bearing the Seed-to-Seal promise.

Zero junk. 100% oil in every single bottle–whether that’s chapstick, body wash, deodorant, CBD or anything in-between.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

7. Your Vote Matters

When you buy from Young Living only for every cleaning, personal care, and supplement need, you’re saying to the rest of the world, “This is our demand. Real, body-helping products. Or you don’t see a dime.”

8. Less Expensive than In-Store

Young Living is less expensive despite the sticker shock much like when you’re at Costco or Sams for the first time seeing how much bulk costs.

Young Living is simply buying in bulk.

Because of this, I can get 29 household cleaners for $22.

300 times I’ve rid of fever for $21.

Not too shabby considering the store comes nowhere near these prices.


9. Start Today

The way Young Living works is simple:

  • Choose your wholesale kit (priced $35 and up–click HERE)
  • Choose Essential Rewards for max benefit (read more about it here)
  • Click “accept” when I add you to our education group and become a part of our tribe. We learn together–you’re never alone. It’s amazing!
  • Accept the free reference guide app I send to you, so you know what to use when making the start of this journey SO EASY!

10. Questions?

Email me anytime at

I would so love to chat oils and healthy living with you.

Our family has been toxin-free for three-and-a-half years as I write this in February of 2020.

All in an effort to stop disease in its tracks, feel better, and keep our six-year-old from relapsing (childhood cancer).

I teach Young Living because I have researched like crazy and cannot find anything else that matches Young Living’s purity, cost, and efficacy.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs!

With essential oil companies popping up left and right, here's how to spot a fake, and here's who's always got your back.

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