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I’ll admit it.

When Steve wanted to get the kids superhero costumes, I didn’t think they’d use them all that often.

In the end we bought them because of his ultimate trump card when it comes to our children.

He knows more about being a little boy than I do.

So, I clicked “Add to Cart” even though I didn’t really see them playing (what was in my mind )”dress up.”

Fortunately, I was so very wrong.

This is quite possibly our favorite Christmas gift of all time!

It’s simple, easy to use, and invites lots of imagination.

Who doesn’t want super powers, right?

Even Hattie loves them!

There were no sassy Huskies named Hattie harmed in the making of this picture. She received a bone and a much-appreciated snuggle from her big brother as compensation.

What’s that?!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its….us in public wearing the costumes!

Showing up to Christmas dinner in the costumes.

Rolling up in the grocery like a boss.

Out in the neighborhood showing off our bike skills.

Using our rough Batman voices to do mundane tasks.

We. Love. These. Costumes.



As the obsession grew, I knew I wanted to make a special place to store them.

One that was not only a good way to keep them from landing in a basket somewhere all crumpled up, but was also easily accessible for the kids and (mom-bonus) looked cute in the playroom.

I remembered the extra hooks I had from the demo of our coat closet (stay tuned) and the left over pallet wood in the garage.


I would like to say it was all me but… math? Logic? Measuring?

That’s a hard pass.

Super husband to the rescue! *Disclaimer: Super husband does not and will neither condone the use of this as a nickname nor take a a picture posing as such.*

One slat from the pallet, five hooks, a drill, and two screws later, and we had the cutest little superhero cape storage ever!


Here are the steps we took:

1.) Find a weathered pallet. We got ours from behind a business to go out with the trash. We’re classy like that.

2.) Carefully pull it apart using a crowbar and a hammer. *If you cut it off, you’ll have fresh-wood saw marks. I wanted it weathered on all sides, so we did it the hard way. My husband loves that about me.*

3.) Choose the pallet piece that works best for your space.

4.) Find the studs in the wall to screw each side of the pallet into. *Laugh anyway when your husband says he already found the stud–he’s right here–and points to himself.*

5.) Space your hooks evenly. Screw them in with a drill.

6.) Hang up your capes, masks, and start playing!

One last feature I love about this organizer is how easy it makes clean up. The boys like hanging them on the hooks, and I enjoy how sweet they look under the window.

As if they’re waiting for the next imaginative child to scoop them up and bring them to life.

To make moments precious and fond for this momma and poppa.

Quick, simple, cheap, and a memory-maker? We’ll take it!




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  1. This whole post had me cracking up! You and Steve are too funny! and the superhero storage looks just as adorable in real life as it does in the pictures!

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