Welcome to Grace Blossoms, your 1-stop shop for all things safe and natural beyond the store for your home and your body.

Welcome to Grace Blossoms

So glad you’ve come to Grace Blossoms!

What You’ll Find Here

This is a collection of everything that matters most to me.

I’ve gathered them in different sections to make your navigation easier and more streamlined.



Walking is a section devoted to my walk in this life.

I’m a Jesus-following wife and mother who teaches both homeschool and pesticide-free living.

It can be a little crazy with so much going on all the time, but my faith in God is the cornerstone on which I build our home, my business, and our learning.



This section is everything essential oils, but not just any essential oils.

These oils come with two things no one else does: the only source for completely synthetic and pesticide free oils and over six hundred lifestyle items.

This is all in an effort to live life to our best and fullest while doing it for less cost than in store.


While I taught in a public school for eleven years in the eighth grade English Language Arts classroom, I’ve left it all behind to be at home with and more recently homeschool my two boys.

This section is devoted to some of my favorite lessons, ideologies, and general homeschool learning that I either figure out or seek out on my own and share here with you.

Goumi Kids


Eating is a spot where you can see how eating vegan can actually be pretty amazing and healthy.

We chose a vegan diet as the next piece to our pesticide and synthetic-free lifestyle to avoid the endotoxins and hormones found in meat and dairy.

We also have a childhood cancer survivor in the house with only one adrenal gland, and this diet has been a game changer for him.

Sam's Club

Let’s Connect

I love building community, and from our Facebook group I already know I’ve got the best readers around!

I love hearing from you, listening to your stories, and helping you all in any way that I can.

I’m so grateful for each message, post, and comment here on this site.

There’s a place at the bottom of this page where we can connect either on social media or through email.

I’d love nothing more than to hear from you about posts, ideas, or to get your site link, so I can follow you back!

LEGO Brand Retail, Inc.

Thank You

Thank you for reading!

I hope each word serves you well, teaches you much, and brings us together no matter our differences.



Welcome to Grace Blossoms, your 1-stop shop for all things safe and natural beyond the store for your home and your body.