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100 Kids’ Stocking Stuffers Under $5

It can be tough year after year, so these stocking stuffers under $5 will help!.

I hope this list can make your year easier!

DIY + Building + Artsy

Make Your Own Bracelets

Scratch Art

DIY Flower Magnets

Nose Pencil Sharpener

Design a Wooden Race Car

Dinosaur Scratch Art

Necklace Kit

Water Magic Drawing Mat

Lego Green Bricks Starter Kit

Colorful Hair Extensions for Kids

Camo Pencil Bag

Beads for Crafting

Books + Stickers

Pokemon Bandaids

Secret Decoder Activity Book

Vinyl Stickers

Avengers Sticker Book

Rainbow Unicorn Sticker Pack

Marvel Magnetic Bookmarks

Water Wow Bible Stories

Tape Activity Book

Trucks Coloring Book

3D Sticker Pack

Curious George at the Baseball Game Picture Book

Super Hero Activity Book

Would You Rather EW Edition

Sneezy the Snowman Book

Funny + Fun

Airplane Gliders


Sticky Hand

Bear Claw Back Scratcher

Famous Fart Whistle (2 pack)

Flying Rubber Chickens

Food Erasers

Christmas Dollars

Balloon Helicopter

Hot Wheels Car

Stunt Car

Magnifying Glass

Light Up Saucer

Glow in the Dark Sticky Balls (set of 4)

Magic Grow Sea Creatures

Bubble Pop Fidget

SWAT Dog Tags

Echo Microphone

Light Show Stick

Liquid Motion Bubbler

Silicone Slap Bracelet

Expanding Water Beads

Measuring Tape

Voice Changer

Fake Spiders

Stretchy String

Whistle Spinner

Stuffed Hippo

Colorful Abacus

Rubber Band Koosh Ball

Mini Kaleidoscope

Solar Powered Ant Toy

Flashlight Projector

Glow-in-the Dark Yo-Yo

Bacon & Eggs Socks

Magic Growing Christmas Tree

Football Player Toothbrush

Crazy Paws Socks


Magic Puzzle

Old Maid

Rock Paper Scissors Card Game

Christmas Travel Tic Tac Toe

Brain Teaser Puzzle

Speed Cube

Go Fish Alphabet

Dinosaur Hand-Held Water Game

Boom Racket Badmiton Set


Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Crocodile Game

Jump Rope

Pretend Play

Playfoam Robots

Owl Change Purse

Jewelry Temporary Tattoos

Puffy Sticker Farm

Puppy Key Chain (set of 4)

Mermaid Sequin Purse

Leather Wrap Bracelet Purple & White

Metallic Scrunchies (set of 8)

Magnetic Fishing Rod

Wooden Castanets (set of 2)

Cops & Robbers Action Set

Neon Whistle

Light Up Flashing Sword

Pretend Play Blood Pressure Cuffs

Prank Camera

Puppy Stuffed Plush

Magnetic Rings

Fairy Wand

Mini Diggers

Dinosaur to Car Transformation Toys

Nesting Dolls

Stocking Stuffers Final Thoughts

Hopefully you can save this and share it for others for many Christmas seasons to come!

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Here's the best 100 kids' stocking stuffers that all fall under the $5 mark that your kids will love for Christmas!
Here's the best 100 kids' stocking stuffers that all fall under the $5 mark that your kids will love for Christmas!

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