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A New Generation Rising Up to Be Well

Each generation tries to gift their kids a better life. Our generation may be the first to get it all wrong.

From birth, our parents made trade school, college, or some form of secondary education was our top priority .

We’ve handled with those gifts in our own ways.

We reaped those rewards (or paid heavily for them).

But to gift our kids the same, is putting them so far out in left field, they may never get a chance to play ball.

However, it may not be for the reason you’re imagining.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Why We’re So Off Base

For decades upon decades, we’ve been told schooling is the only way to get ahead.

However, at closer inspection, take a look at what this generation has that their dial-up parents didn’t.

They’re dripping with information. Lousy with it.

They carry it in their pockets for crying out loud.

Yet we still harp at them that this is it. The one thing that will make or break them.

We have to sound absolutely crazy. They get that education is important. It’s common knowledge to this generation. Common. Knowledge. Nothing to pass along, friend.

They get it.

Meanwhile, cancer rates are soaring, diseases are running rampant, and obesity is a sickness a huge amount of Americans have denied is even a problem.

How in this world do we expect our children to become adults that can use their education if they’re too sick to show up to a job?

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

What Needs Fixing

The main issues are hard to see. Like…really hard to see.


Every other commercial on the television is pushing the problems and treating them like gifts.

The main issues we need to resolve for our kids are:

1. Food

You’ve heard the old adage: food is medicine.

That’s no joke.

Prepackaged “healthy” foods are immediately unhealthy.

Pesticide-sprayed fruits and vegetables are flat out proven to have less nutrition than organic and chemical free produce.

Our children drink more sugar in one beverage than they should consume in an entire day.

Yet we’re surprised when we see the charts shouting at us that we’re sicker than ever…

The only way around this is to find chemical-free and organic farms that we can buy from to bring costs down. To budget in organics just like we do a cell phone bill.

If you’re reading this in the Dayton, Ohio area or you’d just like to see some great examples, visit Three Trees Farm or Eat Food For Life. Read their websites and about their practices.

This education is priceless.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

2. Lifestyle Products

We were shocked at how many “safe” products were full of synthetics, fragrances, and pesticides.

How can companies get away with this?

We keep buying it!

We’ve got to look into what we put on our body and in our air, friends!

This is dire. And I do mean DIRE.

The average American home is up to five TIMES more toxic than the most populated and industrialized cities!

It’s no wonder the cause of 95% of cancers is toxins.

Every single hour of burning a candle in your home is the same, toxicologists say, as smoking a cigarette. 

Imagine putting a cigarette in your baby’s mouth.

What do we expect when detergents and soaps marked cancerous and hormone disrupting are marketed to children?

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Dependency on Medicine

I could talk about this and the lifestyle products for hours, but I’ll be brief.

Somehow we’ve forgotten that medicine is a LAST RESORT.

Somewhere in the last twenty years we decided that popping a pill or dropping acetaminophen in our kids’ mouths every time their temperature goes above 99 degrees is fixing the problem.

Please. We have to stop. Now.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Don’t you see?

If you fix the food and lifestyle products issue and you use Young Living to work home remedies then you WON’T NEED THE MEDICINE!

But instead, we toss aside those little square side effects pamphlets assuming that our docs wouldn’t prescribe them to us if those effects weren’t like…the freak accidents, right?

But what you’re not reading (and what your doctor isn’t telling you) is all the little things that are happening to your body every time you take something you could fix naturally.

All those things you did to your body and passed on to your child that they’ll genetically pass on to theirs.

Remember who makes a LOT of money from every prescription or synthetic medicine labeled “natural” the next time you head into your local drug store.

You have a decision to make. A gift to give.

And I get it.

I was afraid to throw the aspirin and acetaminophen away until Young Living proved itself for a year.

But I do urge you to make the decision sooner than later, friends.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

Where to Start

I’d love to tell you to go out and buy all the white labeled stuff at the store and make yourself a new clean home with a Target cart full of new bottles, but I can’t.

I know because I tried it myself, and it didn’t work. Here’s why.

Step one is to go here .

Get started with making the changes bit by bit.

Need ideas for what to get first?

