Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

Store-bought wipes are highly toxic to your baby’s developing body, but they don’t have to be.

Step by Step Toxin Free Guide to Baby Wipes 1

What’s in the wipes you’re using on your babies?

I was honestly shocked when I learned.

I cannot believe what’s in some of these, and I’m so thankful I can pass this information to you!

Toxins in Our Baby Wipes

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What do we know about most grocery store wipes? 

1.) Have known irritants in them for our babies’ skin, eyes, and lungs.

2.) Organ system toxicity risk.

3.) A cancer risk.

Compare Store Wipes: rates products from 1 (least toxic) to 10 (most toxic). You can click their link to look up your own wipes, too if you’d like!

Pampers Soft and Strong Wipes, Natural Clean-3

Huggies One and Done Baby Wipes-Refreshing-4

Pampers Soft Care Wipes, Unscented-5

One-Click Safe Option:

Young Living’s Seedlings is my overall top pick.

They smell amazing, get the job done, and they are always safe and toxin-free. We don’t have to worry about them changing their formula in a way that would put our children in danger, and for that we can put our minds at ease.

To learn how to get 24% discount on these and other safe baby items from the Seedlings Line, click here.

My Favorite Wipes DIY Option

If you’d rather try a little DIY, here’s a quick and easy recipe for you to put together.

You’ll need:

A storage container. With the use of essential oils, you’ll need a glass container like the Wide Mouth Pint and Half Jar.

Choose wide mouth because no matter how dainty your hand is, there’s no need to make the middle of the night any more difficult than it has to be.

If you’re nervous about glass,  you might consider this cute JarJackets Protector Sleeveoption.

Okay, are you ready? It’s so seriously easy. Here it is (drumroll please)…

1 C water

1TBS Organic Coconut Oil (if you did either the Makeup Remover or the Lip Balm DIY recipes, this is yet another opportunity to break out your coconut oil!)

1 TBS baby wash like Young Living’s Seedlings Baby Wash


Melt coconut oil and mix with water, baby wash, and 6 drops of lavender essential oil.

Pour into jar.

Cut  (with a serious serrated knife) a roll of paper towels in half (hint: the better quality paper towel the happier you are during a diaper change).

Remove the center cardboard tube, and push the paper towels into the jar.

Seal and shake then let the wipes absorb the wet ingredients.

That’s it! When you’re out, just take another couple minutes to throw a batch of the wet ingredients into the jar and repeat with the other half of the roll.

We were so thankful for this, and found it is really nice to take along with us in our washed out wipe containers, even as the kids get older.

I’d much rather have these handy in the car for messy faces or to clean up their hands before eating a snack than this:


I’d say all in all this honestly takes just a couple minutes. Let’s say five whole minutes if you let your kids help you measure.

How to Get Seedlings and Essential Oils in Your Life

Essential oils are an amazing tool to create a toxin-free home.

Learn more about how to get the best deal (up to 49% off) on the world’s best essential oils (and the only ones I trust on our family) by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose-DIY, safe in-store options, or a mixture of both, at least you can rest assured you’re giving your children something that won’t irritate their skin or damage their little bodies.





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