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Young Living March 2020 Promos
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

Young Living March 2020 Promotions!

Young Living March 2020 Promotions are amazing.

You’re going to love them!

Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.


Can we just pause for a moment and look at how cute that bag is?!

How perfect for spring!

I am excited to give mine to the first new member signing up with their Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards using this link in March!


Valor is commonly referred to as a chiropractor in a bottle.

While I’d never trade it out for an actual chiropractor all together, it has gotten me through some rough times for sure.

This is also an amazing oil to help your emotions and bring courage.


Clarity is one of my favorites!

It helps me stay focused and gives me a little energy boost.

I also like to rub it on my temples if I feel the start of a headache coming on.


JuvaFlex provides liver support.

It is said that the liver is where we store anger and hate.

Whether you believe that or not, we can all agree it’s a super important part of our health, and we must take great care of it.

JuvaFlex in a veggie capsule will be so kind to your liver and therefore your overall health!

Gentle Baby

Gentle Baby is great for your skin, calming your emotions, and will be something I use on my “mama marks” for sure when my free bottle arrives in a few days!

Thinking of Getting a Premium Starter Kit?

This is your month!

With each new member’s Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards combo in March, you’ll get the free bottle of Valor promotion plus a free bottle of Lavender lotion!

That’s just one more quick ditch and switch to a safe product right away!

Know Friends in Need?

When you share with two friends this month, Young Living will give you a $100 thank you check and a 15mL bottle of Dream Catcher.

When you share with four friends, Young Living will give you a $200 thank you check, and you’ll get a lava bead bracelet and special Celebration blend.

Think about it.

You help four new families have four generations of health and wellness and you get a big thank you.

How amazing is that?

Plow & Hearth

Not a Member Yet?

Click here and get your Premium Starter Kit with Essential Rewards.

Remember, you’ll get a free bottle of Valor and a free bottle of Lavender lotion as a welcome!

Final Thoughts

I love how Young Living goes out of their way to do these wonderful things for us.

Incentives are fun, but knowing you’re helping families learn about the only pesticide and synthetic free way of living is such a gift!

Thank you, Young Living for being the best of the best!
Learn all of the Young Living March 2020 Promotions, what each oil will support, and how you can get the most for your money.

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Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body No ratings yet.

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body
These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’d like to share my top five ways to love your body all the way down to your cells.

What better way to love my readers than to give you my best and favorite things?

5. Water + Vitality Drops

Oh. My. Goodness!

Have you tasted these new Vitality Drops?!

First, one of my favorite wellness loves is this reverse osmosis to ensure we knock out the scary stuff. With testing, we found regular filters weren’t even coming close to kicking out of our drinking water!

Then…y’all…Vitality Drops hit in January to kick off the new year, and they change the game from forcing yourself to drink water to downing whole bottles like it’s your job!

4. iTovi + Supplements=BFFs

If you haven’t gotten an iTovi scanner in your home yet, now’s the time.

It’s one of the key pieces of our health regimen. You can learn more about it here and get yours here.

When you add this to our Young Living supplements, it allows your body to do what it was designed to do: be well!

3. NingXia Red!

NingXia Red accomplished some serious goodness deep down in your cells.

It supports great energy levels, healthy cells, and healthy eyes!

It tastes great, mixes well with another favorite of mine, AminoWise, and is amazing to give to our six and eight-year-olds as well!

2. Massage + Feelings Oils

Goodness, friends.

We have got to take care of our mental health.

From starting with your ditch and switch from pesticide and synthetic-filled to Young Living, you’re on your way to taking care of your mental health.

From there, the massage oils and feelings oils are a straight up game changer.

Because of the way the brain works, the oils make a huge difference in this department!

The Feelings Kit is a great place to start!

Pairing this with the massage oils to commit to relaxation, is such a great idea for your Essential Rewards order!

1.Thieves Line!

Friends, the power in this line is unbelievable.

The Household Cleaner let me throw away every single cleaner in my house.

The dishwasher detergent and dish soap are amazing alternatives to scary residues left behind and synthetic fragrance in your dishes and drinks.

The hand soap cleans our hands better than anything else without robbing your body of its natural defenses but instead building them up.

