Simple +Quick+Filling: Banana Maple Muffins

“Momma! I’m hungry!”

“Me, too, Momma! For reals!”

I look at the clock feeling slightly unsure as to why they would be wanting-wait a minute!

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Let ’em Fly!

In response to sickness and the Ohio weather shifting from mid 70s to upper 30s overnight, we present to you some indoor fun…

**drumroll please**

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This Game is Garbage!

We have played this game approximately one billion times, and I’ll play it 1 billion and one if it means the boys practice the skills this game sharpens.

My five-year-old loves it, my three-year-old wants in, and we all enjoy the time together.

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Steal my Moments with You


If there’s one major struggle I have with in this hectic go-go-go! life, it’s what I’m missing with my boys when I’m moving so fast.

We wake and rush to work and school. We get home and the house needs cleaned. Dinner needs made. Baths need given. Children need tucked. Lunches need packed.

Then, as quickly as it began, it’s over.

Another day in the books. Another set of moments to hug, snuggle, read, laugh–gone.

Our house is clean and so are our kids (mostly), but if all those things are on our “must do” list, how do we steal moments back?

How do we hack this long adult life thing so we can enjoy this very short parenthood thing?

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