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Click HERE to buy the safest essential oils on the planet with Young Living.

Why Young Living Only?

  • Zero pesticides
  • Single distillation
  • Soil hasn’t been touched by pesticides in 50+ years
  • You can go to any farm in the world to see for yourself
  • Zero synthetics
  • Zero fragrance
  • ONLY essential oil

5% Rule

There’s a rule that says companies only have to make sure 5% of the oil in their bottles is actual essential oil to be considered “pure and therapeutic.”

Organic oils can even have synthetics and fragrance added to them under this rule, and do.

Young Living oils are the ONLY oils who never adulterate* their oils and have 100% never changed essential oil.

*I ‘m considering spraying plants with any pesticide as adulterating the oil.

Why Care About Pesticides?

Anything you put on your skin is in your bloodstream in 26 seconds.

Choosing an essential oil company outside of Young Living ensures you’ll have those pesticides coursing through your veins as well.

Why spend your money on a temporary fix that makes a long-term problem?

What About Organic Pesticides?

When I say ZERO pesticides, I mean ZERO.

Not even organic pesticides.

Young Living is hand-weeded (or sheep-weeded in some cases like the France Lavender farm!) and this is their above-and-beyond calling they call Seed-to-Seal.

Are They Expensive?

The amazing part about Young Living is the concentration of the oils and over 600+ lifestyle products.

For example, the household cleaner makes 29 spray bottles.

One 15mL bottle of oil has around 300 drops in it.

When you buy a Young Living lifestyle item, you’re adding immense value to your home and saving a ton!

How Do I Know Which Oils I Need?

Most people start with the Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 12 oils, a diffuser, and some samples of other lifestyle products at around half the cost as a bundle/kit.

These 12 oils are called our “Everyday Oils,” and the kit itself comes with a 24% discount on all products for life.

From there, the iTovi scanner {click HERE} and Essential Oils Reference Guide {click HERE) are two must-haves for taking on your new life of proactive living.

How Often Do I Have to Order?

That’s up to you.

Our family can’t possibly pass up the thousands of dollars we save every year with the loyalty program called Essential Rewards (read about it HERE).

You can order once in your whole life and never again, you can order with Essential Rewards, or anywhere in-between.

Do I Have to Sell this Stuff?


I personally tell everyone I know (including you!) because it feels like a deep down serious moral obligation to let people know there’s a safe way to live with all the disease in this world. You can be a part of one of the greatest changes in someone’s life, and that’s big.

You decide how and when you share, AND if you do, Young Living will send you a thank you check. No strings. No immediate business you’re roped into. Simply a, “Hey, you helped save a family. Thanks!” sweet bonus check!

You can learn how to utilize the Young Living referral program HERE.

What if I Need to Talk This Out?

Email me at, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

This is about YOU.

It’s your decision. Your lifestyle change.

We will go at YOUR pace, within YOUR budget, and with ZERO weird pressure.

I’m Totally Ready. What’s the BEST Way to Start with Young Living?

Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards. (Get started HERE).

I will get an email confirming you’ve gotten started.

You’ll have immediate access to our education group online. This is our tribe. We lift each other up. Learn together. Ask questions. And most importantly have FUN!

You will never be alone in this new lifestyle!

You’ll receive a gift bag in the mail from me welcoming you and setting you up for success.

Hope to meet you soon!

Learn fast truths about the safest oils on the planet and how Young Living can add insane value to your home and budget. It's simple and fun!


Learn fast truths about the safest oils on the planet and how Young Living can add insane value to your home and budget. It's simple and fun!

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