The Tooth Trio That Saved My Mouth

As a child, my mother always made such a point to take great care of my teeth.

I was cavity-free and livin’ it up until that first pregnancy.

The dentist said shifts in hormones can damage teeth, and boy did it ever do a number to mine!

Since then my oral health continually declined. I was pregnant three more times, nursed two babies, lost sleep, and pushed through survival mode as a full-time working momma.  I have had cavities filled, my gums became tender, and I had heat/cold/sweet sensitivity like crazy.

Cold sensitivity from the girl who used to be the only person in the room who could do that unnerving biting-right-into-a- popsicle thing.

It was so frustrating.

I spent five years going to the dentist, getting cavities filled, trying some new toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash combo he’d throw my way, only to be left with even more pain-filled experiences.

I got to the point where I gave up completely on trying to eat anything sweet, cold, or overly hot if I could avoid it. It just wasn’t worth the pain.

Thankfully, about a year ago, I decided to look into essential oils through Young Living.

My main goal was to switch our life from toxic ingredients in our home to natural and real ingredients for everything.

Over the past year, I’ve learned a lot and changed even more. One of those big changes, and it is one I’ve been so super thankful for, is my oral care.

As a desperate last plea for pain relief (and the enjoyment of the food I ate!) I looked into Young Living’s oral care.

After many years of trying and failing, I fully expected this to be another fail, but I’d never know unless I tried. Since I’d gotten so many great results from the oils, I did have a little spark of hope.

The first change I noticed (as did others) was the brightness of my teeth.

I’ve been asked if I bleach or whiten them a lot with this toothpaste.

No bleach necessary when you’re non-toxic! In fact, one of the worst parts about those teeth bleaching/whitening products (other than their toxicity) is that they left my mouth even more sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets than before!

The next difference I noticed was that the sensitivity seemed to be far less than it was before.

I didn’t want to be this automatic big believer of something if it wasn’t really working for the better, so I gave it some time.

I especially didn’t want to write something for you that I hadn’t given a lot of time trying out first.

Here I am, six months from starting, and my mouth is far healthier than it was six months ago.

Finally, I noticed a huge change to my gums! No matter how much I brushed or how I flossed with my old set up, my gums still seemed inflamed, painful, and I never got a good report from the dentist.

Now, they are pink, healthy, and no longer painful. No more pain! That is something to celebrate!

The Aromabright toothpaste is so wonderful; we use it, and so do our kids. It has a cinnamon-like taste to it that I thought the boys (six and three) wouldn’t like, but they love it! It leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and my teeth looking so much better, I can’t imagine ever using a different toothpaste.

The Thieves floss is a big contributor to my gum health improving. It lasts so long and smells so Thieves-y good, it is one of my favorites!

The Thieves mouthwash leaves my mouth feeling so unbelievably fresh, I could never go back!

Because it is made up of Thieves (as well as other amazing ingredients), it was a little warm for me to start, but I reminded myself of rinsing with those alcohol-based rinses and decided to toughen up.

I’m so glad I did because I quickly got used to the warmth, and it’s now something I enjoy each day. Finishing my routine with Theives mouthwash has made a big difference. It’s like I can feel it getting cleaner as I swish–weird, but true!

Overall, I’m beyond thrilled with my switch to this trio, and our family has never looked back.

Both boys, my husband, and I get great feedback from the dentist.

For me, that is a big win, especially for our kids. We want the dentist to be a positive experience where they learn good oral care, since it directly links to their overall health.

We also don’t want to fill their bodies with toxins twice a day, every day, so to know they are using safe ingredients is the biggest relief.

I was shocked to find how many toothpastes use harmful ingredients, and I find peace in having this routine implemented throughout our family.

Want to know how to go non-toxic with essential oils? Click here!

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  1. I myself didn’t have cavities growing up and I still don’t probably because of taking care of my teeth at a younger age. But I will have to try this stuff out.

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