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How We Take Care of Cuts and Scrapes, Naturally

I thought I had a handle on how to take care of cuts and scrapes naturally.

I had no idea.

Especially when it came to our children’s developing bodies.

Pesticides + Synthetics

Store shelves are full of pesticides and synthetics pretending to be healing ointments, creams, and sprays.

In fact, that’s all that’s available to you.

Why does it matter?

26 seconds.

That’s all it takes to get those nasty cell-changers into your family’s cells.

Hard pass.

That means saying goodbye to anything with a petroleum base, any spray under pressure, and truly anything from the store, no matter how natural the label looks.

Trade Up

Thankfully there is one company (and one only) that offers a generous upgrade to your current system: Young Living.

How do I know they’re the only one?

No one else refuses to spray their plants with pesticides and stop adding synthetics to their products.

So, we spend less with the Young Living lifestyle than we did in store, we are healthier, happier, and our cuts and scrapes are healing faster.

What do We Use?

Some of our favorites are Owie, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Thieves Spray, and LavaDerm.

Here’s a quick rundown on each:

  • Owie: Prediluted from the KidScents line making this and a box of bandaids a must for this mama.
  • Peace & Calming + Stress Away: Two Premium Starter Kit faves that do double duty every time we use them. First they calm the person who’s hurt. Then they provide great support under a bandage.
  • Thieves Spray: Also found in the Premium Starter Kit and lets me know I’ve thoroughly cleaned the wound before putting an oil and bandaid on it.
  • LavaDerm: All-around amazingness during cuts and scrapes in this house…oh, and for the fairest skinned of them all (me) whenever I step into the sun (cringe).

How to Get a Discount

First, you’ll get a kit (ranging from $35+) here.

Then, you’ll choose Essential Rewards if you’d like to ditch and switch scary ingredients in the house for the only safe ones on the market.

Read more about why you should here.

Finally, you’ll get welcomed into our oily education tribe where we teach and learn together.

It’s that easy.

No minimums to buy. No forced selling or stocking up.

Just do what you need for your family.

This is the number one, best health decision our family has ever made.

You’ll never be alone in figuring it out, and you’ll always be glad you made the switch.

How we take care of cuts and scrapes naturally is simpler, safer, and less expensive than any other in store option available.

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