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Generational Gift

Each generation tries to gift their kids a better life. Our generation may be the first to get it all wrong.

From birth, our parents made trade school, college, or some form of secondary education was our top priority .

We’ve handled with those gifts in our own ways.

We reaped those rewards (or paid heavily for them).

But to gift our kids the same, is putting them so far out in left field, they may never get a chance to play ball.

However, it may not be for the reason you’re imagining.

Why We’re So Off Base

For decades upon decades, we’ve been told schooling is the only way to get ahead.

However, at closer inspection, take a look at what this generation has that their dial-up parents didn’t.

They’re dripping with information. Lousy with it.

They carry it in their pockets for crying out loud.

Yet we still harp at them that this is it. The one thing that will make or break them.

We have to sound absolutely crazy. They get that education is important. It’s common knowledge to this generation. Common. Knowledge. Nothing to pass along, friend.

They get it.

Meanwhile, cancer rates are soaring, diseases are running rampant, and obesity is a sickness a huge amount of Americans have denied is even a problem.

How in this world do we expect our children to become adults that can use their education if they’re too sick to show up to a job?

What Needs Fixing

The main issues are hard to see. Like…really hard to see.


Every other commercial on the television is pushing the problems and treating them like a gift.

The main issues we need to resolve for our kids are:


You’ve heard the old adage: food is medicine.

That’s no joke.

Prepackaged “healthy” foods are immediately unhealthy.

Pesticide-sprayed fruits and vegetables are flat out proven to have less nutrition than organic and chemical free produce.

Our children drink more sugar in one beverage than they should consume in an entire day.

Then we’re surprised when we see the charts shouting at us that we’re sicker than ever…

The only way around this is to find chemical free and organic farms that we can buy from to bring costs down. To budget in organics just like we do a cell phone bill.

If you’re reading this in the Dayton, Ohio area or you’d just like to see some great examples, visit Three Trees Farm or Eat Food For Life. Read their websites and about their practices.

This education is more valuable than gold.

Lifestyle Products

We were shocked at how many “safe” products were full of synthetics, fragrances, and pesticides.

How can companies get away with this?

We keep buying their crap!

We’ve got to look into what we put on our body and in our air, friends!

This is dire. And I do mean DIRE.

The average American home is up to five TIMES more toxic than the most populated and industrialized cities!

It’s no wonder the cause of 95% of cancers is toxins.

Every single hour of burning a candle in your home is the same, toxicologists say, as smoking a cigarette. 

Imagine putting a cigarette in your baby’s mouth.

Exactly. You wouldn’t.

What do we expect when detergents and soaps marked cancerous and hormone disrupting are marketed to children?

Dependency on Medicine

I could talk about this and the lifestyle products for hours, but I’ll be brief.

Somehow we’ve forgotten that medicine is a LAST RESORT.

Somewhere in the last twenty years we decided that popping a pill or dropping Tylenol in our kids’ mouths every time their temperature goes above 99 degrees is fixing the problem.

Please. We have to stop. Now.

Don’t you see?

If you fix the food and lifestyle products issue and you use Young Living to work home remedies (like a simple drop of Peppermint on the bottoms of my child’s foot every 15 minutes that brought his temperature down from 104 to an easy-to-sleep 102 and the one drop of Thieves in honey every few hours that fought off his virus to have him up and literally running the very next day), then you WON’T NEED THE MEDICINE!

But instead, we toss aside those little square side effects pamphlets assuming that our docs wouldn’t prescribe them to us if those effects weren’t like…the freak accidents, right?

But what you’re not reading (and what your doctor isn’t telling you) is all the little things that are happening to your body every time you take something you could fix like we do naturally. All those things your did to your body and passed on to your child that they’ll genetically pass on to theirs.

Remember all the people who stands to earn a LOT of money off each one of your scripts or your synthetic cough syrups labeled “natural” the next time you head into your local drug store.

You have a decision to make. A gift to give.

I get it.

I was afraid to throw the aspirin and acetaminophen away until Young Living proved itself for a year.

But I do urge you to make the decision sooner than later, friends.

Where to Start

I’d love to tell you to go out and buy all the white labeled stuff at the store and make yourself a new clean home with a Target cart full of new bottles, but I can’t.

I know because I tried it myself, and it didn’t work.

Step one is to go to the Young Living site here .

Get started with being a customer.

Need ideas for what to get first?

Text me at (937) 419-4783. Tell me your name and what you need help with. This is my job that I’ve spent the last 4 years learning, and I’m here to help you defend your family!

What to Get

  1. CLEAN YOUR AIR: get a diffuser (I suggest the Desert Mist)
  2. CLEAN YOUR LAUNDRY: grab the Thieves Laundry Detergent. It dilutes out to 16 bottles and you’ll get the recipe when I add you to our Facebook community.
  3. CLEAN YOUR EVERYTHING ELSE: Thieves Household Cleaner is 29 bottles in one. You can get rid of EVERY. SINGLE. CLEANER. IN. YOUR. HOME. No, this isn’t a joke. Yes, it kills the germs. We’ve done it for 4 years. I’d not beat my head against a wall for four years if it didn’t work like a charm…hello!
  4. SET UP A LOYALTY BOX: this will give you a % back on each monthly box you get. You’ll choose what goes in (think oils for remedies and prevention, personal care/toiletries, makeup, supplements, CBD, etc next) and remember, most all dilute out to save you tons. What you can’t dilute, you can use your % back to get for free!


Set small goals for yourself each month.

  1. What can you swap out at the store for a Young Living product?
  2. What can you buy organic this week instead of conventional?

Living on a budget?

You’ll be shocked by how much money is left over for organics when you take out pop/soda, cookies, chips, and prepackaged snacks.

This will be the most rewarding gift you’ve ever given.

When your children are reaping the rewards as adults and teaching their children, your grandbabies, how to create a home the right way for health instead of illness, you’ll be so very glad you read this, took action, and never looked back.

The generational gift we millenials are giving our children and what we can give them instead to turn it all around.

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