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New School Clean

Thieves Household Cleaner is the best and most cost-effective way to clean your home.

Long gone are the days of my mama sending me outside to play while she cleaned the house all rubber-gloved up to her elbows.

Now, I joyfully hand the Thieves Household Cleaner to my kids and say, “Let’s clean!”

Strong…in a Good Way

This cleaner literally strengthens the immune system and lungs while you clean.

Where else in this world can you find a safe, strong, yet immune-boosting cleaner for your house? Nowhere!

Thieves Household Cleaner Uses

  1. Fruit flies/gnats
  2. Bleach Alternative DIY
  3. Stainless steel scrub
  4. Safe Clorox-type wipes
  5. Vents
  6. Outlets
  7. Toys
  8. Exercise equipment
  9. Clean your washing machine
  10. Clean blinds
  11. Add to Rainbow Vacuum
  12. Add to power washer
  13. Clean whirlpool tub
  14. Clean your car inside
  15. Removes smells from bathrooms
  16. Jewelry cleaner
  17. Scrubbing paste
  18. Stain remover
  19. All purpose Cleaner
  20. Heavy degreasing
  21. Fruit + Veggie wash
  22. Dishwasher pod DIY
  23. Dishwasher detergent
  24. Laundry detergent
  25. Pots and pans soak
  26. Windows + glass cleaner
  27. Walls
  28. Hardwood floors
  29. Carpet cleaner
  30. Fabric cleaner
  31. Wrinkle release
  32. Mattress cleaner
  33. Laundry pre-treat
  34. Wood furniture cleaner
  35. Granite
  36. Stove
  37. Shower
  38. Sinks
  39. Tub
  40. Toilet
  41. DIY foaming hand soap
  42. Mirrors
  43. Dish soap
  44. Tile and grout scrub
  45. Fridge/freezer deep clean
  46. Disinfect garbage can
  47. Glass sliding door tracks
  48. Mold removal
  49. Pet stains
  50. Furniture polish

Final Thoughts

The amount of money we save every year from this plant-powered cleaner is unbelievable.

Love that we can always clean without ever having to worry about dangerous chemicals.

If you’re needing Thieves Household Cleaner, the best place to start is the Premium Starter Kit and the Essential Rewards program.

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