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Middle School Book List
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Middle School Book List

One struggle parents had every year I taught was where to get a book list for their teen.

They’re at such a different and unique age.

This age range needs more in-depth books than elementary offered.

They need less mature books than high school requires.

So where do you start?

For these reasons, this was such a joy for me to put together for you!

I loved teaching 8th grade Language Arts.

The kids were amazing, and the stack of great reads on my desk were always an ever-expanding tower each year.

Some of the best books I’ve ever read only fell into my possession because a middle school student put it on my desk with a note: read me.


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I was careful to put in a good mixture of books based on what my students chose to conference with me about each year.

These are the books that flew off the shelves and the ones they spoke to each other about naturally.

They’re also the books that didn’t dip into the immature/childish feel.

Both boys and girls will enjoy this list.

Take a second to click on the links for the books that sound interesting.

Some of the books deal with some more serious topics my students found themselves facing.

Some share challenges of being a teen coming of age during a difficult time in history.

Whatever the topic, it’s always best for you to be able to dig in and choose what’s best for your teen with such a wide range of emotions, maturity levels, and understanding in this grade range.

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Which Reads??

Drop a comment below to let me know which books interest you most.

Which do you see on the list that your child has already enjoyed?


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FREE DOWNLOAD: middle school book list

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