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Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves
We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

Top 10 Natural Living Must Haves

Make the switch to healthy living super simple with these top 10 natural living must haves!

It seems like everyone is going toward safer ingredients these days, but which products are actually worth your money?

These ten definitely hit the mark.

1. Premium Starter Kit + Essential Rewards: Young Living

This is an obvious one, but so necessary it’s at the very top of our list.

No one else offers both synthetic and pesticide-free living.

With over 600 lifestyle products to choose from, you’re getting way more than just essential oils.

Plus, Young Living is concentrated, so it’s like buying in bulk and makes your wallet very happy.

Finally, the Essential Rewards program makes this lifestyle even more financially freeing!

2. Lead-Free Glassware

Ditch those plastic storage bins faster than you ditched candles, y’all!

Petrochemicals leech into your food and harm your body.

It’s easier to find lead-free glassware than you think.

Find our favorite food storage here.

Get our favorite glasses here.

See our favorite dishes here.

Discover our favorite straws here.

Fall in love with our favorite mixing bowls here.

3. Toaster Oven

Kick the microwave to the curb and fast!

The toaster oven (like this one) takes a bit longer, but seems like it’s done in no time once it’s a part of your routine.

Who wants to destroy all the good nutrients in your food and harm your body with extra radiation when you could have leftovers that taste just like dinner last night?

Toaster oven bonus?

Cook, warm, toast…all in one!

4. Outlet Timer for WiFi Router

Adults and children alike are overexposed to radiation from phones, tablets, computers, and WiFi.

This simple timer will allow your family to have the WiFi shut off at a certain time before bed and will turn back on when you need it in the morning or afternoon.

We noticed a huge difference in how the entire family slept without WiFi on all night.

Home all day?

You can still turn it off and on as needed!

5. Blue Light Blockers

With all the time we spend looking at blue light, research is finding our eyes are deteriorating faster than any other generation before us.

Blue light blocking glasses like these for adults and these for kids are super helpful as well as Young Living’s IlluminEyes supplement and NingXia Red!

6. Glass Kettle

I love coffee and tea.

A glass kettle like this one keeps me from ever needing a harmful microwave to warm my water.

Even better, you can avoid drinking petrochemicals from heated plastic coffee makers with a Chemex coffee maker instead.

You can also have richer coffee with a Bur grinder, and avoid bleached coffee filters with this reusable filter.

7. Ceramic Neti Pot

I have a love-hate relationship with my Neti Pot, but I cannot deny the power in it!

I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the dangers of Neti Potting because of our water nowadays.

The glass kettle in number six is a sure way to make sure you have good, boiled water, but suggestion number eight will be even more important.

Just make sure you let it cool down for a long time before you use it!

8. Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Have you ever tested your water?

Like, really tested it?

I was shocked when we did our testing.

Our super high filtration system was not that helpful.

Drinking from filtered refrigerators was like drinking tap.

Drinking from the tap…well…not good, friends. Not good at all.

Ideally, a whole home reverse osmosis is best because of how much exposure we have with showering and hand washing.

If that’s out of your price range, a much more doable option is an under-the-sink reverse osmosis with these shower head attachments.

9. Clean Up Your Cleaners

It’s no surprise to learn that household cleaners are seriously dangerous.

Like, reports of holes burned in the esophagus, asthma, and lowered immune system bad.

Why not save yourself a ton of money and health issues?

The best way to do this is to get a refillable mop and the Thieves line.

The Thieves Household Cleaner on its own makes 29 spray bottles just from the one concentrated bottle.

This is the only cleaner in our home.

It kills 99.96% of germs.

Yes, you can use it on all surfaces.

And oh, yes. It smells like Christmas.

10. Clean Your Air

Diffusers are everywhere, but why is using them alongside the only safe essential oils so important?

  • Every hour a candle burned = one cigarette smoked to your lungs
  • Essential oils are only required to have 5% oil in the bottle
  • Young Living is the ONLY company not spraying their plants with pesticides (think Round-Up in your veins within 26 seconds of touching your skin)

If you choose this to make your house smell like home, you’re not only ditching seriously harmful fragrances.

With Young Living in your diffuser of choice, you’re also building your immune system, supporting your mood, memory, bones, cardiovascular health, and more!

Final Thoughts

A safe lifestyle takes a little time to step into, but it’s the best thing you can do for both you and for four generations beyond your own.

You have to protect your family, and thanks to this list, you’ve got a great start.

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We've gathered up our most useful top ten  natural living must haves so you can make your switch to safer living safe and simple.

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