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These three words will literally never be applied to my natural skin tone.



Or, if they’re trying to be kind, “Fair”.

That’s me. Always in need of some color…

My entire life I’ve used self-tanner, but mostly since my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. Since then I have had to be much more careful about the sun.

I’m made just like her. We even have moles in the same spot!

So, when I’m not under the knife at the dermatologist, I’m trying to appear more life-like with self-tanner.

I have tried some really horrible brands that simply didn’t work, and unfortunately some that were terrible for my body.

When choosing sunless tanner, I look at the following :

1.) Color: Not too orange. Not too yellow. More natural, brownish color.

2.) Longevity: How long does it last? Does it reapply well?

3.) Application: smooth, not streaky, doesn’t leave my hands stained, and I can see where I apply it.

4.) Safety: isn’t toxic or harmful to my body.

Nothing I have ever tried since I was a teenager has ever met all of this criteria.

If you’d rather buy, I’ll give you options that are safe, but the DIY version I made is definitely worth your time. I love it.

…and that is saying a lot for someone who’s tried just about every self-tanner out there.

Before we get to that, though, let’s look at the sunless tanners you should definitely avoid.

Just as a reminder, this is how rates the products they test:


The following are the self-tanners on the market that you should steer clear of:TOXIC TANNERS

I have used some of the worst of them. Over and over again. Pouring toxins in my body then most likely making it worse by sweating through the hot summer days.

It never stops being frustrating.

We should be able to have a product that we can trust.

We should be able to use sunless tanner without being orange.

Or smelling weird.

Or walking around with orange hands all day!

Finally, we can.

While there are some “safe” options you can find here,  I have tried those and am still yet to find one that, even when most carefully applied, still won’t turn me orange, streaky, or even wear off in an uneven way.

Here’s a simple and effective sunless tanner from One Mom and a Blog that applies evenly, wears off evenly, and even smells great!

You’ll need:

4 oz. mason jar

1/4 C Shea Butter

1/4 C Cocoa Butter

1/2 C Coconut Oil

1/4 C Beeswax

6 TBS Cocoa Powder

1/2 TBS Golden Mica Powder (for shimmer-think more subtle shimmer, less prom 2001)

20 drops essential oil of your choice (I chose lavender)

1.) Melt shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax.

2.) Add cocoa powder, mica powder, and essential oils.

3.) Mix together and let sit in the refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes.

4.) Whip (I have used a Kitchen Aid as well as a hand mixer) for approximately 8 minutes. Transfer to a container.

Apply daily or as needed for a sun-kissed glow–finally! 🙂

I love this mostly because of how easy it is to fix if I apply it too thick in certain spots. Just blend it in a little longer, and you’re all set!

For best results, you’ll want to use a scrub first to exfoliate. Below you’ll find the recipe I found and love from Shaken Together.

You’ll need:

4 oz. mason jar

1/3 C Sugar

1 TBS Honey

4-5 TBS Coconut Oil

10 drops lavender oil

Stir all ingredients together. Take a small amount and massage onto skin gently letting the sugar do the exfoliating. I do this while showering, so I can apply the self tanner after.

I love how soft my skin feels after I use it and even better, I always have the ingredients in my pantry!

Summer is here, fellow pale girls. Instead of slathering on expensive toxins, let’s feel confident in not only what we’re using for bronzer, but how we look in it, too.

Want to know how to go non-toxic with essential oils? Click here!


~Andrea 🙂

DIY Self Tanner

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  1. Oh I am so glad that I do not use self tanners. I’d rather be pale! Many products are toxic to the body. I cannot believe that these products are stocked on shelves in stores. I love the DIY self tanner….thanks for sharing a solution!!

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