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Top 2 Safest Dish Soaps

The soap you use on your dishes matters, so we have found the top 2 safest dish soaps for your health.

Simple Answers

Your hands are covered in the soap you choose.

The food you eat sits on the dishes meaning your family ingests all the chemicals store soaps leave behind.

Thankfully, you have options!

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Option 1: Trusted Source

My all-time favorite trusted source for all things non-toxic is Young Living. 

Their Thieves Dish Soap is strong but safe.

The best part is that it is super concentrated, so it lasts a good while.

You’ll love how it attacks grease and leaves your dishes a true clean.

Option 2: My Favorite DIY

This recipe is fast to make, and it works so well that I love having the ingredients on hand for any time I run out of Thieves Dish Soap!



  1. Add all ingredients and fill the rest with water.
  2. Add a foam top to your canning jar to stretch this.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great feeling.

Watching our boys drink from water bottles cleaned in safe soap, eating their meals from dishes I know are truly clean, but I shudder at what I’ve put into our bodies over the years.

I’m so grateful for so many safe options, especially with how well the Young Living and DIY work!

I hope this has helped you create toxin-free dishes stress free!

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These top 2 safest dish soaps will be working for your health, not against it like all other soap options on the market today.
These top 2 safest dish soaps will be working for your health, not against it like all other soap options on the market today.
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10 Replies to “Top 2 Safest Dish Soaps”

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  2. Do you ever use this as hand soap? And…I’ve read some reviews on other sites that homemade soap with these ingredients can be runny. Have you run into that or am I going to get a store-bought consistency with this recipe?

    1. I use castile and water in a foam pump for hand soap. I just use this on dishes. 🙂 It’s runny for sure, but the way it cuts grease totally makes up for the change in consistency. 🙂

  3. First of all, I love your blog. I’ve read every post and enjoyed every one of them :). Second, I’m going to buy many of the products you’ve mentioned to make homemade hand soap and dish soap. I’m thinking that making these items would be fun to do with my daughters this summer when school’s out. You are one of my daughter’s teachers and she’d get a huge kick out of making products from your blog!!

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