Our Journey

Life has a way of throwing us off course, doesn’t it?

I met my husband in 2004, and since then life flew forward.

We were married in 2008, had our first miscarriage in 2010, had our first son in 2011, miscarried twins in 2012, had our second son in 2013, and fought (and WON) a cancer battle with our second son in his first year of life–all while tackling the professional world, a new marriage, parenthood, friendships, and just life in general.

It hasn’t gone quite like we’d dreamed when we met back in college, but then again it has.

Though we’ve been hit between the eyes a few times, I find I’m thankful for each moment. I carried those babies. I fought those fights. I lived that love. I learned those lessons.

Picture perfect? Not even close. We’ve been bumped, bruised, and cut up along the way, but we’ve got Jesus, we’ve got each other, and grace…it seems to blossom no matter the circumstance.