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Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally

Top 4 Ways to Reduce Fever Naturally

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally is so simple, I can’t believe we haven’t been doing this all along!

I hope this article encourages and leads you to a more natural option even if you’re not fully convinced just yet to ditch the harmful fever reducers.

*Disclaimer: Because of pesticides and/or synthetics in every other oil brand, I can only in good conscience recommend Young Living, who never sprays, but instead hand weeds and allows you on their farms all over the world to see for yourself. No one else offers this.


In your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll find one of the most complete oils: Peppermint.

In four drops of a carrier like this one, we put Peppermint on the bottoms of our feet and along our spine.

We do this every fifteen minutes until our temperature is at a more comfortable level.

The last time I did it, I brought my child’s 104 degree fever to 101 in an hour.

By that time, he could get to sleep comfortably.

The next morning, he was up running and playing!

Because fever is one of the most powerful healing responses of the human body, we don’t want to take it away, but we instead want to protect our brain and help soothe and comfort.

We love the gradual cooling Young Living’s Peppermint provides.

Plow & Hearth

2. Vitality Water

Create your own electrolyte drink without the sugar (immune suppressing), dye, and preservatives.

Young Living’s Vitality Drops have naturally occurring electrolytes from the Great Salt Lake to keep you hydrated.

Not only that, but have you tasted these?


**Pro Tip: Glass only.

3. Spine Power!

Lemon and Frankincense, both in the Premium Starter Kit, are two we add to carrier along the spine.

We apply them to the spine because of how many nerves there are along this area of the body and the two carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries found there.

This means better absorption and that the oils are carried better throughout the bloodstream with that kind of artery power behind it pumping from the heart through the body.

Frankincense is a huge support in immune boosting and Lemon is lovely for supporting a detox of all the junk our body is trying to fight.

4. Get to the Root

Oil blends like ImmuPower and nutritionals like Super C Chewables, we are able to work on the root of the problem through a serious support of the body.

Instead of breaking down the gut, where a lot of our immune system is housed, we build up the body with Young Living oils and oil-infused supplements.

Better yet, we’re not destroying our gut health as we work toward bringing our body back up above the line of wellness, so our immune system doesn’t take a huge hit like it does with antibiotics.

Batteries Plus


Be consistent when trying to lower a fever.

Stay hydrated, well rested, and put the oils on often throughout the day.

Follow the directions on your supplements.

Use your oils a lot.

Feel better.

It’s a simple as that.

The more we stray from gut-harming medicines and focus on the building and supporting of our immune system instead, we’ll find issues like fever are much easier to handle.

The top 4 ways to reduce fever naturally are so simple, much more cost-effective, and don't harm your vital organs like all other fever reducers.

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How to REALLY Survive this School Year No ratings yet.

Want an easy school year?

Here’s a list of the MUST HAVES, especially during cold and flu season!

Need help getting these? Click here!

  1. All Things Thieves
  2. Mighty Pro
  3. MightyZymes
  4. MightyVites
  5. Thieves Hand Sanitizer (and a big bottle for the classroom, too)
  6. Raven
  7. Tranquil/SleepyIze/Cedarwood+Lavender + 10 hour diffuser
  8. GeneYus
  9. TummyGize
  10. Stress Away

Before I get into the details, I have to add a quick line about consistency. What your kids need most from these products is for you to use them consistently.

This goes against everything you’ve been taught in the “put-a-bandaid-on-it-antibiotic-over-the-counter-abused” world we live in, so I just need to make that my first and biggest encouragement to you.

It might feel weird at first, but once you see the huge difference toxin-free living makes, it’ll be second nature in no time!


It’s about so much more than just prevention.

When you get those infamous white dots in the back of your throat, your ears are hurting, snot is flowing, tummies are barfing, eyes are icky, fevers are raging…you name it, Thieves is your hero!

Thieves and living toxin-free through the YL Essential Rewards program will singlehandedly keep your home junk-free for years to come!

That means better gut health, which means stronger immune systems, which means less middle-of-the-night fevers, less makeup work from sick days, less stress…all that goodness starts with Thieves.

Did you know they have an entire Thieves line? 

Thieves Household Cleaner, for example, dilutes into 27 bottles and is scientifically proven to clean better than your endocrine-disrupting/throat-burning/immune-lowering store-bought junk! It literally replaces every cleaner in your home!

