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The inexplicable grace from our Heavenly Father is something that goes beyond words, but rather is something to be very deeply felt.

Inexplicable Grace

If you’ve never been a parent, there’s no way I can possibly explain that kind of love. That kind of inexplicable grace.

I can use words. I can try, but I’ll never achieve the exact feeling. It’s just too grand.

I’d like to compare it to the love of a spouse because when you fall in love it’s intense. However, this too will never compare to the love of a child because it’s so different.

I could compare it to the love of a sibling. Especially if you’re an older sibling, who feels it’s your responsibility to care for the younger child, yet that child was not created for you. It cannot be the same. 

Fellow parents, why can’t we accurately tell this feeling?

I try so hard to explain everything else as a writer, and yet this one single thing I just can’t pinpoint.

Scratch that. Two feelings I can’t pinpoint.

Beyond Me

The love for my boys is something I never expected, It was overwhelming. It crushed me in a sense. I didn’t see it coming.

And yet, the feeling of God loving me is far greater than anything I’ve ever felt in my life.

There are no words.

To have a relationship. Receive the inheritance as His child.

How could this be? 

Because God’s love is inexplicably huge.

His grace and mercy reaches even the most lost of wanderers.

No Matter What

It doesn’t matter how far you go, no matter how loudly you shout to the world that He is nothing more than a mere Santa, who Christians have made up.

And no matter how you’ve said He isn’t listening or doesn’t care.

No. Matter. What.

Open His Word and you will see. You will feel.

The living Word of the Bible is full of His love.

Yes, for you.

It is true. There’s death, destruction, and sin at every turn, but only so we know how to live. This is the same as how we would warn a child, whom we love so much, not to wander into the street.

We are His children, and oh, how we wander.

Search and See

Search the Bible, read with an open heart, and you’ll be hit with this inexplicable feeling. You’ll be given what Christians are taught, breathe in, and are left in awe of.

Not a teaching on death, destruction, and sin at every turn. Not teaching on how to be better than everyone else. Or hate those who don’t love God.

But something more: how to love.

God’s word is really our road map back to Him. How to get back, so he can lavish his love on us. On you. On me.

Though we don’t deserve it.


Upon grace.

Upon grace.

Oh, child. How He loves you. 

1 John 4:7

Dear Friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.

The inexplicable grace from our Heavenly Father is something that goes beyond words, but rather is something to be very deeply felt.

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