Non-Toxic Dish Soap

I put this off. For a long time.

I wish I was the kind of girl who would jump in and happily hand wash a dish when it was huge and wouldn’t fit in with the dishwasher load, but I’m just not.

Nope. Not about that life.

Should be. But. Just. Can’t.

So, since most everything goes in the dishwasher, I let this be one of the last switches I’ve made for our family, and now that I see how easy it is and how terrible the “good” options are that I bought, I’m (per usual) annoyed at my learn-the-hard-way lifestyle.

Like my other posts about safe products in your home, I’ve found all the information in this post from where they rate items A-F. See below:

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.22.13 PM.png

Do you see your dish soap here? I do!










Oh, goodness. Names like “Pure and Clear,” “Green Works,” and the biggie “Next to Godliness” got me like whaaaat?


Like I said before, the recipe I use was so unbelievably quick (I didn’t time it, but I’m guessing maybe three or four minutes start to finish?) and it works so well that I feel silly now waiting this long with death and destruction in my kitchen this whole time.


When I did use that bottle of toxins, it was to wash water bottles out. Good grief, woman. We’ve been drinking toxins marketed for soft hands.

I can’t understand how this is acceptable just to make a dollar.

Thankfully, there’s great news! Like always, I’ve got two ways to go about turning another toxic item in your home to clean.

If you’re not looking to DIY anything, you do have a few options to buy in-store. See the “A” listers below:




If you’re ready to make your own in a cute jar for cheap that’s quick and simple, you’re in for a great recipe!


You’ll need:

Mason jar  with lid like this one (I like how many options there are to choose from!)

2/3 C Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (If you’re wondering where you’ll use up the rest of this, read here!)

3 tsp. vegetable glycerine

5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil

10 drops Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

1 C purified water (we use the water from our fridge purifier)

Mix together, put the lid on the jar, and enjoy!


I’ve seen lots of different recipes for dish soap, but I like this one.

I used it on some tough, long-forgotten water bottles I found today, and it scrubbed them clean with a light and lovely scent left behind.

A smell that isn’t from toxic, lab-created chemicals.

A clean and a smell that comes from what God gave us to use from our earth.

It’s a great feeling, watching our boys drink from water bottles cleaned in toxin-free soap, and I shudder at what I’ve put into my body through my hands during the years and years I spent without a dishwasher.

Thankful for my dishwasher, and even more thankful that, with little ones to feed,  I can clean dishes with such an easy and safe recipe.


~Andrea 🙂

4 thoughts on “Non-Toxic Dish Soap

  1. Do you ever use this as hand soap? And…I’ve read some reviews on other sites that homemade soap with these ingredients can be runny. Have you run into that or am I going to get a store-bought consistency with this recipe?

    1. I use castile and water in a foam pump for hand soap. I just use this on dishes. 🙂 It’s runny for sure, but the way it cuts grease totally makes up for the change in consistency. 🙂

  2. First of all, I love your blog. I’ve read every post and enjoyed every one of them :). Second, I’m going to buy many of the products you’ve mentioned to make homemade hand soap and dish soap. I’m thinking that making these items would be fun to do with my daughters this summer when school’s out. You are one of my daughter’s teachers and she’d get a huge kick out of making products from your blog!!

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