What to Get

  1. CLEAN YOUR AIR: get a diffuser (I suggest the Desert Mist)
  2. CLEAN YOUR LAUNDRY: grab the Thieves Laundry Detergent. It dilutes out to 16 bottles and you’ll get the recipe when I add you to our Facebook community.
  3. CLEAN YOUR EVERYTHING ELSE: Thieves Household Cleaner is 29 bottles in one. You can get rid of EVERY. SINGLE. CLEANER. IN. YOUR. HOME. No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, it kills the germs. We’ve done it for 4 years. I’d not beat my head against a wall for four years if it didn’t work like a charm…hello!
  4. SET UP A LOYALTY BOX: this will give you a % back on each monthly box you get. You’ll choose what goes in (think oils for remedies and prevention, personal care/toiletries, makeup, supplements, CBD, etc) and remember, most all dilute out to save you tons. What you can’t dilute, you can use your % back to get for free!


Set small goals for yourself each month.

  1. What can you swap out at the store for a Young Living product?
  2. What can you buy organic this week instead of conventional?

Living on a budget?

You’ll be shocked by how much money is left over for organics when you take out pop/soda, cookies, chips, and prepackaged snacks and stop running to the pharmacy and turn to oils instead.

This will be the most rewarding gift you’ve ever given your family.

When your children are reaping the rewards as adults and teaching their children, your grandbabies, how to create a home the right way, you’ll be so very glad you read this, took action, and never looked back.

We must be the new generation who rises up to be well and to give our children the gift of wellness for years to come.

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Fearless in Times of Suffering No ratings yet.

When your faith is weak what do you do? How do you shake it? How do you dig in and become fearless? Good news: you can't possibly do it alone.

When your faith is weak what do you do? How do you shake it? How do you dig in and become fearless? Good news: you can't possibly do it alone.


If there’s any time I need God’s grace, it’s when I am mustering up faith in Him to become fearless.

When I don’t know how things will work out.

Don’t have control over the situation.

Just can’t make things go the way I want them to.

When I just. Don’t. Know.

Today was one of those days.


Hospital Scare

I was at the hospital for a routine checkup with Hudson.

Our oncologist was saying how the disease he once had, Neuroblastoma, usually ends up okay for kids like him.

One who has favorable genetics, but he wanted to let me know that there could still be some cancer left over in my child.

What do you mean, left over cancer? You said it was out.

Long story short, he was speaking of calcified and dead cancer and also in generalities.

He ended the conversation by saying Hudson is okay and will most likely have a totally normal life expectancy.

I should be fine, right?

I was.

I am.

But the devil totally saw his opportunity to mess with my head.

What if?

Dr. Martens UK


Get out, Satan. Not today. Not ever!

My God is greater. My God is stronger. My God is higher than you and your lies.

I know the Truth.

I know God is the ultimate healer, and my son is clean from this disease.

I know that even if something does happen, that the Lord will see us through just like He did three years ago.

But most of all, I know that I don’t have to fear anything because I am not a slave to your fear, Satan.

Scholastic Teacher Store Online

Who I Am

I am a child of God.

I don’t have to wallow in the piercing fear that immediately gripped me when Dr. Dole began talking about Neuroblastoma.

I don’t have to let myself get caught up in the past trauma of how it feels to be a mother of a very sick child.

I don’t have to camp out there, because my identity is not traumatized mother.

My identity is daughter of God– Heavenly Creator and Healer.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

He > I

He has done a perfect job of being Him. Walking me through all the pain, all the joys, triumphs, and all the fears. 

God’s grace goes far beyond what I could ever be capable of doing myself.

If it weren’t for grace, He would’ve been angry that I could second-guess what I know in my heart to be true, and He would’ve washed His hands of me completely.

But that’s just not our God.

He loves so abundantly and so grand– bigger than we can comprehend.

So, instead of kicking me to the curb, He drew me nearer to  Him.

I felt myself being drawn up into His arms and comforted.

I know what is true: I can trust You, Lord.


Thank You Lord, for being a merciful Father.

Who sees my fears and disbelief and triggers of past pain and uses it to pray, connect, and delve deeper in my relationship with You.

Thank You for being a God whose number one mission is to care for His children.

Sitting here in my motherhood fears, You love me so tenderly that I am able to feel calm and peace in my heart.

To be overwhelmed with Your love through grace, to rest in the fact that You are good.

You are God.

You are Truth.

When I Fail

Is it always my first fleshly reaction to trust?

Unfortunately, no.

I wish I could say that every single time I’m met with adversity I was fearless, but fear does get a hold of me–especially when it comes to my children.

