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How I Get Relief From Migraines, Naturally
Migraines are painful and frustrating, especially when they keep you from living your life. Here, I share how I get relief from migraines naturally.

How I Get Relief from Migraines, Naturally

I never thought I could get relief from migraines naturally until I experienced it for myself.

How I do it is simpler than you may think.

Attack the Root, Not the Symptoms

Why do you have a migraine?

This is key.

Once I got rid of all synthetics in our home and switched to Young Living (the only synthetic and pesticide-free living available), my migraines became fewer and farther between.

Then, I got rid of antibiotics and turned to my wellness arsenal here at home.

Here’s how.

The Migraine

To tackle the migraine itself, I have a powerful tool in M-Grain essential oil, which you can get here.

This has Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Peppermint, and Helichrysum oils in it.

I take one drop M-Grain and one drop carrier oil and place it on my temples, back of my neck, and I’ll breathe it in as well.

On top of fighting my migraine, the Peppermint, especially helps me with any nausea I have, which is a nice benefit.

The Muscles

When I get a migraine, it feels like my muscles are super tense.

In order to feel relief and keep relief going, I’ll put one drop PanAway (get it here) and four drops carrier and massage it into wherever I feel like the pain is.

Another option to help relief the pain in my muscles is the CBD Muscle Rub, which is beyond fantastic!


A huge help for me is not only staying hydrated, but adding back in some things I’ve lost throughout the migraine.

I’ll add some Vitality Drops or AminoWise to water to help keep my body hydrated and replenished, which helps push through quicker.

We only use reverse osmosis water to ensure we aren’t putting more synthetics into our body. We use this one.


Consistency is key!

Put those oils on every fifteen minutes if you have to!

Keep siping that water!

Don’t stop relentlessly serving your body until you feel better.

Use Only Pesticide-Free

Using pesticide-free and synthetic-free products ensures you’re taking the best care of your body.

Since our switch, we’ve noticed we haven’t needed antibiotics, or over-the-counter medications.

I’ve had far less migraines, and I have real ways to dig down to the core and get rid of them instead of putting a bandaid on it like a “pain reliever.”

To begin pesticide-free/synthetic-free living, I suggest getting a Young Living starter kit (prices range from $35+). You can find them here.

You can set up Essential Rewards (their loyalty program) and budget out your products like we do monthly if you’d like.

This program saves us over $2,000 every year.

You can read more about Essential Rewards here.

Final Thoughts

The ability to get rid of migraines without drugs has been empowering.

It has helped my overall wellbeing and health tremendously.

However, I couldn’t be nearly as successful as I am without living the Young Living lifestyle.

Relief is out there, and it’s easier and far less expensive than what you’re doing now.

Migraines are painful and frustrating, especially when they keep you from living your life. Here, I share how I get relief from migraines naturally.

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Which CBD Should You Choose? No ratings yet.

Which CBD oil should you choose?

The Problem

Just like the essential oils industry, people saw a way to make a quick buck with CBD oil.

In a flash there were CBD companies popping up all over the place.

Similarly, without research, harm, just like with essential oil fakes, will happen.

How do you choose?

Isolate VS Full-Spectrum CBD

Isolate is where it’s at.

There’s no trace amounts of THC, which means it won’t mess with any work drug tests.

Full spectrum contains plant material, chlorophyll, waxes, oils, terpenes, and toxins from the soil.

For this reason, isolate is a much safer choice.


Terpenes matter!

Young Living oils infuse Nature Ultras CBD creating the best oils high in terpenes.

A terpene is an aromatic hydrocarbon in the oil of a plant.

Terpenes effect receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain.

To the brain they look like antidepressants.

Because of this, the combination of Young Living’s essential oils and Natures Ultra CBD has unbelievable effects on the body!

Why Nature’s Ultra CBD ?

  1. Quality starts at the source. Growing Nature’s Ultra CBD in the high mountains of Colorado allows fewer pests without spraying chemicals. Natures Ultra CBD is pesticide-free.
  2. Nature’s Ultra is one of the first companies with a USDA organic certification and USDA organic handler’s certifications. Testing in multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process allows for potency and purity.
  3. No heavy metals. All products have been subjected to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure it contains the optimal amount of CBD and is free of heavy metals.
  4. No solvents. Harsh chemicals are never used in the manufacturing process thanks to the proprietary CO2 extraction methods.
  5. The QR code on bottle will lead to lab test results.
  6. Quality extraction process. The green-friendly CO2 extraction process produces the purest CBD at 99% or higher. Nature’s Ultra certifies zero THC (0.00%).
  7. All ingredients proven natural, organic, vegan, and gluten free.

Just like Young Living, Nature’s Ultra is even better than organic.

Never sprayed.


Harvested at the best time.

Bottled and tested to perfection.

Because of this, we can trust this company as much as Young Living.


A Sweet Discount!

Because Young Living and Natures Ultra have partnered, a discount is apart of the package. The best part of having a Young Living membership for CBD purchases is the 24% discount on all Nature’s Ultra products!

After purchasing a Premium or Basic Starter Kit, total access to the best oil on the planet for discount is available!


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