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My hair’s description: straight, kinky-curly, wavy, frizzy, super-thick, so finding a shampoo is tough.

(If you haven’t gotten your 24% discount on all oils and oil-infused products like this shampoo, click here: Young Living Starter Kit)

Finding a shampoo that doesn’t make me look like a drowned rat is nothing short of a miracle.

First Try

Upon trying this shampoo, I didn’t know it was concentrated.

Yes! Concentrated shampoo–I’d never even heard of that! I wondered why it came in such a small bottle!

I used it full force, and I looked like I didn’t even dry my hair after spending 20 minutes under the blow dryer!

I just figured this shampoo didn’t work for me because it’s always been hard to find shampoo anyway. I chalked it up to bad luck and moved on.


The Light

I started seeing dilution recipes everywhere in my different Young Living communities on Facebook, and it hit me: the shampoo is concentrated!

There was hope after all!

I had been using a shampoo that was rated well on EWG, but the smell was so strong, I knew something couldn’t be 100% trustworthy.


If you hover over this photo below with the directions, you can Pin it for later!

You can do this with or without the baking soda in case you’re soda sensitive.

How to Dilute Young Living Lavender Mint Shampoo Grace Blossoms Blog.png

Using the Mixture

If you haven’t moved past the whole toxin-free stuff isn’t as sudsy thing yet, this might be an adjustment for you, but I find I can get some suds if I pour a little out and try to lather it in my hands first.

I also have so much hair that I need to think about my hair in sections.

I pour a little (size of a quarter) out and wash the top of my head and crown. Then a little more for the sides. Even more for underneath/bottom of my scalp. Then finally a bit more to do the length.

Told ya-lots of hair.


It’s just like using any other shampoo, except I’m avoiding all the toxins!

My hair feels great, looks normal, and is healthy!

The best part is that this lasts and lasts in such a smaller bottle.

When I used toxic shampoos, I’d buy 32 oz. shampoos and fly through them in a few months. It took up so much space in my shower, which I really don’t have to spare, and it was frustrating to always use so much product.

What Do Other People Think?

I help admin. a group on Facebook of now almost 16,000 people {both members and non}, who weigh in on Young Living’s products every day, so I thought I’d include some of the thoughts I read there to help round out your view on this product.

  • “I use it all the time and conditioner, love how soft my treated hair is.”
  • “Cut down on the amount! I only use like a dime size amount.”
  • “You may find… your hair/scalp detoxing due to being a different pH, chemical free etc.”
  • “Depending on where you’re located if you have hard water it makes a huge difference…”
  • “The lavender mint because it keeps my color perfect! And it smells and feels delicious.”
  • “That’s the thing with Young Living products ;they don’t have those extra chemicals in them that make the foam.”
  • “Diluted and found if I put the soap in my hand, rub it around, then drench my hair it lathers better.”
  • “Love this shampoo… !!! My hair is shiny and manageable… love the scent in the morning… really gets me going! “
  • “This shampoo and conditioner!! I have long dry hair, and my hair feels so nice and soft and yes you use much less; it’s very concentrated.”

Final Thoughts

Buying concentrated shampoo is basically buying shampoo in bulk but without the storage issues that comes with the typical bulk buying.

I love it!

The best part of all of it {besides being an easy and cost-effective way to live toxin-free} is that I got it all for 24% discount and received 25% back on this purchase to put toward whatever I need to buy next with something called Essential Rewards.

This is something my grocery store would never offer. Add in  sketchy products and navigating the aisles with two little boys, and it just doesn’t make sense for me to lug home the huge, chemical-filled bottles anymore.

How to Get Lavender Mint Shampoo  in Your Life

How to Get Essential Oils

If you’re ready to start your journey toward a non-toxic, wellness-filled life, here’s where to start:

First Decide:Wholesale or Retail?


What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! Here’s what you need to know:

  • No monthly fees
  • $50 of product per year to keep your 24% discount (if you choose wholesale)
  • No selling required

Then Decide: Premium or Basic?

Get-Oils-for-Less-Than-$10-Each (1)

Premium Break Down

An over $300 retail value for $160.

What do you get when you choose a Premium Starter Kit?

1.) 11 Everyday Oils.

As you can see, these oils will be your new sidekick.

They will support your body in the ways you see below, which lets you remove so many organ-destroying toxins from your life!

Grace Blossoms Premium Starter Kit Graphic.png

2.) A diffuser of your choosing.

Diffusing has made such a huge difference!

We have completely turned our air quality around, and our respiratory systems have thanked us big time!

Young Living Kit Options

3.) Roller Fitment

This turns your bottles into these amazing and handy helpers (rollerbottles) you’ll be so thankful to have!