Final Thoughts

These five items are amazing for your body.

They release you from the need to have synthetics in your body.

This is a pesticide-free and synthetic-free way of life that you’ll love for its simplicity and it’ll love you right back.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

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10 Reasons Young Living Will be Your New BFF No ratings yet.

Young Living Will be Your New BFF

Young Living is a 25 year company, who has over 600 toxin-free and pesticide-free products.

These products will change your life in ten major ways, leaving you feeling like you’ve just met your new best friend.

Here are ten reasons (though this only scratches the surface) of why Young Living Essential Oils company will be your new very best friend.

1. Stress

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes.

It can easily ruin a day, week, month, or year.

But it doesn’t have to.

Pop a roller fitment on top of your Stress Away bottle from the Premium Starter Kit, and you’ll find yourself melting into a calmer version of yourself.


It’s science, of course!

Simply put, smell goes to the spot where emotions are handled in your brain.

Certain smells (like the Lime, Vanilla, and Lavender in Stress Away), tell your brain, “chill out, friend…you got this.”

2. Cleaning

Okay…no one likes to clean, so why make it complicated with a bunch of cleaners all over your house that don’t even disinfect?

Hard pass!

Grab your ONE bottle that does it ALL: Thieves Household Cleaner!

Read here for FIFTY ways I use this bottle of magic.

3. Digestion

You’ve just had lunch with some friends and your stomach isn’t happy with your choices.


The meeting you’re in ran much later than you thought and your stomach is trying to attack you for ignoring it for so long…and getting louder by the minute!


“Mama, Daddy! My tummy hurts!”

Such an easy solution: DiGize from the Premium Starter Kit or the KidScents version, TummyGize.

To knock down the DiGize-y smell, carry a rollerbottle with 10 drops DiGize, 5 drops Peppermint (also in the starter kit), and fill the rest with carrier oil.

Make life much simpler when you pop a roller fitment on top of the TummyGize and keep it in the kids’ bathroom!

Your tummy will soothe faster than you’ve ever experienced, and you’ll feel much better!

4. Immunity

Our old life before Young Living was just a crapshoot.

My goodness. We just sat around waiting for when we might get sick again.

Such a silly way to live!

Now, we have preventative and active measures to get us through whatever illness might come along.

We have been successful in using oils like Thieves from the Premium Starter Kit, ImmuPower, and Inner Defense to kick the sick without gut-harming, liver-harming, brain-harming over-the-counters and prescriptions!

In fact, our family hasn’t had one of those in the house for years!

Even better: our over-the-counter medicine cabinet expired!

5. Energy

No, not the fake, from a can or pouch, synthetic, on-the-run type energy.

We’re talking real, from the inside, “I feel better because I am better” energy.

Adopting the Young Living lifestyle means you’re kicking out the fake fragrances and synthetic dyes and ingredients that bog you down.

Add in our NingXia Red antioxidant drink with a drop of brain, focus, and energy-boosting Peppermint (all in the Premium Starter Kit), and you’re on your way!

I’m a girl in love with her coffee (especially with a drop of immune-boosting Cinnamon Bark oil in it!), but we know coffee is only a temporary fix.

What we really need is ongoing energy, so we can snuggle up around that cup of joe but not become dependent upon him. That’s just not a healthy relationship, Joe. No offense. 🙂

6. Skin

Toxins, especially those floating around in every other product other than Young Living, are a huge reason for premature aging!

Drink water (especially with a drop of Lemon from the Premium Starter Kit!) to boost your skin’s cell turnover, and fill your Essential Rewards order with the ART line of premier skin care or the beloved Orange Blossom line that’s sure to be amazing for even the most sensitive skin.

And speaking of sensitive skin…I was told I had it.


My body was simply rejecting the synthetics in all the products I was using before Young Living.

Post Young Living: not an irritation in sight.

One of the best things about sharing Young Living are the skin testimonials.

Especially my friends who have such powerful stories of ridding their kids’ eczema and other rashes and skin conditions. WOO!

7. Sleep

Guess what interrupts sleep?

You guessed it: toxins.

