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Lately, every marketing ploy under the sun has been trying to sell us toxin-free/chemical-free/natural products because they know we’re wising up.

The only problem is that 95% of those have admitted to lying about how clean their products really are.

We don’t even know how many didn’t come clean about their efforts to sell us on fake safety.

The following three pitfalls are meant to encourage finding truly healthy products.

#1: Don’t Fall for Labels

Every label has been carefully designed to grab our attention, tap into our hurt/need, and sell us.

Step one is to ignore the front of the label and head for the ingredients list instead.

All that’s needed is a search engine.

Type in {___product name or ingredient___} + EWG.

See the hazards and start making a list of what you need to ditch for a safer product as you make your way through your cabinets.

#2: Don’t Fall for a “1” or “A” Rating

This is where you take a closer look.

If it’s marked “safe,” but you zoom in on the concerns and see a line for hazards (cancer or reproductive toxicity for example), all of a sudden it’s not so safe anymore.

Switching every one of our products over to Young Living solved this problem quickly and for less than I was spending at the stores on harmful products.

I could look up YL’s products all day long ingredient by single ingredient and be okay.

Unfortunately, I have never found anything on a store shelf that would be truly toxin-free for our family.

#3: Don’t Fall for Sticker Shock

When you see Young Living’s prices, it might be hard to imagine ever paying those kinds of prices. Be careful. There’s something you can’t see.


It changes everything.

When I can dilute one bottle of YL shampoo into 9…that’s making life simpler, less expensive, and with the ingredients list, so much safer!

Other dilution possibilities (by no means anywhere near an exhaustive list but instead a small example):

  • Thieves Household Cleaner=27 multipurpose sprays
  • Foaming Hand soap=3 foaming hand soaps
  • Laundry Detergent=3 bottles of laundry detergent
  • One bottle of any 15mL essential oil is between 250 and 300 drops (i.e. I may use only a couple of drops of immune and respiratory strengthening Lemon and Peppermint to reduce fever. This saves us much more money than a couple of doses of liver-harming liquid from the store).

It’s easy to fall for the hype we see on tv and in ads all over social media, but with this, you’ll be all the wiser and ready to make some real health changes for your home.

Ready for a Change?

This lifestyle is amazing and easier than you think.

Learn more here!

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