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How to Switch to Safe Products
With everyone trying to switch to safe products, who can you trust, who should you stay away from, and how much should you be spending?

How to Switch to Safe Products

It can be daunting when you decide to switch to safe products.

With all but one company out there greenwashing, it can be very confusing with such tricky marketing.

This was us.

We bought every clean, fresh, free, organic, toxin-free product on the shelves when our boys were born.

Years later, I learned how to find out what was really in our products, and whose products were worth our money.

Who Can You Trust?

It was a painful journey learning who we could trust and who we couldn’t.

Long and uncomfortable story short: Young Living is who we can trust.

Yep. That’s it.

How do I know for sure this is the only one?

Because no one else is refusing to spray their plants with pesticides.

26 seconds.

That’s all it takes to have anything you put on your skin to penetrate down into your cells.

When I’m putting something on or in my family’s bodies, you couldn’t pay me to use anything but Young Living.

Our lives are too precious.

How Much Should This Cost?

This switch to Young Living should cost less than buying at the store.

Most of the over 600 lifestyle products are highly concentrated.

For example, I use one drop of Peppermint every fifteen minutes to bring down a fever.

Within the hour, it’s down.

That was four drops out of my 300 drops in a 15mL bottle.

You aren’t finding value like that at the store!

Another quick example, our Thieves Household Cleaner is one container costing around $22, but you get 29 spray bottles out of it, and it cleans quite literally every single thing in your home.

Whatever isn’t concentrated I’ll buy using my Essential Rewards points.

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s loyalty program that helps you keep your shopping quick, simple, and less expensive.

For example, I get makeup and supplements with “ER” points I earned from getting oils, personal care products, pet care, kid care, baby care, etc. from my Essential Rewards order.

They even have a shipping program that you can take advantage of like Amazon Prime, so you save a ton on shipping, too!

It’s super helpful!

Get Started

I’m nearly four years in, and I’ve never looked back.

Our family has a wellness arsenal we now pull from to proactively take care of our health.

It is an empowered lifestyle where we know what we need through the use of our Essential Oils Reference Guide, we’re never alone in our education group online, and we’re always able to life to its fullest!

With everyone trying to switch to safe products, who can you trust, who should you stay away from, and how much should you be spending?

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