Synthetic fragrance (AKA fake hormones) mess with your body’s ability to regulate so many of the factors it takes to not only fall asleep and stay asleep but also to have good, quality rest!

Along with the toxin-free lifestyle and oils like Lavender, Cedarwood, and supplements like SleepEssence, Young Living also offers you the safest CBD isolate on the planet. No chemicals. No pesticides. Lots of good, quality, sleep!

BONUS: great sleep=more energy!!

You can learn more about CBD here.

8. Focus

Before Young Living I didn’t even realize how foggy my brain was!

Adding brain-health support like MindWise, NingXia Red, and ridding our family of the bioaccumulation from fluoride that harmed our brains with our Thieves oral care, I now feel more clear-minded that I ever have before!

Click here to learn how the Thieves Oral Care line saved my mouth!

9. Mental Health

We shout it from the rooftops to normalize mental health in mainstream media, but what no one seems to realize is that this is only half the problem.

We need real tools to save our mental and emotional health, and we need it now!

The toxin-free lifestyle is the biggest relief you can offer anyone with anxiety, depression, or any other mental and emotional health issues.

From there, you can tap back into that science I was talking about before and do things like the Memory Release technique (click here to read about it) and just simply breathing in certain oils that reroute your brain to literally think and feel better.

This is what we strive for in prescriptions, but our perfect, pesticide-free oils have zero side effects.

It’s been amazing to hear the testimonials of people who have used oil blends like Release, and our CBD oils to regain control of their mental and emotional health.

10. Whole Family Love

Last but certainly not least, Young Living’s 25 years of experience has something for every single person in your family.

From everything I mentioned above to our Seedlings line for babies, KidScents line for littles, AnimalScents for our fur babies, and even serious nutritional support for every age, Young Living offers you a lifestyle like no one else.

The best part is that with the Essential Rewards program, we find we’ve saved thousands every year we’ve taken advantage of this new lifestyle.

We are forever grateful to Young Living for Gary’s vision of Purpose over Profit.

Get Started in the Young Living Lifestyle

Click here to see how to get started.

Once you’ve followed the instructions here, I’ll send you your very own Essential Oils Reference Guide to make life as a new oiler simple.

You’ll also be added to our exclusive community called Life+Oils where you get private coaching, online teaching, and support from like-minded people with lots of testimonials to pull from every day!

Choosing the right person to walk you through this is important to your success. I’d love to be that for you!

Here are ten reasons (though this only scratches the surface) of why Young Living Essential Oils company will be your new very best friend.

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Mental Health Tool: Memory Resolution Technique No ratings yet.

Mental Health Tool

What if we had a way to boost our mental health and work through painful memories and/or trauma within our home whenever we need it?

This was the idea presented to me one evening at the Young Living Convention’s Aroma Share event.

I have been forever changed.

Handle It

Before I learned about the Memory Resolution Technique, I only had one way to handle tough memories and situations.

I would talk about them with my husband, cry until I couldn’t find any more tears, then just keep going, focusing on the positive and pushing the bad away.

While this wasn’t an entirely terrible way to live, it did make my future tougher to navigate because my brain was never allowed to process the past.


One night, at the Aroma Share event, Dr. Minke was asking questions about my horribly painful cystic acne in an attempt to seek out a root cause after 15 years of failed medicines.

One question made my eyes unexpectedly fill with tears.

” Could it be possible that you may have any tough and emotional experiences or trauma your brain could be holding onto?”

Two miscarriages and a baby with childhood cancer…yeah, I’d say I had some “stuff.”

He suggested my friend (Laurie from One Mom and a Blog) and I head to the Aroma Freedom Technique presentation to see what we could learn.

I had no idea that what would come next would break so many chains and support my mental health the way it did.

Aroma Freedom

Freedom is a fantastic name for what happened to Laurie and me that day.

The women we spoke with decided it sounded like we both could use a memory resolution, and I’m going to be super real with you.

I wasn’t convinced.

It sounded like something outside of my belief system, so I approached it hesitantly and with a skeptical eye.

Oils + Our Brain

What I did know was that Young Living oils have a profound effect on our brain, especially the amygdala (storing and releasing emotional trauma) and therefore our limbic system (heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance).