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.25.23 PM

4.) 10 Sample-Sized Bottles

I have fit up to 30 drops of oil in these before to share with those I love, used them for travel, and even put a few drops in and carried in a keychain, so I can bless anyone put in my path at any given time!

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.32.32 PM.png

5.) 1 sample Thieves Household Cleaner

This one sample makes a large spray bottle full of multi-purpose cleaner.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.35.14 PM

6.) 2 Samples of Ningxia Red

This wellness drink supports energy levels, normal cellular function, whole-body and normal eye health.

A daily shot of 2–4 ounces helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.39.48 PM

7. Product Guide and Information Booklets

I love that we get this with Premium Starter Kits!

As a new member, it’s so great to browse through all that Young Living has to offer.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 5.43.43 PM

Essential Rewards + Premium Starter Kit is your BEST value. Read more about Essential Rewards below.

For those who need to budget more strictly, we also offer the Basic Kit.

Basic Break DownBasic-Starter-Kit.png

You get the Ningxia, sample bottles, roller fitment, sample of Thieves Household Cleaner, and one oil-Stress Away.

Essential Rewards is going to be the best way to maximize your benefits.

19. Essential Rewards (1).png

I always tell new people to make a list while looking through the Product Guide, making a plan for $50, $100, $190, $250, or $300 orders depending on your budget.

From the $100 order on, you will get free product. Check out this example below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 11.30.19 AM

Can you imagine being at the grocery when, after you checkout, someone hands you a bag full of over $200 worth of items you needed to buy anyway just as a thank you for being a loyal customer?

That’s exactly what Essential Rewards feels like!

Essential Rewards is how our family went toxin free SO fast.

Directions for How to Get Started:

Visual Learners, click here.

(Use this link to enroll with the directions from the video.)

Written Directions:

1.   Click here to begin.

  • Choose your language and then “Become a Member.”

2.  Click “Become a Member.”

  • This is if you want to become a wholesale member. Retail is on the opposite side.

3.  Under “Membership Details” my information Andrea Marshall 3929342 should already be filled in for you.

  • If not, click “Who introduced you to Young Living?”
  • Select the option: “I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his/her member number.”
  • When prompted, enter my member number (3929342) in BOTH boxes: sponsor *and* enroller ID.
  • Select your desired country and language, then click “next.”

4. Enter your personal information.

  • Write down the username, password, and pin somewhere so you’ll have it for reference later on.
  • Enter your tax information as a legal requirement for wholesale members.
  • Accept the terms of agreement when you’re ready.

5. Pick your starter kit.

  • The Premium Starter Kit with Diffuser is what I wrote about above. It should be the first option on the page and already selected for you.
  • Want to compare diffusers?


6.  “Essential Rewards”

This has been so valuable to our family!

highly recommend choosing it right as you sign up. I waited and wish so badly that I didn’t! 25% back on product is a beautiful thing, my friends! No store has ever done that for me!

So, I use this to switch from toxin-filled junk at the store for Young Living Seed to Seal products, and I save tons because most everything can be stretched/diluted!

You can always cancel whenever you’d like, but with as much free product you get, I’m willing to bet you never will!

Once you’ve completed this member sign up procedure, I’ll contact you to help map out your specific family needs, answer any questions one-on-one, and see how to custom fit your Essential Rewards orders for you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.24.33 PM.png

7. “Add more products to enrollment order.”

  • Thieves Household Cleaner is always a wonderful add-on, especially if you’re looking to create a non-toxic home (windows, floors, counters, sinks, tables, showers, toilets…).
  • Toothpaste and oral care is another great addition (I suggest the 5 pack if you have a family to avoid spreading germs). Aromabright is our family favorite!
  • Thieves Laundry Soap is a simple way to improve your home’s air quality (and ditch those dryer sheets–fast!).
  • Dish Soap and/or Dishwasher Detergent is another fantastic swap to keep toxins off your plates and out of your bodies!
  • If you add enough to reach 190PV (it says PV in your cart) you will earn the free monthly oil promotion.  Otherwise, select “Enrollment Checkout.”

8.  Check out.

What’s Next?

When I see you have everything settled, you can expect the following:

  • We connect on Facebook
  • You can follow me on Instagram for quick and easy toxin-free tips. Click here to follow now!
  • Take a free e-course
  • I add you to my friends’ pages for additional resources
  • A class to teach you about next steps
  • Enjoy a welcome kit full of great starter information and samples
  • I add you to my monthly mailing list where I send you tips, promotions, and additional education on these oils we love so much!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey toward living well. 

Many Blessings, 


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