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Deep Cleaning Calendar

It recently hit me that if I created a monthly deep cleaning calendar that I could avoid those long days of cleaning I hate so much.

I’m not going to put anything in Sundays.

We rest on Sundays and spend time with family and go to church.

At the end of the day we’ll straighten up for an easy start to the week.

We also don’t do deep cleaning on Saturdays. They’re for running around, hanging out, or house projects.

Get your deep cleaning calendar free printable:

Week 1 Calendar

Monday: Wash Floors (this is the best household cleaner ever!)/ or shampoo carpets

Tuesday: Scrub the tubs/showers (here’s how to make it quick and simple!)

Wednesday: Oven & stove (use this easy scrub)

Thursday: Dusting

Friday: Organize office/bills and paperwork area

Week 2 Calendar

Monday: Tidy up the car

Tuesday: Wipe down cabinets

Wednesday: Wipe down trash cans and put a few drops of Purification on a cotton ball for the bottom.

Thursday: Wipe down walls, especially in bedroooms and high-traffic areas

Friday: Wash windows downstairs

Week 3 Calendar

Monday: Wash windows upstairs

Tuesday: Organize and wipe out pantry (loving these clear bins!)

Wednesday: Wipe out and organize fridge

Thursday: Wipe down baseboards

Friday: Vacuum under furniture

Week 4 Calendar

Monday: Tidy up junk drawer(s)

Tuesday: Wipe down/clean out washer and dryer (vents/traps, etc)

Wednesday: Organize coats/gloves/jackets area

Thursday: Wipe down lights/light fixtures

Friday: Organize bedroom closet/clothes. If it’s the change of a new season, donate any not worn the season before (have you tried Give Back Box?).

Tips for Using Your Cleaning Calendar

  1. Print out and laminate it
  2. Post in the home where everyone can see what needs done to pitch in as a team
  3. Pre-make any DIYs for the month to make the time a breeze
  4. Get the right tools
  5. Listen to some jams…makes it more enjoyable. 🙂
The deep cleaning calendar with free printable that you've been waiting for. This will make keeping a clean home a cinch!

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