The rest of the Thieves line:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap (dilutes into 3 bottles)
  • Dish soap (dilutes into 12 bottles)
  • Dishwasher powder (dilutes into 2 bags)
  • Bar soap
  • Roller bottle (hello convenience!)
  • Laundry Detergent (dilutes into 3 bottles)
  • Toothpaste, mouthwash, floss (can dilute the mouthwash BIG time)
  • Cough drops + losenges
  • Fruit + Veggie Soak + Spray
  • Surface disinfectant spray + wipes

You don’t make that many products from this oil blend if it’s “only okay,” friends. This stuff is straight magic.

MIGHTY Pro, Zymes, +Vites

To keep it simple, you need gut health for overall wellness and core nutrients we can’t get from our food these days.

MightyPro is a stick pack that has both pre AND probiotics (“pro” needs to eat “pre” in order to be effective), and MightyZymes are great to have on hand when your kids (or you) needs extra help with digestion. Think school party junk, and you’ll know why you need MightyZymes.


Yeah, I just did an all Thieves section. This is just THAT important.

It’s THAT important you NEVER buy the store sanitizers.

I’m talking Threat Level Future Grandchildren here.

Other sanitizers seriously harm genital development and hormones. PLEASE get Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and make sure to grab some of the big bottles for your kids’ teachers!

Also, HELLO…did you see the promos this month? We get these little guys for free!

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.06.56 AM


My favorite tip: when you hear or see the first snot in your child’s face, RUN for the Raven.

Put one drop in your hand with four drops carrier (that’s just a fancy word for fatty oil like coconut, olive, grapeseed…you know) and rub it on their chest and back where their lungs are. For good measure go up their throat as well.

Do this often (or if you’d prefer pre-diluted, use SniffleEase) to keep coughs at bay!

You can diffuse this in their rooms at night, and pair it with Thieves on the bottoms of their feet (that Thieves roller would be AMAZING in the kids’ bedroom oil shelves!).


The two biggest mistakes I’ve made with my own kids during the school year is not getting enough sleep or water.

Both of these can lead to lower immune systems.

Check out this sleep chart from the National Sleep Foundation:

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.16.36 AM.png

Add water with a drop of YL lemon oil (no plastic bottles!) for during the school day.

Making sure they drink plenty of water in the morning and after school can help with a myriad of issues, especially with their tummy.

Keep in mind when you have your kids it’s likely their most (and sometimes only) opportunity for water.

Adding any of the oils for sleep (check your Essential Oils Reference Guide by Life Science Publishing) to your nighttime routine and diffusing with a ten hour diffuser (Desert Mist is my favorite!), will help everyone get the rest they need.

I also suggest turning the diffuser on before everyone leaves for the day on the 10 hour setting. If any germs are in there, you can kick them with the air purification properties of oils like Citrus Fresh or Lemon (both in the Premium Starter Kit)!


This KidScents pre-diluted oil is great diffused or rolled on before school.

I like to apply it directly from the bottle to the boys’ brain stem area and diffuse it while we’re learning during the day.

It helps keep them focused and on task.


If there’s ever an oil that saves me the most it’s TummyGize.

I can always know for certain that when their stomach is bothering them, a drop of TummyGize will have them feeling better within 5-10 minutes. Every. Single. Time.


Put a roller on top of this one or get the rollerbottle that’s premade like the Thieves one you see in the promo pictures. It just works.

The kids can take them to school and use it before a big test or presentation, you can use it before filling out the stacks of paperwork coming home, or when you’re trying to make it to all the places for every child within a half hour time period.

Stress leads to illness, and while we’re really never taught how to manage it, we have options when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of Young Living’s 100% toxin-free oils.

This is one great way to keep yourself and the kids together during this busy season of life.


The Young Living lifestyle isn’t a NICEity, it’s a NECESSITY.

Less expensive, safer, healthier…it’s a no-brainer!

Don’t have access to this true health and toxin-free lifestyle yet?

Don’t worry!

It’s really easy to start!

Your first step will be getting a Premium Starter Kit (this will let you immediately save $300 in the store and make shopping faster and easier!).

While you’re getting set up for your kit, Young Living gives you the opportunity to take part in something they call Essential Rewards.

It’s basically the best thing to come across this family financially in a long time.

Essential Rewards (or ER for short) gives you a percentage back (up to 25%) on each month’s purchases on things you’d buy for your family anyway, except every one of Young Living’s 600+ products are toxin-free, super concentrated (think Costo or Sams in small bottles), and work better than what you previously bought anywhere else.

You can take care of every facet of your home (cleaning, cooking, beauty, personal care, baby, kids, men, pets, nutrition, supplements, etc) through Young Living’s 25 years of  chemical-free living expertise.

Learn more here.


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