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Safest Sunscreens

The sun is not my friend, so I’m always armed with the safest sunscreens.

What I look for in sunscreen:

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1.) Non-Toxic

This means it must be either DIY (from all natural ingredients) or from Young Living.


They’re the only company I can find who doesn’t spray their plants with pesticides or add anything synthetic into their formulas.

If I’m going for the safest sunscreens, why waste money on overpriced harmful things pretending to be safe?

It’s Young Living or DIY for this family all the way.

2.) Good Consistency

There’s nothing worse than trying to put a tough-to-apply sunscreen on a two-year-old at the beach. I’m looking for something smooth, not runny, but also something that isn’t going to flake. My favorite is a creamy texture.

3.) Convenient

I need to be able to carry this in my bag or even purse for anytime we find ourselves in the sun.

For there to be enough in the bottle so I won’t have to make a trip to the store right as my boys are geared up for a fun day.

I also need the container to be helpful when I’m applying sunscreen on our two eager-to-play boys.

4.) Cost Efficient

Three seasons of the year we live outside, and applying sunscreen to two adults and two children–plus reapplying–can get expensive quickly. We went through so many bottles of sunscreen it was crazy, but felt stuck spending the money because we couldn’t stop using sunscreen.  Then to make matters worse, we switched to the more expensive non-toxic versions. It’s tough to find something truly safe that costs less than $10/bottle and comes with enough to last the family for a while.

After Years of Experimenting, Trying, and Failing: We Found our Answer.

We love  Young Living Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, for the sun , or this DIY recipe. The two batches in one jar has lasted us all summer–even through a 10 day vacation in Florida!


1/2 C Coconut Oil

1/4 C Beeswax

2TBS Shea Butter

30 drops lemongrass essential oil

15 drops lavender oil

1 tsp Vitamin E oil (this one is soy and wheat FREE)

2 TBS Zinc Oxide Powder

Melt coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter. Add vitamin E, zinc oxide and essential oils. Mix together and let it sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Whip for approximately 8 minutes. Transfer to a sealable container and use in place of 35-40 SPF sunscreen. Water resistant.

These are the safest sunscreens for your overall health and wellness and for the simplicity and extra benefits, you'll love them!

Because I doubled this recipe, I found I needed not only something bigger but something more durable to carry it in.

We are on-the-go, and I have to use something that can fall and take a hit, be carried by little hands, and can hold all we need for the entire summer.

We use a container like this and have had great luck!

I am so thankful I found this recipe.

It lasts, I can see the water bead up on the boys when they spray each other with the hose (daily occurrence around here!), and  it’s made with ingredients I can trust.

We can never be too careful with our skin, and we always need to do everything we can to protect our childrens’.

This has been a wonderful take-along for our summer adventures, and I hope it can be that for you, too.

These are the two very safest sunscreens out there!

Want to know more about how to go non-toxic using essential oils? Click here!

These are the safest sunscreens for your overall health and wellness and for the simplicity and extra benefits, you'll love them!


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19 Replies to “Safest Sunscreens”

  1. This is awesome! My daughter is super sensitive to sunscreens and I always try to buy better alternatives but the budget always gets in the way. I didn’t even know you could make your own, and even if I did I would have thought it difficult, but this looks super easy to do! I will be trying this for my 8 kids for sure!

  2. I literally had no idea you could DIY sunscreen, this is so cool! I try to use sunscreen as often as possible but I really hate the sticky consistency of it.

  3. Love that you’re using a natural product, with such fantastic ingredients. I have seen women who’ve used coconut oil or olive oil as a daily skincare product. Many of them look a decade or two younger!

  4. Oh goodness thank you for sharing. I bet this smells amazing! Non-toxic ingredients are the way to go and something I need to work towards achieving. Glad to hear you are doing everything possible to protect yourself and your family, especially given your family history.

  5. I’m definitely saving this recipe. I always think that sunscreen is way too overpriced, plus it’s never good for a long enough amount of time. Making my own would solve this!

    1. Hi! I would expect it to clog just because of the types of ingredients
      . I would suggest something like either of Young Living’s sunscreens or Babyganics sunscreen stick for your face.

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