However I never have to live in that fear because I have my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Even More

Because of this, I can enjoy my motherhood. I can enjoy my family. I can enjoy this precious gift of life the Lord has given me. I can be fearless.

Best of all, I can share His grace with you with the hope that you, too can open your heart to it as well.

Never would I ever want to hold all this to myself. It’s too big not to share.

It’s too amazing.

It’s the only thing in this world worth calling perfect: God’s love.

When your faith is weak what do you do? How do you shake it? How do you dig in and become fearless? Good news: you can't possibly do it alone.

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Laid Bricks on My Heart No ratings yet.

As a little girl, I used to daydream about motherhood.

What would it be like to have a baby of my very own? To hold, change, carry, and snuggle.

What would it be like, I wondered from as far back as I can remember, to be the mommy?


How I hoped I could be like my own mother.

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It Rained Until it Shined No ratings yet.


The snow day Monday, Steve stayed home from work and couldn’t play with the kids at all or come near me because he was feeling so bad. This was a bummer, but boy oh boy did we have quite a week in store for us. This was truly the calm before the storm.

Tuesday was another snow day, and I did have such a great morning with Cohen, but then it was off to the hospital with Hudson for an I.V. and an injection.

This radioactive substance attached to the Neuroblastoma in his body and let us know, head-to-toe, where everything was for sure.

Checking into Medical Imaging Jan. 7. There were so many sick kids out there, and they didn’t have a room for Hudson, so we had to hang out in the back hallway.

Hudson and Mommy waiting on his IV

Finally, after one blown vein, they put his IV in his hand using a red light and a hand-warmer to spot the vein. Poor guy. Sweeties and a hospital lavender-scented pacifier always do the trick to help ease the pain, though. The only time he will take a paci is when he is in pain. My sweet boy.

We finally made it home and Steve was feeling sick still. He went on a run to get some medicine, but never made it there because there was a pipe burst in our rental property.

A pipe burst near the water heater causing it to dump its entire contents and everything it was trying to refill onto the ceiling causing it to cave in.
All flooring on the first floor, the entire ceiling on the first floor, counters and cabinets in the kitchen must be replaced.
While I was on the phone with the insurance, I had Hudson screaming wanting to nurse, Cohen grabbing my hand to play, and Hattie dropping a ball on my lap to throw. All in all quite a stressful evening, I must say.
Oh yes, and earlier that day I realized Hudson is losing his hair.
Chemo will do that, and we totally expected it. So, I took some pictures before it started falling out to celebrate and remember the hair he was born with.
We also did a little at-home hair cut the day I found the first of it in his bed and some that came out in my hands.
After crying for quite a while, I called my sister, who had these simple yet all too true words of wisdom, “He may be losing his hair, but if you didn’t have this treatment you’d lose Hudson.”
Talk about perspective.
So, I gathered myself up after mourning the beautiful hair I was so (foolishly) proud of and decided to celebrate it instead.
Though I feel good about everything, I will admit I even shed tears writing this and looking at the pictures, still. I don’t know why this one little thing is so hard for me.
Most babies don’t have this much hair anyway, and it will grow back, but for some reason it strikes such a spot in my heart and makes me ache every time I think about it or more hair is left behind on his sheets, carseat, or my shirt.
That was the hair he came into this world with. It was such a wonderful day, and his hair was quite the topic of conversation as I was delivering him. I just remember how beautiful my baby was upon entering this world almost four short months ago, and I guess I’m selfishly not quite ready to give that up. Stupid, I know, but it’s the (ugly) truth.

Check out that studly hairdo


First haircut. I only trimmed up the ears and back. I left the top long figuring it’d be short soon enough, and we could still just enjoy his sweet little curls a bit longer.


Big brother helping while Mommy pumped before Hudson’s scan. He couldn’t eat anything before his MIBG.

This scan required light sedation (which he’s already had twice now) to double check and make sure everything (head-to-toe) is right where we think it is. This first picture is of our nurse getting his Broviac line ready for the sedation and me helping to keep him calm.

Our respiratory therapist (who is wonderful) snuggling Hudson to help him sleep and our nurse administering thesedation while our technician in Nuclear Medicine got the scanner ready. I had to step away because he was trying to stay awake to look at me. When he finally fell asleep, I fell apart crying because he just goes so still. I know he’s okay. I hear the monitors. It’s just a not-so-great thing to watch.

