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Top 5 Light Prepper Must Have Items

My husband works closely with China, and while we aren’t panicking about the new virus, we have been thinking about our top 5 light prepper must have items.

Those guys haven’t left their homes in a month.

Would we have what we needed if that were us?

I’m not so sure I’m 100% on board with the full-on prepper thinking, which is why I’ve labeled this light prepping.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Here’s our top 5.


1. Life Pitcher

We need water, right?

If our source to clean water was somehow cut off, I’d like to know I could give my family one of our most basic needs.

This Life Pitcher would come in handy if the situation warranted it.

2. Immunity Items

Let me be super frank with you.

The immune boosts in the store don’t work.

They have synthetic flavoring, cane syrup, and sugar.

Sugar=lowered immune system.

Not exactly ideal in our current situation, let alone one where we couldn’t get medical attention.

The Thieves line through Young Living is super concentrated but comes in small bottles.

For example…

One bottle of cleaner has 29 spray bottles worth of cleaner!

One bottle of oil is 300 drops!

One foaming hand soap is really three!

In addition, it just makes good sense to get on their Essential Rewards program.

It saves our family over $2,000 per year compared to shopping at the store!

These highly concentrated products last, which is exactly what we’re looking for when preparing for the unknown.

Click the picture below to get your own Thieves Kit.

3. Illness Items

Everything over-the-counter is not only not that effective, but it’s super damaging and immune lowering.

Get these main items in your life that last a good, long while and are highly effective!

Here’s a quick rundown of what our family has used the last three years.

*Note: anything outside Young Living will only further do harm because of chemicals sprayed on plants and/or synthetics added to the final products.

Our family uses the following:

Germs (bacteria and viral): Thieves, Frankincense, Lemon, Inner Defense capsules

Cuts: Lavender, Owie

Chest Congestion: R.C., Raven, Cypress, Breathe Again

Rashes: Lavender, Tea Tree

Stomach Issues: DiGize, Peppermint

Eight of those are in this Premium Starter Kit.

A fast way to have this delivered to you directly: click here.

4. Heirloom Seeds

Keeping heirloom seeds handy in case you’d have to raise your own food is a good idea.

Here are some organic, non-gmo options that will help boost your overall health along with your immunity builders mentioned above.

5. 72 Hour Kit

This has four packs of the must-have items if a serious needs arise.

It will last you three days, and it has all of your basics in one single pack.

This is something I could get on board with, being a light prepper.

I think one of my biggest issues with prepping is imagining a ton of items we may or may not use laying all over the house.

That’s why I love the concentrated Young Living products, the small packages of heirloom seeds, etc.

Final Thoughts

While I may not be fully on the prepper train just yet, I will say having watched the past couple months unfold has made me wonder.

What would our little family of four do if we were bound to our home and couldn’t get out for medical attention?

How would we handle low food, water, or energy?

I may not be lining shelves with canned food just yet, but these five basics could be a way to give us a little peace of mind. (Hanesbrands Inc.)
These are the simplest and most important top 5 light prepper must have items for your home in case your family found themselves in need.

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