Step-by-Step Toxin-Free Guide: Week 9

Toxin Free School Year

We print the supplies list.

Grab the book bag and lunch box.

We even stock our pantry with snacks.

However, we often neglect preventative health when preparing for the school year.

This is crazy because that’s one of the biggest stresses during school.

This post will help you take back your year! 


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait around to see whether or not illness will strike your kids.

You can simply open your immunity toolbox instead.

(If you haven’t gotten your toxin-free immunity toolbox yet, click here: Young Living Starter Kit

These are the tools we use during the year to keep our kids’ booties in school, soaking in all that good learning!

TOOL: Perfect Attendance Roller 

Perfect Attendance Roller

This roller is amazing for so many reasons! We put it on the bottoms of our feet before bed and before school!

The best part? Every oil was in my Premium Starter Kit

10 drops Thieves : Immune support

10 drops Copaiba : Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Nervous Systems, Muscles, and Bones, Emotional Balance, and Skin support.

10 drops Lavender: Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance, Nervous System, Skin support.

10 drops Frankincense: Emotional Balance, Immune and Nervous System support, Skin.

10 drops Lemon: Digestive, Immune, and Respiratory Systems support.

I like using these rollers!

Don’t Forget!

You can also make a BREATHE roller to support their respiratory systems!

10 drops Raven, 10 drops Lemon, 10 drops Copaiba, 5 drops Peppermint filling the rest with carrier!

Apply liberally on your childrens’ necks, chests, and bottoms of feet. If we need lots of support, I’ll even do this hourly.

Consistency is key!



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