DIY Recipe Quick Links

Welcome to your go-to for DIY products that will wipe out the toxins in your home and actually work!

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Quick Links:

1.)2 Step Baby Powder

2.)3 Ingredient Lotion

3.)10 Best Supporting Roles for Playing Dr. Mom/Dad
4.)Baby Wipes

5.) Deodorant Recipes

6.)Dish Soap

7.)Dishwasher Detergent

8.)Fabric Softener

9.)Face Wash


11.) Heat Protectant

12.)Laundry Detergent

13.)Lip Balm/Chapstick

14.)Makeup Remover


16.)Shave Gel

17.)Sink Scrub

18.) Sun Lotion

19.) Tooth and Gum Support



Don’t forget to check out the Step-by-Step Toxin-Free Living Guide!


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