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In addition to the amazing value in the Premium Starter Kit, there’s a way you can get the most out of your wholesale membership–stretching product!

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My Favorite Ways to Stretch Product:

1. Foam Pumps

Two tablespoons of products like Orange Blossom Face Wash and any of our bath gels can be put into rust-proof foam pumps like this one, and they will last much longer!

2. DIY

DIY projects mean you get more bang for your buck! 250 drops in a 15mL bottle, and you only need ten for a product that will last you three months? That’s a win!

3. Rollerballs

Rather than putting a drop on the soles of my feet each night, I use a roller I’ve made,and it lasts much longer!

4. Don’t Go Overboard in the Diffuser

You really only need about six drops total in our DewDrop diffuser. Any more and you’re wasting precious oils!

DO, however feel free to diffuse Young Living oils all day long!

5. Inhalers

A great way to get all the cell-reaching benefits of the life blood of plants is through direct inhalation.

Not only are these inhalers amazing for on-the-go and sharing, they are also wonderful if you have to work in small spaces with others.

One thing I love about stretching product is that it means enjoying our oils for even longer! The best part-it makes sharing a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle that much easier.

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Essential Oil Hacks You Need NOW
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