Reference Guide for Essential Oils 2005, Abundant Health
Reference Guide for Essential Oils 2005, Abundant Health

Because this is true, I knew whatever we were going to do that night would definitely affect my brain in a positive way, so though cautious, I was ready to let go of some serious pain I’d walked around with for the last decade.

However it came out; it was time.

The Process

It’s hard for me to remember exactly what happened because, as it turns out, releasing past trauma is intense.

Sorrow, grief, anger, guilt…oh, the guilt. Guilt I didn’t even know I had. It all came tumbling out of me, so please forgive me if I (untrained in this practice) miss a step or two.

Going Back

1.) Frankincense, Lavender, and Stress Away were put in my hand.

I rubbed them together, cupped my hands over my nose and mouth, and breathed deeply.

During this time, I was to recall and go back to the exact moment in time where my trauma began.

I chose the hospital room where my dear friend and pediatrician told me my two-month-old baby, Hudson had cancer.

I wept.

2.) I was asked to remember and imagine the small details.

Where I felt the emotion (in my chest like an elephant sitting on me), and to pray, asking God where He was during those moments.

I could feel that same feeling sitting on the chair in 2019 that I did in 2013 standing in the ultrasound room.

It had also never felt so clear that God was absolutely with me in that moment wrapping His arms around me, holding me upright.

I cried harder.


3.) I was asked to identify what lies I believed during that moment.

I was afraid of this question.

What lies? I didn’t believe any lies.

Then there it was: This was all your fault, Andrea.

See, the small problem that comes with realizing your kid’s toxin-caused cancer was very much caused by my body/DNA and my choices in products I used while pregnant with him and soon after birth came with good things like being able to turn it around to help other families, but it also came with this little lie I hid in the back of my brain.

Hudson got cancer because of me.

Unexpectedly, my mind shifted over to my miscarriages.

If my baby who lived got that sick, I must have been the reason my other three babies lost their lives.

I was a wreck. Right there next to my friend and two women I’d never met before that night.

I hadn’t cried that hard in a very long time.

Strangely, the woman running the session said during that time that if any other trauma decided to rise to the surface as we realized the lie, to let it come and bring it along for release as well.

It was so painful, friends.

I went back to the losses of my first, third, and fourth babies.

It felt like I was being wrung out.


We were then given the oil blend Release to breath in and told to re-establish truth telling ourselves what our brains should instead believe about our trauma.

Hudson got cancer, but I did NOT do this to him.

My miscarriages were out of my control and NOT my fault.

I am a GOOD mama who loves her children and am doing everything I can to create a safe environment for my boys now.

My trauma was NOT MY FAULT.

I cried even harder.


4.) Inner Child oil blend was dropped into my hands to breathe in deeply as I recalled a positive childhood memory.

One where I felt safe, loved, and happy.

I chose to go back to my childhood backyard with my mama and sister picking mulberries in the summertime.

Then my mind shifted to snuggling my mama on the couch and hanging out with her.

Something I now enjoy so much with my own boys.


5.) Finally, the oil blend Believe was dropped in my hands, and I breathed in deeply.

I’d finally stopped crying from pain and was breathing normally again.

Then she asked us to envision the picture of true, unconditional love.

Tears poured out, but this time it was tears of joy as the clearest image of Jesus carrying His cross was front and center in my mind.

We were given time to work through that image and to finally open our eyes after this entire process when we were personally ready and not a moment sooner, giving our brains the time they needed to come to a good stopping point.


I looked at my sweet friend, who had been walking through her own trauma alongside me (surprisingly not awkward at all), and the first thing she said was that despite my crying, my eyes looked so much brighter.

I felt a weight lifted off me. No more elephant.

The memory didn’t go away, but it did fade as I had come to know it.

It was like my brain wouldn’t let me go back to the place where I blamed myself, and even writing this I didn’t get emotional at that idea because I just don’t recognize it as truth.

I see it for what it is–a lie that doesn’t belong to me at all.

The biggest surprise during all this was how seriously powerful the mind is.

I’m blown away at what it can do to us both positively and negatively.


The next day I was standing in line at the Mona farm talking with a nurse about Hudson’s current adrenal issues and had to recall details of his diagnosis, treatment, etc. as she asked me questions.

