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How to EASILY add Bible study to your school day.

How to EASILY Add Bible Study to Your School Day

How to easily add Bible Study to your school day is super important!

I’d love to share with you how we build it into our daily routine.

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Morning Meeting

When the boys (8 and 6) are ready for the day, we sit in our little corner of the play/school room together.

We open our meeting (and school day) with prayer.

The following is our Morning Meeting agenda.


One of us picks the opening, another the middle, and finally who will close us.

And we pray.

We pray for others, for our day, and we give heaps of thanks.

2. Store Scripture in Our Heart

We have the app “Fighter Verses,” which our church uses to memorize scripture.

I put the verse on a whiteboard we have hanging in the school room.

We listen to the song a few times, reading along with the whiteboard each day until we memorize it.

3. Bible Study

A simple study that’s doable and keeps your kids’ attention helps.

Right now we are using two different studies.

4. Bible Journaling

In school, we have children write about their learning so they can synthesize and show deeper understanding.

In this same line of thought, we searched for a way to add Bible journaling to our daily routine.

This free printable is our new favorite.

It was simple to modify for our home’s two very different ability levels.

Our eight-year-old wrote on his own.

Our six-year-old started with answering aloud.

I helped him spell out his thinking in the fewest words possible to minimize frustration in this early stage of writing.

Another modification we do for the longer answering spot at the bottom, is to have our younger son draw his answer.

Final Thoughts

While this morning meeting is also a time to look ahead at the day’s agenda, our main focus is meeting with Jesus and studying the Living Word.

My hope is to teach this early, so as grown men they will start their day this way.

This is the kind of leaders of the home, sons of God, and citizens I pray our little meetings create in the long run.

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How to EASILY Add Bible Study to Your School Day

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