If you look closely you can count three butterflies. The butterfly is the symbol of the lost baby, of which we have three in heaven. Just a little God thing to give me a bit of comfort during a really tough day.

His oxygen levels didn’t dip too low, but they put in tubes just to be extra careful.

They strap him in really tight to keep him safe. In the middle of the scan, he wet his diaper. When they had to change him because it was blocking the view of the scanner, he woke and they had to sedate him more. I cried and cried. When every part of you wants to hold your baby and help him, but you can’t, it can nearly drive you crazy and most certainly will break your heart.

Home. Sleeping and sleeping and following the family rule of never waking a sleeping baby.

Hudson came out of the scan and nursed like a champ. That night at home, however he was not able to get milk from me.

This was so upsetting. My mom went to make a bottle of my frozen milk for him, and I had to leave the room because he will refuse a bottle if he can see, hear, or smell me at all.

I went into my room, laid on my bed, and sobbed. I was just so drained emotionally from the day, from what was to come Thursday with chemo, and I just fell down on the bed and let it all out.

I think I needed to. Doing all of this by myself at the hospital, I have to hold everything together, and I’m glad in a way that I finally had something that made me release those emotions.

Then, I got to thinking about what I had eaten that day with all the stress and being at the hospital had brought. About 500 calories.For the entire day.

I wiped my tears away, ran downstairs and started grabbing the best foods I could to replenish my supply. I pumped that night around 10 so my body knew I still needed to produce milk, and by morning we were back in business.

Thank goodness this happened with my second baby, so I knew how to process what was happening, and I didn’t think I was just drying up! Thank you, Lord!

Thursday morning we were back in the clinic for a full day of chemotherapy. This was Hudson’s second round, and this day made everything else we had been through (and would go through in the next couple days) totally worth it.

Our sweet nurse hooking Hudson to the chemotherapy.

Dr. Dole. A gift from God.

At Hudson’s exam, Dr. Dole immediately said that the tumor was MUCH smaller! He had me feel it to show me! He said two weeks ago when he pushed on his tummy it was “Right there to greet me,” but Thursday it was harder to find, but I definitely felt it.

 Dr. Dole told us the following news: Hudson’s tumor has gotten considerably smaller, his genetic testing all came back favorable and low-risk, and Hudson will have a normal life expectancy! Tears of joy!
 Thank you, thank you thank you, LORD!!!

My momma took the day from work to be with me during this day of chemo. She snuck this picture of us when I heard the great news about genetic testing. I’m so glad she did. I want to remember everything about this wonderful moment forever!!

Mommy and Hudson ready to take on another round of chemo!

Listening to Grammy read “Mr. Brown Can Moo” and making my heart happy.

Before Hudson was born, I wondered how I would give one-on-one time to this new baby like I did Cohen. I thought  Hudson’s time with me as a newborn would be so different from Cohen’s. While it is different in many ways, look at all the extra Mommy-Hudson time we are getting!

Every hour we change a diaper for each day of chemo and for 48 hours after the round of chemotherapy is over. So thankful my mom came with me for this six hour treatment that turned into ten hours in the hospital before we got to go home. With Steve working and Cohen needing him, I have been doing all treatments and appointments alone, and having her there to take care of me was really nice.

Can’t hold this guy down. Tummy time during treatment to keep up with his milestones.

Such a beautiful Thursday, but we would quickly realize, tough times were not quite finished in the Marshall house.

Friday, Steve took both he and Cohen to the doctor. The night before, while in the middle of hourly diaper changes, Steve told me he was just so cold. His temperature read 101.7. I grabbed Tylenol and a half hour later it read 103!

Got the Motrin, but fifteen minutes later it read 105.1! I was so scared. He was shaking and shaking, Hudson needed me, and Cohen was coughing so hard in the next room, I just knew he had something, too.

With help from a sweet friend, who is a nurse, we chugged some Rehydrate and brought his temperature down to where he could finally sleep. The doctor says it’s an infection possibly sinus or bronchitis.

Our babysitter has a sinus infection, and Cohen tested positive for the flu after waking with his own 102 temperature.

Hudson and I took to the nursery with the air purifier and camped out in there for a few days. The hardest part is seeing Cohen (with a mask on and changing my shirt every time I come in contact with him, which isn’t that often) and not being able to help my baby at all.

