PreK-3 Watermelon Lesson Plans Bundle! No ratings yet.

PreK-3 Watermelon Lesson Plans Bundle!

Fun Watermelon Lesson Plans!

These fun watermelon lesson plans are great for ages preK-3.

What’s Included?

With this download, you’ll get number practice, a fun game, coloring options, printing practice, graphing practice, measuring, story telling, life cycle, and compare/contrast!

You can scroll through what’s all included on Instagram @homeschoolforhigher first if you’d like a preview!


There are many mini-lessons you can choose to do as you read this anchor text.

Choose one at a time, and don’t be afraid to read and re-read again and again seeing the book from different angles.

2nd and 3rd Grade Extension

You can add in your own mini-lesson on alliteration if you’d like, since the anchor text is full of it!

Here’s all you need to know:

Alliteration is repeating the same consonant sound to create a certain sound in writing.

This can be to provoke feeling, help the reader imagine the story (imagery), or just to be fun and sound cool!

The examples of alliteration in Peter Spit a Seed at Sue are as follows:

  • spit a seed at Sue
  • Susie spit
  • pepper Pete
  • splatter Sue
  • zippin’ zingin’
  • buzzed….like bees
  • steely stare

Alliteration game: We play this little game, my boys love, and it would be so fun with your child’s new alliteration knowledge.

We tell a story that always starts with, “Once upon a time…” however we only get to say one word each back and forth so we never know where the story will go.

Try to mix it up with your alliteration mini-lesson trying to fit in as many pieces of this literary device that you can.

This game has gotten us so tickled before, and we love it!

PreK-1 Extension

This book is amazing for teaching rhyme!


It rhymes all the time!

As you walk through the read aloud part of the book, explain what rhyming is.

Let your child know it’s a part of an author’s super powers to help the reader enjoy this book.

It gives this story a certain sound that’s unlike books without rhyme. Not better or worse. Just different.

Give your child a few examples of the rhyme you see in the book then have them make a silly sound or raise their hands when they hear another rhyme.

We like to play a little game called, “I love you more than…” to learn rhyme in our homeschool.

It’s so silly and fun, your child will love it!

We’ve put it to a little tune and sing, “I love you more than pie!”

Then the child says, “I love you more than flies!”

Then mama says, “I love you more than eyes!”

And the game continues until you are cracking up and just can’t think of anything else or you change the word to keep on rhyming!

My youngest especially like to do this before bed as he snuggles me in his patented headlock.


I hope this bundle gets you outside in the fresh air zippin’ and zingin’ watermelon seeds and making memories that last a lifetime!

Please tag @homeschoolforhigher as you document your memories on Instagram!

Watermelon Lesson Plans Bundle PreK-3

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