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Oh, how I love travel, but even more when its toxin-free travel.

The excitement of our bags packed, onto the next adventure.

After our third year of traveling toxin-free, I finally feel we have mastered the art of it.

To simplify, let’s break it into three categories: Packing + Storage Needs, Getting there…and Back, and Must Have Products.

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Packing + Storage Needs

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Packing can be such a hassle, especially if you’re trying to minimize the amount of luggage you’re hauling across country or even across the world.

1.) Product Storage:

There are three kinds of storage we need while we pack: silicone bottles, mason jars, and foam pumps.

Silicone Bottles

I love silicone because it is resistant to the heat (like the trunk of a car or a purse), they are so easy to use, and they are small enough to make packing easy!

This pack of three TSA-approved bottles and two jars is great!

In just one set, you could bring your
lip balm/chapstick, lip scrubface wash, shampoo, conditioner.

Mason Jars

I wouldn’t have thought to bring mason jars on our trips, but this year I realized I can pack a ton of laundry soaps in these jars. It was a game changer!

Laundry detergent and fabric softener storage is a must if you have access to a washer and dryer.

BONUS: You come home with clean clothes and get to put them away instead of having to do piles of laundry!

I filled these jars with what I needed for our last trip and was able to save money and, of course, our toxin load.

You can always grab some of these protector sleeves if you are worried about glass breaking!

Foam Pumps

I fell in love with foam pumps about a year ago.

I prefer stainless steel because my DIYs have essential oils in them, but also because they don’t break in the shower!

Foam pumps like these were super helpful for packing hand soaps and shave gels!

I store them in a quart-sized zipped bag just in case, and have lots of extra bags on hand since they come in so handy with both packing and adventuring!

2.) Food/Water Storage:


This silicone storage option is wonderful for travel!

It holds snacks and food and collapses when you are done!

We have loved this for our time at Disney, while driving, or at the beach. It makes a big difference on both our budget and our sanity!

TIP: Use one to store your DIY sunscreen and keep in your cooler.

While I do love a good squeeze bottle, there’s just something about both the simplicity of opening the lid and getting exactly what you need as well as the amazing feel in the heat when you apply cool sunscreen to your hot skin!

Water Storage

You definitely want to keep water on hand while traveling anywhere.

  • What I look for in water storage:
  • Keeps water super cold
  • Won’t break if the kids or I drop it
  • I can add Vitality oils to it (tummy support, tension support, you name it!)

I have tried many versions of the stainless steel water storage, but nothing comes close to Yeti.

TIP 1: Toss this water filtration in your bag to always make sure your family is staying away from plastic water bottles as much as possible!

We love the comfort of knowing that each time we fill our water bottles, that we are keeping hydrated with the safest water possible.

TIP 2: Make sure to take care of your body with a safe, toxin-free rehydrating product like AlkaLime .

3. Essential Oil Storage

If you’ve never traveled with essential oils before, prepare to have your life change!

You’ll never leave the house without them again!

Not only do I consult my Essential Oils Reference Guide to help when our bodies need extra support, but I also find myself reaching for those Vitality oils every single day.

For example, how great is it that during our trip, we can all add a drop of Thieves Vitality to our coffee, tea, or Ningxia Red to boost our immunity before heading into a new place? So helpful!

This storage box saved our last vacation!

I love packing this because we can get tons of oils in, but when you need to pack light, you may want to try something like this instead.

If you need even smaller storage, I found I can still get between 20 and 30 drops of oil in these.

Final Packing + Storage Thoughts

Once we got all of these in place, it made traveling so much easier.

When I  pack for our family, I envision how I’m going to make wherever we’re staying a little home away from home.

Using these tips and storage options, we have had the best time knowing that our family is still using those toxin-free products we’re so used to at home.

We don’t have to sacrifice our health for travel.

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