Why the LSP Essential Oils Reference Guide?

The Problem

Ever find yourself wishing you had a reference guide to oils?

Something to tell you what you should use when?

A reference for how to use certain oils?

A place to learn about Young Livings 600+ oil-infused products?

The Life Science Essential Oils Reference is the answer.

Option 1: Pocket Reference Guide

The Pocket Reference is basically a smaller version of the Desk Reference guide.

It has the same sections on singles and blends like the Desk Reference and also has a section to look up specific products for support.

It is not as thorough as the Desk Reference, but is smaller in size and great for travel.

Option 2: Desk Reference Guide

The Desk Reference is bigger and about double the price, but loaded with a ton of information!

It teaches more in-depth studies on everything from the start of Young Living to specific bodily support.

The index is ultra-valuable, especially for new oilers.

No matter what the situation, oilers know this guide will help in any situation.

It is particularly helpful in conjunction with the iTovi and Zyto Scanners for those digging down into root causes.

Why Life Science Reference Guides?

Choosing a Young Living-approved text ensures best practice.

Synthetic and adulterated oils cannot compare to Young Living oils the same as other guides cannot compare to Life Science.

Knowing the research comes from a Young Living approved source lets readers rest easy.

Need Young Living Oils?

Click here for help. This link will also be extremely helpful in starting the journey.

Need step-by-step directions? Click here.


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