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Let’s Shop!

As you fill your Essential Rewards month 4 box, remember that you’ve already saved over $300 in your first month, just by getting your Premium Starter Kit!

(If you haven’t gotten yours yet, click here:¬†Young Living Starter Kit. Make sure to choose Essential Rewards and go back to month 2, so you know what to fill your cart with as you get started!)

Month 4: Personal Care

Month four is exciting because you’re bumping up to 20% back this month in Rewards points!

Here’s what to add to your ER cart this month:

  • Bath and Shower Gel Base (dilute into a foam pump like this)
  • Mirah Shave Oil (this month, you can ditch your toxic razor for this one)
  • Shutran Shave Cream
  • Rose Ointment
  • Satin Facial Scrub

The Math

Now, the most fun part! How much did you get back?

Just for this month alone, you’ll get $20.15 back and another free item for a grand total of $50.31 and $40 in free product. That’s a little over $90 FREE in four months just for buying what you needed anyway!

WHERE ELSE do you get deals like this? Ya don’t…:)

A Great DIY This Month

Everyone I make this for falls in love with it right away.

I think because it’s so customizable to each of our personal needs when we choose our own oils.

Try this three ingredient lotion, and you’ll never go back.

Real Life

Grab that trash can again!

You can toss the following toxic items from your personal care stash:

  1. Body wash
  2. Soap
  3. Shaving Cream or Gels
  4. Lotion
  5. Ointments (you know the ones…)
  6. Facial Scrubs (these are notorious for touting essential oils when they’re really giving you synthetic, hormone-destroying oil imitators)

Pro Tips

With the Bath & Shower Gel, pour 2 TBS into your foam pump like this one, add 5 drops of your favorite oil, and fill the rest with water.

Read this quick tips page on what oil to choose for your Bath & Shower Gel!

Final Thoughts

Let’s reflect on what you’ve already done for your family:

  • Saved hundreds of dollars.
  • Cleared out your toxic medicine cabinet with the PSK because you’ve changed your mindset from chasing symptoms to supporting your body
  • Thrown every toxic chemical cleaner out of your home. Lungs, organs, skin, eyes, and immune systems have improved a ton because of all you’ve done, but this in particular.
  • You’ve thrown out all the lung-damaging candles and anything with a synthetic fragrance for your diffusers. Talk about a game changer for your body, lungs, and brain!
  • Lowered your risk of Alzheimers and endocrine disruption by eliminating fluoride and changing out your bad laundry habits.

Just getting started…You’ve also:

  • Cleared your mouth, in fact, of all toxins by adding in safe mouthwash, floss, and mints instead of the very harmful gum and mints at the store. This is huge for your overall bodily function since the mouth absorbs what you put into it and delivers it to your bloodstream.
  • You’ve stopped eating harmful chemicals by switching to safe dishwasher and dish detergent–same line of thinking here for your chapstick. I know, I know…eating chapstick, but face it. You do a little.
  • Stopped the vicious cycle that shaving creams, body wash, lotions, and scrubs were doing to your body before you likely even had breakfast in the morning.
  • Made the unbelievably helpful switch from seriously damaging hand sanitizers to Thieves. Take a look at what the ingredients in your old hand sanitizers did. You’ll be so glad you did this for your family. Especially with little ones.
  • Just the Premium Starter Kit on its own has saved your family a ton. Have you tried your NingXia packets yet? Have you added on NingXia to your wellness plan and ER order every month? We learn as we age that we either pay a little now (NingXia) or pay a LOT later¬† (hospital bills, doctor bills, prescriptions, and prescriptions for the problems the first prescriptions caused). Read more about the crazy-good benefits of NingXia Red here: NingXia Red: The Anti-Aging Superfruit.

You’re doing so great! Keep up this good work you’re doing for today and for your family’s future!

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