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These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

Top 5 Ways to Love Your Body

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’d like to share my top five ways to love your body all the way down to your cells.

What better way to love my readers than to give you my best and favorite things?

5. Water + Vitality Drops

Oh. My. Goodness!

Have you tasted these new Vitality Drops?!

First, one of my favorite wellness loves is this reverse osmosis to ensure we knock out the scary stuff. With testing, we found regular filters weren’t even coming close to kicking out of our drinking water!

Then…y’all…Vitality Drops hit in January to kick off the new year, and they change the game from forcing yourself to drink water to downing whole bottles like it’s your job!

4. iTovi + Supplements=BFFs

If you haven’t gotten an iTovi scanner in your home yet, now’s the time.

It’s one of the key pieces of our health regimen. You can learn more about it here and get yours here.

When you add this to our Young Living supplements, it allows your body to do what it was designed to do: be well!

3. NingXia Red!

NingXia Red accomplished some serious goodness deep down in your cells.

It supports great energy levels, healthy cells, and healthy eyes!

It tastes great, mixes well with another favorite of mine, AminoWise, and is amazing to give to our six and eight-year-olds as well!

2. Massage + Feelings Oils

Goodness, friends.

We have got to take care of our mental health.

From starting with your ditch and switch from pesticide and synthetic-filled to Young Living, you’re on your way to taking care of your mental health.

From there, the massage oils and feelings oils are a straight up game changer.

Because of the way the brain works, the oils make a huge difference in this department!

The Feelings Kit is a great place to start!

Pairing this with the massage oils to commit to relaxation, is such a great idea for your Essential Rewards order!

1.Thieves Line!

Friends, the power in this line is unbelievable.

The Household Cleaner let me throw away every single cleaner in my house.

The dishwasher detergent and dish soap are amazing alternatives to scary residues left behind and synthetic fragrance in your dishes and drinks.

The hand soap cleans our hands better than anything else without robbing your body of its natural defenses but instead building them up.

Final Thoughts

These five items are amazing for your body.

They release you from the need to have synthetics in your body.

This is a pesticide-free and synthetic-free way of life that you’ll love for its simplicity and it’ll love you right back.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

These are my favorite top five ways to love your body through the choices you make in your personal, and health and wellness care.

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