Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

It always seemed a little suspect that I could barely handle the smell of the laundry detergent aisle.

Wasn’t it odd that something made to smell great made me nauseous?

I guess because of this, I wasn’t too surprised to find how dangerous they are.

The worst part?

Some of the most common brands that scored an “F” on the scale are made for babies.


Brand new respiratory systems, hearts, brains all developing while snuggled in toxins.

The cherry on top? They charge an unsightly amount for 90 loads, call it “Free and Clear” and even concentrate it to give it to us in tiny little bottles.(You’ll find Fabric Softener does the same thing).

Like me, you’ll probably find your detergent doesn’t fit into your healthy lifestyle, either. Check it out: Laundry List

The word “baby” is right in it! Fragrance Free? White bottle? Well played, Babyganics.


Dreft!? The detergent we’re supposed to wash all our newborn clothes in before the baby arrives to avoid allergic reactions to the detergents that also scored an “F”…what??


Even the words “Green” lead the consumer to be confused thinking we’re paying extra for something great, when in fact, we simply are not.


In addition to the frustration of toxins in the detergent I used for my family, I found that how much we were spending on it seemed a little ridiculous.

I decided to make a change. And it drastically cut our budget.
While we do have more non-toxic options than fabric softener, the biggest part that annoys me is the cost.

Those commonly found in stores rated an “A” by

Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Packs are $25 for 90 loads.

The Honest Company Laundry Pods, 4-in-1 – Unscented are $20 for 50 loads

I decided once and for all that this could go on no further.

Not only will I not allow those types of toxins into my family’s clothing to wear all day, sweat in, and breath in, but I will not pay crazy prices to do so.

If you’ve got five minutes (yes, it literally takes only five minutes…or less!), you can have chemical-free laundry detergent that works great and leaves your clothes feeling good, too.

For only $3.48 per month!

You’ll need the following:

2 Gallon Bucket

2 gallons of hot water (not boiling, just hot from the tap)

1/2 C Super Washing Soda

1/2 C Baking Soda (great way to get more use from what you bought if you made the  fabric softener)

3/4 C Castile Soap(another use for the bottle you bought if you made toxin-free makeup remover)

20 drops Essential Oils (lavender is our favorite)

2.5-Gallon Jar


1.) Add 1/2 C Super Washing Soda to your 2 Gallon Bucket. Pour in enough of the hot water to be able to dissolve and stir.

2.) Pour in 1/2 C baking soda and stir to dissolve

3.) Fill bucket with the rest of the hot water. You must do this before step 4 or your mixture will be super bubbly.

4.) Add in 3/4 C castile soap and stir gently

5.) Add 20 drops of essential oils, and after stirring, pour carefully into your 2.5 gallon jar.

Add 1/3 of a cup to each load. If you see some of it settling over time, that’s okay! Just stir before use. It will break up in the wash. We have used this successfully in both a regular washer as well as an HE.

At a fraction of the cost, this is a quick and easy way to not only save on the budget, but also save your family from breathing in toxins. (Find the companion Fabric Softener here)

It’s a good feeling to know this is one more way I can love my family and take care of their health. After facing childhood cancer in our home, we know the reality of how sick the toxins lurking in the grocery aisles are making our world.

We find peace of mind in this simple switch. It’s a little different. It’s a lot less overpowering in smell, but those changes are so unbelievably worth the health of our family.


~Andrea 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

  1. I ann going to try this too. Do you scoop it out of the jar, or is the a different container that would work. (I.e. My old toxic tide container??). I wasn’t sure if it would clog the spout??

    1. I have used the old Tide container but switched to the glass jar that’s linked in the post to scoop it instead. It did clog the spout at times, so I’d uncap it and pour. It still smelled like Tide even after serious cleaning!

    1. I use it for about a month or so before I have to make more. It makes two gallons and before I bought my 2.5 gallon jar it was roughly a half gallon more than what would fit in the gigantic Tide bottle. I haven’t ever counted the loads, so I hope this can give you a good idea! 🙂

  2. This is great information! I never paid attention to laundry detergent until a couple of years ago when I noticed certain laundry detergents made my skin really itchy. I recently switched to Meyer – but it’s so expensive! I’ll definitely try making your homemade toxic free version.

    1. Meyer is one of those brands that tries to look innocent but isn’t always, too so it’s great that you’re looking into it! I use You can use this to plug in most anything you’ve got to see if you’d rather be using something different. It also lists safe options if you put in a bigger genre (i.e. “sunscreen”). 🙂 I hope you enjoy it! We love it!

  3. I’ve made the switch over to natural cleaning supplies & body care over the past year. I’ve always had a sensitivity to chemicals, and am so glad to have found natural solutions! Vinegar, baking soda, essential oils and Dr. Bronners Magic soap are my essentials now! Love that you did this informative post, I hope it opens up more people’s eyes!

    Rebecca |

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