This was the first time I had ever spoken about Hudson’s illness without a million different painful triggers (hating the word cancer, blaming myself aloud and inwardly, etc) going off in my head.

That time in our life was painful.

It was a part of our journey.

But it no longer owns me.

Praise God!

Mental Health Tool

Now, I keep those oils handy.

Not because I am dealing with any more big traumatic past memories, but because I now have the power to release lies about past memories.

Applying it to My Social Anxiousness

As an example, I’m working on how to start up conversations with brand new people when introduced. I know that’s a basic human skill, but it’s difficult for me.

Earlier in the month I was introduced to someone new, and my mind just went completely blank. I didn’t know what in the world to say to this person, and the words I did utter felt so weird and awkward at the time making everything that much harder.

That night, I kept wallowing in my failure.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt like I’d take one step forward and three steps back in this, and I was having quite the pity party for myself.

Then it hit me: I could release this, identify the lie, reprogram my brain with the truth, and move on. So I did.

Applying it in My Motherhood

Another recent triumph happened just last week when my oldest, Cohen got his first sunburn because I didn’t reapply sunscreen at the lake when I should have.

We were having the best time, and I simply forgot.

The next day I was crying to Steve about how terrible I was for being so negligent and how could I do this to Cohen?

I am his MOTHER.

That was MY responsibility.

I wouldn’t hear one logical word from him about how he was the dad and might have had a hand in forgetting,too.

Then I could hear myself saying the lie: I’m a bad mom.

I looked at Steve and admitted maybe I was a little hard on myself.

He laughed, “Uh, ya think?”

I went into a quiet part of our cabin with my memory release oils, walked through the Memory Release Technique, and was able to handle the hourly sunburn care on the drive home that day.

This literally rewired my brain to understand the truth in the situation:

I made a mistake. I’m NOT a bad mom. I’m a HUMAN who made a mistake.

Better Mental Health

The ability to identify, work through, and release lies about our past is POWERFUL.

I get to be a better wife, friend, and mama because I actually have a way to deal with what would’ve kept acting like a revolving door of pain.

What freedom.

Need Oils?

Click here for help. 

This link will also be extremely helpful in starting the journey.

Need step-by-step directions? Click here.

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Handling Panic Naturally No ratings yet.

Handling Panic Naturally

Five girls and one baby all crammed in the back of a stranger’s mini-van.

It made perfect sense. 

We needed a Lyft to our Young Living training, and it would only be a fifteen minute drive.

I jumped in the back thinking nothing of it. I’ve been a mom for 8 years. This was hardly my first time riding in a minivan. No big deal…

Then it happened. 

It was 95 degrees that day in Utah, and the back of that van was both hot and stuffy.

I started to feel it coming on: 


Quick, shallow breaths. 


“Could we get more air back here, please?” 

“Oh, yeah…this van doesn’t have great air conditioning, especially in the back…”

“Could we roll down a window or something?” Then I whispered to my friends, “I’m starting to freak out a little…I feel like I can’t breathe…”

The window rolled down. It got hotter. 

“Here, take some Peppermint.”

“I don’t have car sickness. I just don’t handle cramped spaces well. Then add in not breathing great and heat…”

“Just take it. Put it on the back of your neck, then cup your hands and breathe it in.”

Not exactly being in a position to argue, I did it assuming it wouldn’t help but knowing it couldn’t hurt.

I’d never used Peppermint as a calming oil…

I couldn’t believe it.

Almost immediately my body cooled  (I applied it where my brain stem is), and when I breathed in the left over oil from my cupped hand, everything in me started to relax. 

I could breathe…

…and think straight…

…handling panic naturally.

It finally made sense why one of the docs at a Young Living workshop said Peppermint was the most complete oil. He said to always carry Peppermint and Lemon oil wherever you go. 

All I know after that experience is: plane, train, or automobile, this girl will always have her Young Living Peppermint essential oil on her!

Don’t have the safest and purest oils on the planet and over 600+ less expensive than in-store and toxin-free products in your home yet? Click here to get started saving over $500 in your home with the Premium Starter Kit alone!!

Panic + Peppermint (1).png

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