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Traveling tips during cold and flu season and walking away unscathed is much easier than you may think. Here we share our best wellness tips.

Traveling During Cold and Flu Season

This family of ours loves travel, and my husband has to do it often for work, so traveling during cold and flu season happens to be our specialty.

It can be simple and super low-cost.

This works for us every time.

Preemptively Strike and then Keep Attacking

Boost your immune system before, during, and after you travel.

Here are our top body boosters we never leave home without:

Plow & Hearth

The Trip There

Will you be around a lot of other people who don’t live in your home on the way there?

If so, this little trick is amazing.

Mix a bit of Rose Ointment (a very small amount goes a really long way!) and 1 drop Thieves essential oil.

Rub around the outside of your nostrils to help block airborne germs.


Store-bought sanitizers actually lower your immune system function and destroy your hormones.

Skip it.

Instead, stock up on Thieves Hand Sanitizer.

It kills 99.99% of germs, supports your immune and respiratory system, and leaves those beautiful hormones alone.


The little ones here fit into all those cute little travel holders like this one (who even knew they had something like this?!).

The New Digs

Wherever you stay, set up like you’re ready to do battle.

  • Diffuser with Thieves ready to go
  • Hand Soap, shampoo, body wash, etc. from Young Living (everything else is synthetic and lowers immune function) or invest in the Bon Voyage Travel Pack here–we love ours!
  • Raven roller next to your night stand
  • Inner Defense next to your night stand
  • Plenty of water for your glass water bottle
  • Lemon essential oil

Coming Home

Changing clothes and showering as soon as you get home will help reduce the germs that linger on clothes and hair.

Get your diffuser going, take an Inner Defense, drink some lemon water or add some of the Vitality Drops to your water, and turn in early so you can let your body recover from your time away from home.

The next day or two, follow up with continued diffusing and taking Thieves in a capsule, honey, or in Thieves tea.

Gaiam Wholesale Program

Final Thoughts

Traveling with Young Living means you can enjoy your trip and your time settling back in at home after your time away.

It’s such a relief to know that we don’t have to feel panicky or nervous about travel during the sickest times of the year.

We have the only pesticide and synthetic free way of life boosting our bodies!

And that is something for which our family is forever grateful.

Don’t have the Young Living lifestyle in your home yet?

With over 600 lifestyle products, you’ll be completely covered and your wallet will thank you, too since the concentrated products provide a much more frugal and safer lifestyle than shopping in store.

Follow this link to get your fresh start.

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Traveling tips during cold and flu season and walking away unscathed is much easier than you may think. Here we share our best wellness tips.

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