Through all this sickness, we still had to be on top of Hudson’s treatment. Back to seven days of the bone marrow rebuilding drug, Neupogen that goes in the blue pump. Also pictured are the flushes, primer, and all the other goodies Momma has to hook together to heal our baby boy.

And all of it…no matter how stressful, how tough, how emotional; all of it I’d do all over again for moments like this.


Thank you, Lord that we will raise these brothers together as it should be. We praise You for this beautiful gift!!


-Wonderful genetic testing!!!
-Tumor shrinking!!!!!
-Loss of more nodules!!
-Growing and gaining weight!
-Family and friends who leave food on our doorstep and in our infusion room, call with concern, text with love, and rejoice along with us!
-Wonderful jobs for Steve and myself that are so good helping us still through this
-Amazing doctors who go above and beyond. Dr. Kim Kohsla and Dr. Dole are a Godsend.
-Sweet Anna, who we prayed for last week, is home safe and recovering…thank you, LORD!!


-Chemo. last Thursday will knock the tumor down even more!
-Wonderful bloodwork this Thursday
-Steve, Cohen, and Ruthanne (our babysitter) get healthy enough to be around Hudson by the doctor’s Wednesday estimate
-Me going back to work (still nervous a little!) Tuesday
-Hudson and I do NOT catch any of this sickness!


Thank you for sharing our journey with us.


Andrea 🙂

Gi (6)

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Life after Chemo 1 No ratings yet.

Living This Blessed Life

January 1, 2014

I think what I’m most surprised about is how normal our life is right now.

Other than Hudson sleeping more than usual, we are just the same as we were before December 10.

It’s not like our life has come crashing down on us. It’s not even like I think about it all the time. It’s just a part of our new lifestyle.

We check his Broviac when we change his diaper to make sure the dressing is still properly attached. I flush his Broviac once a day with Heparin, and I wipe him down with Chlorhexidine before putting him into his jammies each night.

This may seem like it’s not normal at all, but after just two short weeks, it’s just our new normal. No biggie.

We still play, laugh, talk with friends, watch movies, celebrate little things here and there that the boys do each day, and go to work. We still do everything we used to, it’s just got a few more steps to it than normal.

reading with daddy time.jpg

Hudson is so happy, and is getting close to rolling over back to belly. He loves looking at his big brother and staring at the fireplace. He loves when we talk to him, and especially when we read to him. He’s loving being a thumb sucker, and I secretly love it, too.

When I look at the big picture, we’re going to be okay, and we are okay.

We have to keep positive to make life fun and healthy and loving for our boys. If anything, we’re growing closer as a family each time something new comes up with Hudson. Best of all, we are growing in our faith in the LORD though our walk with Him has taken this unexpected turn.

big tough guy.jpg

Prayer Requests:

~Hudson has lost many of his nodules, but he still has four major ones that are yet to go away.

~That Hudson and Cohen will do just fine when I go back to work on the 6th.

~That a little girl named Anna, whose momma has posted about her heart surgery coming up on Friday will be laid on the hearts of everyone reading this blog, too. Lord, please heal her sweet little heart!

~That the body scan will show Hudson’s tumor has shrunk considerably.

~Good chemo session on the 9th

~That my students aren’t affected by my need to leave and be with Hudson when I need to be with him. That they will still learn a lot from me and take important lessons with them that will help them in high school and beyond. That I can be a good teacher for them even though my heart and mind are here with my boys.


~Friendships that the Lord has given us. I cannot believe how many people are so compelled to pray for Hudson and our family, write us sweet messages, and just stick by us through the tough and celebrate the good with us. What a blessing every single day!

~Another nodule that was on the back of Hudson’s head, and a source of constant concern is GONE…GONE GONE GONE!

~That I found a homemade recipe for wipes that I love and will feel so much more comfortable combating “chemo rash” with after our next treatment on the 9th.

~That Mommy and Daddy shared our 10th Happy New Years smooch on the couch after both nearly falling asleep before midnight.

Songs. Books. Tummy Time. Comb-overs.

All in a day’s work.


~Jeremiah 29:12

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.


Thank you for sharing our journey with us.

Andrea 🙂

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A Bump in the Road No ratings yet.

December 16, 2013
Saturday, December 7, Hudson woke from his nap, and it was time for a diaper change. When he stretched out with his balled-up fists reaching for the sky, I went in for our routine tickles and raspberry belly laughs.

What I found made my heart drop.

Lumps. Two of them.

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